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Herzing university capstone project

Herzing university capstone project write for me list of research topics in logistics and supply chain management getting bullied because of name essays ´╗┐good morning mr. Eastman I am here to turn in some paperwork I'm going to go over to the police department now I'm going to request my records if you recall from being in court with judge Carter on June 20th he had ordered those records released yeah I'm I'm working with the police department to try to figure that out I suspect that they'll I mean if you can go over there but I don't know if they'll give you anything today what is there to figure out oh I still need to talk there's a different officer now responsible for records and I need to talk to the previous one who was there I saw that there's that you had something from dispatch that I haven't seen before and so I'm trying to look into that it's just I've got a lot of other things to do I'm trying to get everything done by the August 26th deadline yeah and so am I so I guess what it's it's right now when I go over there today I'm going to request for that information what are they going to tell me I don't know they they've already done response to your records request they'll probably say they already gave you everything that they give you but I don't know you're certainly free to go over there and ask and I will and they're going to call you because the information that they gave me has been redacted and or withheld okay and this is in regards to the 911 as well as the identity of the 911 calls as well as the identity of the witnesses as well as the original police report dated June 11 2014 from the day that I was arrested okay you had made several comments as well as other city attorneys that my arrest on June 11 2014 is irrelevant to what happened at McDonald's on February 4th 2014 I've said that the search that was conducted at your house was irrelevant your arrest obviously wasn't because there was that arrested form the basis for the citation and the search warrant also in the affidavit states that's what the basis of the search warrant is for yeah but they weren't looking for evidence about the event in McDonald's they were looking for evidence about other crimes that they eventually didn't charge you for that search ends up being irrelevant because they weren't really looking for evidence to support McDonald's event well only because I've read that affidavit several times I'm going to disagree with you because it is in the affidavit that due to the circumstances of what happened in McDonald's they are basing their search warrant for child pornography for that sure and so it is relevant but they didn't find any evidence and that's true they absolutely never found anything that's to my benefit that's not to your advantage it's to my advantage that you didn't find anything but it is perfectly relevant because it's based on what happened in McDonald's so if you read the affidavit as many times as I have the search warrant is based on what happened at McDonald's and the reason they're looking for child pornography is because of some psychotic schizophrenic nutjob sees new children at McDonald's and says I'm standing in front of a booth videotaping a three-year-old girl and he thinks she's nude and I'm videotaping her so detective carpenter states that in his affidavit that's why he gets the search warrant looking for child pornography and takes my twenty thousand dollars my PC my digital cameras and my cell phones looking for child pornography now you can sit there and disagree with me all day long but I suggest you read the affidavit again if you think that I'm wrong think it could be an interpretation but it is in the affidavit that he's looking for child pornography based on the McDonald's incident that's all I can really say I'm gonna go over there and I'm gonna ask again for the exact same information there's no reason why they cannot release the original police report from the day that I was arrested there's no reason why you can't release the 911 or ID the female employee who spoke to me and I spoke to her as well as the other witnesses and the 911 callers all I can say right now is I'm still looking into it okay as far as redacting any of the call list again that'll be in contempt of court I am NOT going to listen to any more redacting of any call list or withholding of any more information now I know that there's some time between now and August 26th or whatever the date is when I'm going to continue to ask for that information are you going to allow them to release it as my question they make that decision your responsibility and they're going to call you and say is it okay to release that information they always have and that is why I'm asking I think what they're going to say is they've already given you that information I don't think they're gonna call me at all to be honest I don't think that's what's going to happen so what I it is ultimately my responsibility to give the discovery documents you requested to you at this point and I'm going to do that I just have not done looking into it yet so I have nothing to provide you and really nothing but form you over this time the rest assured I will by August 26 well as I addressed in court the informations being redacted so if I ask the police department again for that information all I'm asking for is not to redact it to release the 911 call that they have now there's no reason that if they do call you for you to tell them no you can't release any of that information that's my point I can go over there I can request it and they're going to call you I like I said I don't think they're okay I'm not going to okay I'm not going to tell them how they're supposed to respond you know they rely on your guidance to how to respond to this issue that's what I'm getting at and I'm not at a point yet where I've I'm able to make it a determination with respect to whether they've given you everything that they're required to give you under the law or not so I don't know what else I could tell okay thank you very much but you'll certainly have a response for me on the on the discovery either on or before August 26 as well as witnesses that's fine I'm looking for the information that's being redacted that's the information I'm after I'm after the other 9-1-1 calls there's no reason why between now and August 26 that they should continue to withhold that at this point of time you may not have had enough time to do enough research on your own but there's no reason for them to withhold that from me at this point of time do they have any legal basis to redact and withhold that information they might I don't know and I don't think this is I can't give you an argument about it right now because I haven't looked into it myself well let's just make one thing clear I'm not arguing with you I'm having a what I call a normal discussion okay I try to be as respectful as I can and I just continue to show as much professionalism and authority as possible this is an ongoing issue obviously for over two years sure and there's no reason that I have to come back here or the police department 15 times to get those records after I've been convicted in December of 2015 on this meritless baseless fraudulent charge but also you're deciding to come here I've already under the obligation to look into this and report back to the court by August 26 well I understand that but you're not anything to speed everything up by coming here today yes well that's me I have to prepare myself yeah you'll have and I need well it's in November unless they change the date again I'm not sure if it's the 7th or the 8th whatever whatever anything is is it in November my point is I'd like to have that information as soon as possible to better to better prepare myself for my defense and that's what and that's why I come down here yeah I understand that 26 that I'm working thank you very much all right have a great day internet of things pdf 2018 for money School of General Studies.

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