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High school stem capstone project ideas for money

High school stem capstone project ideas for money do my pinnacle workforce logistics capstone reader focused writing rfw I'm a 6 2014 Paul Konerko at wrigley field was presented with a number 14 by Jeff Samardzija and commemorating his number the last year he was going to play ball and still has that number 14 and here's a very familiar face to Sox fan well I'm sure you've heard it a lot lately you want a new uniform get upstairs I've been I've been in town I've heard the only action yeah great thankee playing at hockey I have been all the way till I've been here about a month knife being the family we came back and I said we were going to be spending the summer somewhere else and it fell through and I submitter school by the Chicago I've never spent a month in a month and a half straight here with nothing to do I want to play some golf and play some courses I never got to play and all that so we did it it's been great Montero not one in one well it's always nice to see you khali khali of course that was one of my memorable moments today he left us and so many great memories people at you're still you're still the most asking about player you know when I go out and play golf people say tell me about Konerko tell me back in you I usually love to watch him yet and as well he's one of the greatest fastball here history of the game since that soon you made three good sliders like area again and you could have some bench absolutely I tell mike l guys at all the time i say i play the game for 20 years professionally and here's what I know I was adequate at best in the field mostly time below average there was not one off-speed pitch that I ever felt good on get fault I'm gonna go right size wrong shape can I say it yeah I tell me guys I played 20 years in the game and I couldn't play defense really just enough to get by and felt bet on every pitch breaking ball changeup slider I said so you tell me what's important in this game getting on that heater that's what matters I said you know because you got pictures out there they're taught to get ahead with it and and you know you're gonna you're going to get fast balls and even some of the ones that don't want to throw it have an ego enough that they're going to want to throw it so I just tried to stay ready for that well this is well it's you know some of the guys asked me if I don't say you gotta cover the faster always you gotta cover the fastball because if they hang it that's a different story but when they throw I can't name you call in all the years I can't name you five guys who I could say we're great breaking ball hitters right all the great hitters a fastball hitter that's absolutely true i mean there was a couple guys that would get by i think by knowing when to lay off as balls to get a slider or kind of finagle their ways but it's tough to have longevity with that because there's just too many good fast balls out there and they're going to force you to hit it and as soon as they don't know they know you can't hit it and look out they're going to keep pumping it in there ontario's retired one out well since when you came to us and then the last three or four years did you find out that those seventh eighth and ninth innings we're getting real tough to hit it yeah no doubt I mean it used to be when I first got in the league it was like hey let's knock this starter out and get to the bullpen and then towards the end of my career we would start hitting around the starter and everybody say hey guys take it easy here let's let this guy get through the sixth and seventh like let's keep this guy in for one more turn around don't hit him too hard yeah definitely a lot of the great arms I think he used to be the long guy in the bull pen or the last two guys in the bull pen what kind of guys they would just you know journeyman guys that would stay on the team and then it kind of turned into the high draft pick who didn't really know how to pitch yet but through a million miles an hour and they would keep that guy because he was with the pitching coach and everything so you'd start getting guys you made me work great but it's stuff you didn't want to hit off of you know and now it's everywhere fifth starter there's a Kansas City special a single so tomorrow night Aroldis Chapman who was just traded from the Yankees to the Cubs is going to be at the ballpark you missed the challenge of may be facing a hundred and five plus from him I do I mean I used to always look out again i said earlier like there wasn't too much I could do in this game or I could excel at but I never feared and never shied away anybody played me know that I wanted I wanted guys who through hard that was what I look for I would look at the rosters and you know that that's what I look for so although I know it'd be a battle against them you know I always had a pretty good attitude about it was pretty much if he if he gets me out or he happens to throw and by me i just kind of fit in with the rest of the guys he's throwing balls by but i always saw the advantage of you know what if i turn one of these around that's going to be more of a story than if he strikes me out so I always went in there carefree and I felt good on it my swing was short to the ball and I just you know I didn't fear guys throwing hard I liked it any indelible memories that you have from the sox cubs series would be played in a lot of them oh yeah I think it's great to see the ballpark tonight as some electricity here it's packed i think the last few years along with all of the early kind of you know gets a little bit worn down but my years here especially in the early in mid 2000s man it was the best I mean it was like a playoff game it's not better than that certainly obviously those mid-2000 games of course the Barrett game was it was a highlight / low-light hawks on got punched in the face but uh no I mean those were great games we had a good team that they had a good team it was all I remember the first one we have I remember Mike Caruso hit that home run yeah to win the game we were like you know bunch of young kids may swept him on the other side that was a great series I mean there's so many great moments I had forgotten about that do you mentioned yeah there was so every game you could count on a moment like it could have been someone getting hit it could have been a big Homer it could have been a fight in between teammates on a dugout it could have been really anything so it's good to see that it looks like it's kind of you know at least tonight it feels like it's in the air here so we'll see the fights in the stands all that its own in the end it was all great I remember when mags lost in the IV out here is he going to now in another memory I have is when you get hit in the face and still it didn't want to come out of the game yeah yeah that one I had to that I couldn't see anymore over to my eyes so but I just remember I I believe I'll always say this that it's big for both fan bases but I feel like it's without question bigger for our fan base they seem to really dial in on this game that so you know I knew you got to kick it up a level these games really mattered so I was just nervous before these games as any of them now feel straight up spread out spaced about equidistant as his Brian's I fly ball deep in the left field his first at-bat but that was going out the ballpark but a great play by Melky going up over the wall and catching it and bringing it back in looks like the winds blowing in tonight which is kind of odd on the hot summer in the leftover good thing they did is they go no go ahead all right now come home there you go good throw he gone Nettie's zone yes so he drew it up home hi Paul you'll be with us another half inning here you capstone project excel complete St. Bonaventure University, Allegany.

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