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Ideas for bsn capstone

Ideas for bsn capstone write for me kansas city business journal capstone awards 2018 free resume writing for veterans ´╗┐food first and I'm saying fatty fertile foods first all right come to understand that carbohydrates all of them stimulate fat production insulin and inflammation that's primarily the cause for our metabolic disorders PCOS ptosis diabetes and all the other chronic diseases and and infertility is just an inflammatory chronic disease and the only way to reduce it is to cut out carbohydrates body requires fat and protein and it doesn't require any carbohydrates Wow that'd really be keto diet is meant to provide our calories from about 80% fat about 15 to 20 percent protein and so that leaves zero to 5 percent cars what I see is that all the fruits and vegetables and grains and milk products that we eat actually again convert to glucose and then stimulate insulin that insulin creates inflammation and so our glucose levels are chronically elevated today one of our patients over the last few days has developed diabetes gain went unchecked and and high hemoglobin a1c high glucose levels the frustrating part is knowing cotton and it showed out what I can tell is that inflammation from our food is killing us or severely debilitating it affects blood flow that's how God tremendously if you read William Davis and David Perlmutter ingrain brain and wheat belly that's a good start to tell us how we grains actually are toxic and going gluten-free is one step for many people but I think it's only the tip of the iceberg and for all of us we all have some inflammatory reactions to all carbohydrates but we were really meant to have our children in our teens early 20s and so many women are postponing that for many reasons culturally socially it's natural now have your children in your thirties forties the toxin of the toxic effects of glucose is set in and it's that chronic glucose that finally gets us it's like it's like how the oxidative damage to the paint or the car the metal it's happening to ourselves and what's very interesting the DNA damage which is repairable by simply shifting our diet from a high carb to a high fat which is opposite of what we've all been taught so this is it's I mean I'm speaking it it seems crazy I thought oh come on can't be and all I can tell you is I've seen so many patients that have gone paleo and katatak and if you read these books you'll get more information about it but the brain functions best on ketone bad body's beta-hydroxy a butyric acid acetoacetate and an S tone now the ketone bodies actually under normal conditions don't go very high that suppresses your appetite we've been using intra lipids which is a fat emulsion made from soy oil and it has some egg protein in there it's one step we've been using it seeing a tremendous amount of inflammation being reduced increase pregnancy rates reduced miscarriages right now we're looking at alternative intra lipids that have more MCT coconut fish oil which we think are probably better for us so rather than IV why not start in your foods well it's interesting because a couple of my patients only would become pregnant and deliver a baby or not miscarry if there were in ketosis but if your history is many failed cycles failed implantation and miscarriages ketosis is the best very interesting so most of our couples or individuals have no abnormality that we can identify or abnormalities that we can't tell you why they've happened and I highly recommend all of us to go ketotic or paleo and you'll find the sweet spot depending on what the abnormality is but many men have have poor morphology or motility or or counts and inflammation is the thing and and we're all looking for the test that says we have inflammation but I'm telling you everyone has it and if they're eating a standard American diet sad diet they have it and even if they're doing their best to stay paleo katatak you can always find something that they might think oh that's ok green beans seeds and nuts Brussels sprouts and fruit typical it's going to cause inflammation so I really highly recommend the guys jump into this and as a couple boy it's always best to work on it together and that I think is really really really critical interesting got to go through the cupboard and throw out all the garbage all right I called the compost heap all right all that stuff we throw in the compost peat which breaks down its gaseous and hot and smelly oh it doesn't it make your gut go like this we're putting a compost heap in our body every day fruit vegetables and fiber you got to get rid of all that junk and it's going to look really strange in your refrigerator it's bacon eggs butter and you want to get organic grass-fed and and I've been listened a little bit today Osprey in the bulletproof coffee guy I love his stuff he's talked about his wife who's been using using butter organic carry gold was all sorts of butters out there that she eats gets pregnant or forties and so there's so much out there it's hard to know where to go but we all should be working on this it doesn't matter your age and male or female or attempting pregnancy or not we get off that addictive stuff we feel more vibrant and energized than ever before and I've been amazed how at nearly 60 I don't exercise I have an exercise from four years I'm near high school way my Energy's amazing I believe my brain function is improved tremendous Elmo said my refrigerator is full of farm fresh organic a a wild free-range chicken eggs and whipping cream butter uncured or naturally cured smoked bacon again that organic and it's pork or if it's going to be beef and then and then rib eyes and Salani and and fatty fatty cheeses are I think something that I I really - a lot of it which is a kid like we go like oh my god no I eat that fat what's gonna happen I'm gonna get bad ah but it's opposite you'll eat that your your your your bliss and that baby wants fat and this is where a breast milk is full of fat and and babies get fat but it's also has a lot of lactose in order to get fat on so if you cut those carbs add the fat now what's good fat that's a rather like what's bad fat and good fat I feel like you know undesirable again and but it's saturated beef and pork alright let's add some avocado and coconut at MCT but I think we try to do too many substitutes plant oils are likes pressed into something and I don't think that's good for us so butter and even if you're slicing it and eating it's amazing and Maria Emmerich has some really great recipes in our ketogenic diet book with Jimmy Moore that we've been and I've been using and I've been making this really fatty of vanilla bean ice cream and I make sure I've been I'm modulated a little bit of modifying and it's whipping cream and butter and an end to CTU oil and coconut oil and cocoa butter and and and then just eggs and you don't need much help evening meals and it's a very interesting thing that I've been doing my one massive meal a day so I eat a gorge a little bit and then you rest digest then you become ketonic through the night and by morning you're in ketosis don't ruin a good ketonic state by by eating a piece of toast or or some greens or fruit or banana or a bagel if you really need in the morning do that that egg omelet with bacon and Lula cream cheese but I think it's best to go a little bit of bullet proof coffee is Dave Osprey or yet either you had some MCT and some some butter to your coffee blend it but I just take a little scoop of butter put it in there and stir it up wow it really is good or working on the sharing our secret book is a change in and we have another secret book coming out where we're going to share more of what I have found and where our clients are getting pregnant on by changing it up so I always say don't believe me don't trust me you're gonna do something different than what you've been doing in order to get a different outcome you capstone microturbine cost Baruch College.

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