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Hotel capstone ballroom

Hotel capstone ballroom do my capstone logistics career opportunities judicial activism vs restraint essay typer ´╗┐in this video we'll be discussing objective 2 from Shiva MA for photoelectric effect and dual nature of matter so let's start with question number 1 when the intensity of a light source is increased we can say the number of photons emitted by the source in unit time also increases obviously intensity means energy per unit area so we can increase the number of photons falling per unit area and total energy of photons will also increase but when we are saying intensity of light we mean that we are keeping the wavelength same we are not changing the type of light so wavelength is same and n is increased hence the energy per unit time it also increases and we have two correct options which are K and be in the next question the photoelectric effect supports quantum nature of light because and these are the options there is minimum frequency below which no photoelectric effect emitted yes this is the right because if frequency is less than that there is no photoelectric effect takes place so this statement supports quantum nature of light the next statement is the maximum K of photo electron depends only on the frequency but not on its intensity yes obviously the statement also supports quantum neighbor nature of light because if we change the intensity maximum ke remains same so that depends on the energy of a single photon so which is just a function of frequency not of intensity and in this C even when the metal surface is faintly illuminated the photo electrons leaves the surface immediately yes this statement is also correct no matter what intensity is there is no time lag a mission of photoelectrons and incidence of light the electric charge of photoelectrons is quantized no there is no charge on photo oh sorry there's charged II charge on foot electrons but the quantization of charge has no relation with photoelectric effect so option D will not be the case and we have three correct options a B and C and third question a photon of energy H nu is absorbed by free electron of metal having work function Phi which is less than H mean H mu is the energy of the photon which are falling on the metal surface and work function is Phi okay so the electron is sure to come out let's see that if an electron if a photon falls on the surface it loses some energy in the form of work function because it has to take out the electron and there may be some other losses also so that will be the remaining gain of an electron but it is not necessary that whenever a photon having higher energy than the work function falls it must eject the number of electrons in fact only a small percentage of incident photons having energy greater than the threshold energy required are able to eject photoelectrons so statement is not correct the electron is sure to come out with a key of this again this is the maximum K at which an electron can eject it so this will not be the key of every electron that is coming out again options C says either the electron does not come out or it come out with a K with this no mmm it may come out yes option it may come out with a kinetic energy less than that so we have only of which is correct so there's a single option correct which is D in the next question if a wavelength of light in an experiment on photoelectric effect is doubled the photoelectric emission will not take place if the wavelength is doubled obviously the tendency of photoelectric effect will decrease but it will stop only when by doubling the wavelength it becomes more than the wavelength of threshold okay so if it is still less than the threshold wavelength the photoelectric effect will still take place so you can say photoelectric emission will not take place it's not sure so option E is wrong the photoelectric effect mission may or may not take place yes the statement B is correct the stopping potential will increase or it will decrease as the energy of incident photon is decreased by doubling the wavelength we can say that kinetic energy of an electron which is X with the maximum K will also decrease hence the stopping potential will decrease so option B and D are the only correct option in this question in the next question the photo current in an experiment on photoelectric effect increases if intensity of the source is increased obviously yes exposure time is increased okay so we can see that to control photocurrent eye intensity is the only factor which controls photocurrent so by increasing intensity we can increase the photocurrent but exposure time is independent or photo current is independent of exposure time the intensity of source is decreased no the exposure time decreases no again the only correct factor answer is e in the next question there is a collector plate the collector plate in an experiment on photoelectric effect is capped vertically above the emitter plate the light source is put on and a saturation photocurrent is recorded an electric field an additional electric field is switched on which has a vertical downward direction so what will happen to the photo current so and a kinetic energy of electron the stopping potential and threshold wavelength so let's look at the solution this is the emitting plate and there's an electron which is ejected and it reaches the other plate okay so by applying an additional electric field we are supporting the electron to reach at this point but as the situation is saturation saturation is the situation when all the ejaculate grounds reaches the other plate so no matter all the electrons which are ejected we are already reaching the other plate so by supporting them we cannot increase their value we can just increase the kinetic energy by applying some external electric field which will push them further with greater speed so K of electron will eject but the number of electrons which are ejected per second is simply a function of intensity of light falling so it will not increase by adding an additional electric field so I will remain same kinetic energy of electron will increase hence the stopping potential will increase and lambda naught lambda naught is simply dependent on the material so the material is not changed so it will also not change hence the only correct option is option B and the next question in which of the following situation the heavier of the two particle has smaller de Broglie wavelength and when the two particles have same speed same linear momentum same K and fallen through the same height so as we already know that dee broglee wavelength is nothing but H by human tum' you can see if P 1 and V 2 are same in option a it is given that they are same so we can say lambda is inversely proportional to mass so heavier will have smaller wavelength and the next part their momentum is constant how are same it is given so when their momentum is same then H is a universal constant so it will also remain same and lambda 1 will be equal to lambda 2 in the third part it is given that their kinetic energy so we have replaced momentum by and root 2 m ke so if their kinetic energies are same we can say lambda is simply inversely proportional due to them again so heavier mass will have smaller wavelength when they have fallen through the same height they will have same speed so we come back to option a hence the heavier wave are heavier us will have smaller wavelength so the correct options are a C and D thank you leadership capstone projects summary Dominican College.

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