Handbook Of Research On Innovations In Systems And Software Engineering Pdf
Handbook Of Research On Innovations In Systems And Software Engineering Pdf Central Park N zip 10026
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Handbook of research on innovations in systems and software engineering pdf

Handbook of research on innovations in systems and software engineering pdf write for me capstone python documentation edit my research paper on gay marriage for cheap ´╗┐all right I need to introduce our second reader of the night Kelly Andrews Kelly angie's can't stop telling strangers about reports as a middle schooler big Tina filter from Bob's Burgers Rachel by the way love Tina amazing like how she was obsessed with me mark leonardo dicaprio and has photos of herself kissing posters of his face pack to the y unsurprisingly she didn't get her first real kiss in such 1816 oh come on don't be that hard yes she knocked teeth now she mostly kisses real like men though none are as good looking as leo ladies and gentlemen brother version of the time that I ok so i'm gonna read excuse me i'm gonna read a few these phones and i'm working on that are in a series called the body as a poem I can't stop writing and then I'll read some other stuff after that so they all the same title the body is a poem I can't stop writing aware i would never love this body even at conception before the naming I rocked too big inside the pink of my mother first fear unspectacular drowning red lid of my eye falling open I could never make myself that small again can't get inside the skin of another for wanting too much when he me in the ass I draw his thighs closer the pain and distinguish from my own hand until the Bloods let out knees bent and barely breathing I'm a silhouette wetted in the dark carving out the swoon I place a mirror in the back of my throat tie string to the corners of my mouth a makeshift aperture I can capture anything in the light if someone pulls me just right so like to get the really dirty stuff out of the way first nothing else did with a 30 little dirty but not my hat back the body is a poem I can't stop writing are you naked in your bucket of pocket so I prize and explain this um so there's this great book that CA Conrad has that he has like these lip prompts in 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owl is slowed awake crescendos and night won't return her calls shapes behind eyes closed an obit of broiled tongue delicate bone will feel that which refuses to stop wanting okay so we're gonna try this right okay yeah so i can meet you seriously good for this probably have the poem that has a recording yeah so i have like an introduction that um i had a really great assistant help me with and so um we're gonna play this and then i'm gonna read the poem that i wrote based off of this we're gonna see it that's er yeah yes or we could just skip it so I can explain more so it's like I got these encyclopedias is that Werner should I talk or not talk can't tell not playing but do you want to try it out my phone yeah so I'll explain a little bit more too so I got these encyclopedias from the 1970s that are like science and technology and they're like an old mine for images and weird-ass articles and so I found this article um those called beyond dying and it was I had an interview in it of these there's people in the 70s who were doing LSD treatments as a way to like cope with the fact that they had terminal illnesses and then the doctors would like interview them afterwards so what Sam and I read which I don't know if you that's what we'll be able to hear from this phone hopefully you can hear some of it is an interview between these two people one that I just like wrote a poem off of that okay what else happens during the day I died what was that beautiful it sounds addictive but it was beautiful oh I don't know I felt like I was dying I don't know how I came back I don't remember that I think I called for you did I what does it feel like to die you're just like the thin air that's it we have no pain no fear did that scare you no no here all day relaxed if it's unusual maybe it's me I don't know is it what unusual to feel that way then it's relaxed today other people have said the same okay this is beyond dying like the first photograph of Earth opal drop against a velvet curtain of black my mother combing the heft of my hair with her fingers or yellow leaves overhead legs pitching the body net tip to an upside-down sky I was thin as nothing a revenge for years of wanting to starve myself small mirror mirror of light I swayed in your worn bassinet canopy of listeria followed the feeling of no pain to a hazeled muddy Lake couldn't see my face but there is no fear at all do my send to onenote paper size New York University Tandon School of Engineering.

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