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Industrial internet of things mckinsey order

Industrial internet of things mckinsey order do my que es arduino one download powerpoint presentation to ipad ´╗┐hey guys I'm Ashley crying and I'm interning at USAA may look like a jail towel from outside but it's just the high-tech security we have to go through every morning to get into the building this is Laurie sadly she is our intern director in our health specialists hello and this is teri frederick she's our other health specialists that we work with and one of the interns is this jillian oh and over here is Dina welcome to the fitness center come on and I'll show you everything that we have right now we have our incentive program going on so Saab Awards the first thing that people fear it whenever they walk in so follow me right this way this is where they draw their letters so they come in they grab a letter hey look at it they do the exercise and then they come back and thanks more so that's what's going on right now this right here is our bulletin board each month each intern had to do an educational bulletin board so this one right now is the one that's up from Jillian so come on out of here the idea behind the corporate fitness center is to basically have a gym inside the facility where they can come from their desk and literally everything is at their disposal so the company actually offers for them we have shorts for everybody to wear we have t-shirts for ready-to-wear we have big towels for everyone to share with and then of course we have our handy dandy sweat help so everything is washed by our lovely maids our washing room here so no one ever has to worry about the laundry it's right here you can kinda see it is our monthly bulletin board so every week each in turn has to turn into things that we are potentially going to put up on our bulletin board at the end of the month it's just little fun facts way for people to come in and just a little bit of Education real quick and then go into the locker room in Michigan this is the area right here it has a folder with every different letter about fit what we do is put together exercise programs for each one of a member so in order for the behind they come over they pull up their card it has their exercise on it and they're able to grab a clipboard and a pencil and go about their exercise just George hey hi George hey all right so this way it's our workout you're writing go ahead and taking our vehicle we have they have our bikes here we have all of our treadmill right here in the tritter we basically get time to pull tie that circuit so it starts as legs go around an arm that's why I'll show you our free wave room this is our room with all of our free weights in it rubs and tricep extensions for us we streamers have every demo sighs do you possibly imagine a massive able to do our abs and just a few few machines for up and back so small area where right kind of just is scrambled in one honey way hi there this is the room where we do our fitness assessments so employees come in and they want to get set up in the gym and be put on a workout program but they don't know where they are cardiovascularly or muscularly so we bring them in and we put them on a bike and we do a bike test with them they feel the bike for about 6 to 12 minutes when we figure out how much oxygen their muscles utilized or exercise then another one of our another part of the assessment is we do body fat percentage using the calipers so we test for women specifically on their triceps their ilium and their abdominal and for gentlemen we use the chest the abdomen and their thigh this is my cake daddy and named Tanya um you won't meet my first cakes that they change my second but that's okay um we're gonna do biceps today but we don't do biceps like normal people and Tanya's going to go ahead and show you how we couldn't scare why not include some core work while you're doing bicep curls basically the idea guys on usaa grounds we have multiple recreation field each month we have a different tournament for the employees it will bring out their families and spend the day in competitive sports with their coworkers this past month we had a basketball tournament right here on our 2012 courts that we have and we'll go over and show you our softball field our football fields and our tennis courts we have lots for the employees to be able to do on the weekends so like I was saying we have our tennis court for the employees to be able to enjoy any time whether it's on the weekdays or weekends and when they bring their kids out we have a complete playground facility for them utilize and if they're interested we also have a civilian with a grill so anytime we have a tournament on the weekend they are more than welcome to bring out their own business tax and grill and have a complete family day here we have our gorgeous lake which has a past surrounding it which is about a mile so the employees get the opportunity to come out on their break take a walk be able to look at the beautiful birth of half times there's alligators you just heard alum and keep on going it's cool to kill but part of our daily activities is group strength so throughout this process I have learned to teach kickboxing abs step boot camp spend and grip strength so here's an example of me teaching class your hands on your knees now the driver oh my and one below I stay here get out yeah yeah I guess you're wondering what I do besides teach class what exercise programs for people and do fitness assessments here Lori our fitness director she incorporates a Lunch and Learn for the interns to be able to do come up with an educational topic and teach it to some of the employees that we have so here's an overview of the Lunch and Learn that I did today on carbs proteins and fat Inc its topic today is it's all been in the food hood we're going to be talking about carbs fats and working so carbohydrates are going to give you the fuel that you need for our daily activity and exercise we're going to consider carbohydrates our brain food so protein is one be responsible for the repairing of muscles and rebuilding of muscles so we're going to consider that our muscle soup and fats last at least we're going to have good fats and bad fats for me to talk about both on the good fats are going to provide essential fatty acids for controlling inflammation blood clotting and brain development this is what we called our artery suit why artery because the bad fat is going to clog your arteries and the good fat is going to help lower your cholesterol to get rid of the clock in your arteries enough about my internship so I guess you're wondering what I do on the weekends since I moved here by myself from Lonesome Louisiana so I do live on my own but I have managed to meet so many nice people while I'm here and on the weekends I go to the beach it is only 30 minutes away and they actually have a dog beach I'm able to bring my dog but other than that I've spent an entire weekend in Disneyworld I've gone to Sea World and I've gone a good Busch Gardens which is the theme park right here in Tampa it's literally a mile from my house so it's perfect also Tampa has what they call Gasparilla it's sort of like monty girl or at least they think it is they throw beads they have you know parade so they consider it like Mardi Gras but anyway part of it dole is a 5k and I've participated in that with some of the other employees here and they give out these awesome metals basically it's a pirate themed party the boats come in on the shore and everything else so it was actually really cool to enjoy so I have managed to have more fun than I ever expected in Tampa so I hope that you enjoy my video and you learn what I do everyday and that this is a very fun city and it's worth an internship applying for next year Laurie is a wonderful director and you will learn so much it is more hours than you are required by school but I promise it's all worth it do my vlsi capstone projects Hudson Valley Community College.

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