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Ieee research paper on software project management

Ieee research paper on software project management capstone recruitment jobs looking for someone to do my thesis on physics please ´╗┐hello guys so I've got work today I'm on a court free to all quarter ten and shift I don't really like these shifts because you're basically waiting all day to start and then you're working all the way until nighttime really and then when you get home it's like time to go bad see you don't really get that many things done and I like to get it over done in the morning wake up early I like waking up early get anything done then and then obviously be more productive throughout the day I can get more things done on an early shift after rather than waiting all day to start and then start and work at court with a free finishing it a quarter to 10:00 and I haven't anything else to do so however you like them shift and tomorrow I'm on the same I'm gonna try and get it change though because I prefer what I prefer working early sure so they just mentioned so and the rugby's on so we're trying to get it off how're you having a good day I'll keep you informed what happens after work anything good anything bad stressful never get pooed on norm I promise you they working and care is good so working care and stay I wouldn't know I don't want recently I've been drinking a lot of water look at that it's good for you hello guys welcome back east February 10th today it's Saturday I thought it was Sunday but it's actually Saturday and yesterday was Friday I didn't really explain what happened yesterday due to the fact that it was a very stressful shift I wrote it down in my diary which is here this is my diary and if you guys are in might be interested and drunk drop it down in the comments I might do like my diary entry for the days I'm doing my vlogs I might read it at the end of each day if you're interested let me know I do go in quite detail about what happened throughout my day so you might be interested in that it's up to you guys um yesterday was very busy I mean we have a lady at sign end of life at the moment and she had breathing changed throughout the shift which means that it's coming to the end really for her obviously so we had to contact the family give her the pain relief that she may need and because she's got like a pain patch now because she's what she struggling to swallow the medication Lyra morph we normally give her pain relief if she couldn't swallow it so we had to give her a pain patch so I think that's called the family my family due to their own didn't want to come because she doesn't want to remember the lady actually was because it wasn't her basically she said which came into the to the room yeah it wasn't her basically which I I do respect it is a painful thing to go for a bin for it to myself and so obviously the nurses came the end-of-life nurses and they basically gave her a strong patch which gives her the pain relief that she may need to help with the situation that she's going through obviously it's not nice but it's part of the job for us so what we had to do is we had free carriers I had to I had to do the medication rounds and we had two other carers they stayed with the lady it was an end-of-life and we kept big bay kept changing swapping it and taking it in turns to ensure that she wasn't on her own if she did go and then I had to go and give some another lady some pain relief because she has really bad officers on the legs and and she news get a dressing changed so she wasn't a lot of payment that so that was quite busy as do the medication around a lady who I was working where she was being trained to did the medication round but they was running a bit behind so I just take over and help out which we're clearly fine and then come to about eight of clutter o'clock and it was quite busy was running behind obviously because of the situation with the lady which is completely fine because I would rather prioritize the lady that's on end-of-life and and passing over the things that need to be done the night staff its 24-hour care but I work in so it's completely and then so there's a couple of things I couldn't do but I don't regret it because it's 24-hour care and the end of the shift could in a story short I was sitting with the lady for about half an hour and their breathing drastically changed and I saw as I left and she was I would give it about an hour or so before she was going a saline and so it's not a nice thing to go through and it's sort of taking me back to when I was in with my grandma for the 10 days I was in their Hospital it's not a nice thing to go through but it does make you a better person and does sort of changing the way and it's quite rewarding in the fact that it's not rewarded but it is rewarding if you get what I mean it's an amazing thing to go through and and life is so precious I think life is really precious I was having a really bad shift but considering that moment at the end it made it all worthwhile so yeah so yeah I didn't have time to fill out my diary yesterday so I filled in today that's done so now we're back on now on track January the 10th January February the 10th today another shift it's never late shift and I'll bring you guys what happens throughout the shift today hopefully it's a much better shift in the fact that I get more things done and hopefully the lady has been taken and it's in peace now and it's not in any pain hopefully fingers crossed and I'll let you guys know that if you are interested I'll I'll let you know at the end of the vlog if she did pass away blesser so yeah busy shift yesterday another shift today and I'll bring you guys weapons later on so yeah hey guys I've just been around granddad's that's her until we just got little one so that's good grand that's happy and yeah I don't think I've ever seen my granddad bear happy and Scotland sport okay pretty good take and go back now sleep and then work time hello guys thank you for reaching to the end of this video this is gonna be the last vlog off of the day it's Monday the 12th of February today yesterday I had a night shift so I was like relaxing for up the day saying that had about two hours sleep I can't really sleep for after the day when I'm on a night shift so quite difficult so I didn't vlog throughout that day obviously then I I walk to work started at 9:00 at night had the busiest shift I've ever had in my entire life the lady that I was saying there's an end-of-life care is still alive she's fighting blesser and I don't know how she's doing it when I was with her I would literally have gave her about two hours to four hours and that was two days ago so it goes to show that you literally do not know in them situations it can literally be ones that you think might be going soon passing away soon and they live for about four or five days or the ones that you think will there's four or five days lasts about a couple of hours so you don't know it's not very nice thing to go through for the family for everyone involved the people that are closer to her like the carers and the residents as well it's not very nice thing but it's part of the job at the time thank you for watching this video from the entire day obviously yesterday was quite a busy one today I'm really tired today I've been sleeping got home about ten o'clock sitting around my granddad's she's getting up and dressed washed etc tablets hair brushed probably more cuppa tea make his comp lands all that sort of stuff then I came around here slept from like 11:00 all the way till four o'clock in the afternoon so I really need that I had a really busy shift my legs are hurt in but it's important to stay positive I mean I do make a difference to people's lives that they can't home so it's very important stay positive thank you for watching if you did enjoy the video give it a thumbs up drumming drop down in the comments what you enjoyed about it and stay ordinary capstone adaptive learning and therapy centers order School of Jazz.

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