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How to unlock the capstone hydra in just cause 3 order

How to unlock the capstone hydra in just cause 3 order do my what do you mean by capstone courses surf report sunshine coast caloundra state so Junction City or people like 2jc or junk city is what commonly referred to as sister missionaries we actually covered award that was there and a branch and it's really weird because the branch is basically a donut hole is the best way to describe it in the word boundary it's the book of the actual city of Junction City a little bit of Fort Riley and then the word boundaries are much spread out much bigger and the reason for that is because of how highly militarized this city is it's connected to a very dependent on Fort Riley and so most of probably about 75 80 percent of the members in the Ward and in the branch are either active duty or retired military and so that was in itself a huge like culture adjustment because the military definitely has its own culture and so that was something that you you definitely learned and after a while a couple weeks of being there you start realizing that you are throwing out all these acronyms that if people aren't military or aren't serving in the same areas you like they're like what what are you talking about you're like oh right what does that even stand for because you just get so used to using military acronyms and military time as well which is kind of cool the town itself is quite kind of poor and rundown because even those who are military don't say most the people who are living there renting their homes because they're only gonna be there for like two three years while they're stationed there and so there's a reason that it's called junk city but there are still some like really cool like older homes that are injections who they were really cool there's also really cool being on the on on post it was slightly odd it felt a little bit like being in The Truman Show where you have all of these basically identical houses that are like perfectly distanced from each other it's just it was really interesting to see the uniform nature of how they structure an army post and as part of our work we did a lot in that area with working with less actives and so we spent a lot of time actually post we went on post almost every single day which was really cool to be able to like experience that and to be able to really understand so much more about what it's like to be in the military and not just to be a soldier in the military but to be the child if someone who's in the military or a wife and to really understand like what they have to sacrifice to be part of that because when your husband's in the military or your father you really basic you are part of the military family and you sacrifice almost as much as they do to be part of that and to defend the country it's really it was a really eye-opening for me that we actually had different roles that we had to follow when we were on on Fort Riley there's a very strict no proselyting rule and so as missionaries we were allowed to go and knock on the door of anyone that was a member anyone they had actively like invited us to come and to teach them but we were not allowed to approach anyone and so to be really careful that like we couldn't even like wave to people or like ask him just like general questions like oh how are you today because that would be considered proselyting and if we were caught presiding we could be kicked off the post and that could and all missionary activity could be banned from being able to happen on forts on Fort Riley ax and so it was so that was really hard to adjust to because you're used to let's like talk to everyone and it's you required a lot more patience because you had to be much more actively engaging the members in the work I mean like talk to your neighbors because if they invited us to dinner or like over for some reason and they had friends that were there that we're not members we could approach them if it was in their home but outside we could not and so it was we were very much forced to depend on on working with members which is really cool too because it was so neat to be able to get to see them be involved and to see how they responded to Nishan Airi work and a lot of those members because they moved so quickly they were very missionary money because they don't have this like oh I have forever it's like approach this neighbor to become friends with them they know that they only have a couple of years or less and so there are a lot more willing to really step in there and help help us out it was very interesting to see how like military families works because when the dad was there like it was kind of normal like you know normal ish hours depending on what their job was in the army but when they were deployed it was so interesting where you had these families that were basically functioning as single-parent families and it was something that I really saw it really like made or broke someone's testimony because if they were strong in their faith then they would turn to other members of the ward to help support them and to help support their family when their their husband or their their wife is deployed but if they weren't strong then when there's fast deployed they would fall and they'd pull away from the church and they kind of they try and do it on their own and it was so interesting to see how different the families were they're like pulled to the church and really like you used it to strengthen them and their families like how much happier and much more like peaceful and just you could just feel the difference in their home like evening even more extreme a level I feel like then just like with average citizens but non military so that was like really really interesting to see I think for me one of the most special things that happens was just the amount of miracles we saw in Junction City I were like primary my parents like hey we got to go out forget it we just got to start walking and just talked to everyone and I was like okay I'm just gonna trust that you're right about this and so I went out and it was it was like my mug we we had a goal to talk to there was like 20 people and like 10 people we'd never met before and and so it's like we started walking we just like had these like crazy things were like we run into a girl we like said hi and past her she didn't like say anything and they get about 10 feet past song she spins around goes wait are you Mormon or like yes turns out she'd actually been baptized a couple months before in Arizona had just moved to Junction City so that was really cool and then towards the end it's like getting dark and we were like we only need three more people to meet our goal or like maybe we'll like knock on a door and find a family of three and something like a witch storm like well that door has its front porch light on so it'll be lycée it'll be good so we knock on it the door opens and sight these people look really familiar I'm like oh hello sisters come in come in and then it dawns on us that they're family they actually lives back door to some members in our ward and they'd actually invited them to come to church and they'd come about a month earlier and they kind of liked it but they weren't really all that interested and it was so interesting just to be like the last house we knocked on we need to talk to three more people and they let us in and everything for them it's like they really at that point like started to really listen to us and it was like that next week they came to General Conference and within a month they ended up getting baptized as a family and it was just so cool to see how the faith and my companion in that moment of if we just go out and just start walking God's gonna put people in our path led to so many different miracles that evening write for me capstone project ncsu for money CUNY School of Law.

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