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Hr capstone project examples

Hr capstone project examples executive summary capstone project for money do my dissertation chapter on pornography now ´╗┐what exactly is glass-steagall and how can it save this country from financial collapse the period from 1929 to 1933 saw a number of bank runs which destabilized the American and world economy fearful that their banks would fail people pulled their deposits out which actually caused those banks to fail to stop that self-perpetuating cycle glass-steagall created the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation which guaranteed bank deposits up to a certain amount initially 2,500 now $250,000 as important as the FDIC's creation was the term glass-steagall usually refers to the set of rules that kept a Savings and Loan tight bank from engaging in speculative risky training with customers deposits if a bank took deposits it could not trade in anything other than government bonds if it under wrote securities or engaged in market making it could not take deposits the motivation for the separation rested on alleged conflicts of interest glass and steagle as well as others accused banks of partnering with affiliate which later sold securities to repay banks debt or accepted loans from banks to buy securities they also worried that banks engaged in risk-taking speculation rather than investing in corporations to promote growth five provisions of the banking act pertained to the separation section 19 federally chartered banks could not buy or sell securities unless they were investment securities government bonds or trades made on behalf of the customer section 5c glass-steagall would also apply to state chartered banks section 20 banks could not be affiliated with firms whose primary purpose was trading securities section 21 if a bank did trade securities it could not take deposits section 32 officers and directors of commercial banks banks part of the Federal Reserve System were barred from holding advisory positions in companies whose primary purpose was trading securities the creation of Federal Open Market Committee the FOMC includes the Federal Reserve Board seven members four rotating members of the Regional Federal Reserve banks and the president of New York Fed it establishes target interest rates to help increase employment and curb inflation regulation q banks could not pay interest on demand deposit business checking accounts interest rates were capped on certain other deposit products like savings and now accounts regulation q is now repealed but plays a key role in the story of glass-steagall the 50 years following the passage of glass-steagall Act constituted by far the longest running period of financial industry stability in the US history only a tiny number of banks failed while the economy as a whole underwent robust growth Federal Deposit Insurance brought an end to the panics and bank runs that had devastated the financial system at regular intervals throughout the 19th and early 20th centuries barring depository institutions from engaging in securities trading guaranteed that this backstop could not be used to fund the risky high-stakes activities of Wall Street investment banks or rescue them when their bets went bad in the late 1960s and 1970s large commercial banks began lobbying Congress to weaken the glass-steagall firewall in order to loosen glass-steagall restrictions in a series of decisions respond to applications by Citicorp JPMorgan Chase Manhattan and other banks seeking to enter the securities business in 1986 through 1987 the Federal Reserve Board of Governors voted three to two to restructure section 20 of the glass-steagall Act which bars commercial banks from owning companies that are principally engaged in securities trading under the feds new interpretation this section was read to allow commercial banks or more precisely their holding companies to derive up to 5% of their gross revenue from dealing in certain types of securities including commercial paper and municipal bonds in other words glass-steagall was rewritten so that the big banks could bypass the safety measures glass-steagall provides for u.s. citizens and put the American economy in a downward spiral as the banks wheeled and dealed in illegal schemes destined to fail making trillions of dollars than demanding bailouts in which our corrupt government officials happily offered up our hard-earned tax money by allowing corrupt government officials to chip away at the foundation of glass-steagall changing the very core of protection it provided us the criminal elite bankers were allowed to rob this country and devastate our economy so the government's idea right now is we're gonna export our way out of this and when I asked a senior member of the Obama administration last week how are we going to grow exports if we won't allow nominal wage deflation and he says we're just gonna kill the dollar the support for this emergency decree for Obama's enabling acts is an act of treason a criminal violation of the US Constitution this vote represents the nullification of every essential feature of our federal constitutional system and the loss of the United States as a free and independent republic is now assured unless this president is called to account for this treasonous crime committed on behalf of the British monarchy the coup we warned you about is now here the British Empire is out to eliminate any and all opposition to its power as the world financial system comes down Obama was planted in the White House with only one purpose the destruction of the United States he has blocked every effort to assert our sovereign constitutional right to protect our people and face of the enemy he has opposed the orderly reorganization of the gambling debts accrued by London and Wall Street he has colluded with a foreign power to orchestrate an environment of Terror to force through this fascist coup he has formed an unconstitutional body in the form of a super Congress to dictate fascist austerity against American citizens he has eliminated the power of democratically elected representatives to challenge debate or amend these murderous and he has declared that the Congress has no option but to concede they're legally mandated power to grant him and his chosen committee of 12 total and ultimate control over the lives and destinies of our people last night in an act of high treason the Congress conceded to this dictatorship LaRouche PAC and the six candidate LaRouche Democratic slate is calling on all Americans to join us immediately to oppose this dictatorial coup we have only one weapon for the strategic defense of this nation the immediate reenactment of Roosevelt's glass-steagall glass-steagall will bring our enemies to their needs by bankrupting the British system and will finally restore the sovereignty of the American constitutional republic only the full and total commitment to this piece of legislation will give us the power to head off this fascist coup d'etat the Democrats have failed the Republicans have failed now it's those Patriots who are willing to fight beside Lyndon LaRouche and the sixth LaRouche candidates who have the moral authority to lead this nation to throw Obama out of office to halt his Hitler coup and to defend the Constitution of this Republic against our enemies in the British Empire the battle has just begun we will not give up this book elpac is a political organization that is fighting against the destruction of glass-steagall and in the process of reinstating glass-steagall to its full capacity in order to save this country's economy glass-steagall has already saved this country's economy once it can do it again please please share this information with everyone you know contact your state representative and demand glass-steagall be reinstated to its original condition support l PACs fight against criminals that have infiltrated and robbed our country's financial stability Oh capstan winch define Corning Community College.

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