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Guidelines on internal audit function malaysia order

Guidelines on internal audit function malaysia order capstone learning reviews on the balance sheet patents are reported in which of following sections ´╗┐South Carolina State Trooper Sean Gruber has been fired after video has been released of his interaction uh during a routine traffic stop now he pulled over a man by the name of levar Edward Jones apparently he wasn't wearing his seatbelt no here's what is he gonna get out as he license please yeah yeah ground down the ground hands on your back put your hands back back back back please be on back my back huh are you on a six I need ten fifty - but you don't head first back in your car go back out I get a car what a fucked up world he's saying I'm sorry to the cop which is she's apologizing to an incompetent police officer who shot him I've all I I'm not a cop I don't have any friends who I've some friends forecast but they're not close and I but I've watched a lot of cop television shows and you have him step away from the car you ask him you don't know he just he'd abandoned all police procedure all training this incompetent fuck and then when the guy just on instinct like a cop says get your license ago well it's right here I'll go get it and so he shot because he's not a criminal he's a person responding the police look how polite he was after he was shot what first of all I've been pulled over for not wearing my seatbelt the cop did not have me step out of my vehicle okay why was he told to step out of his vehicle in the first place I don't really understand that and when you went his reaction to use asking him to show you his license is to reach to get his license you don't shoot like dope head first yes didn't dive headfirst into the car is that right I mean you're looking at the video you don't need me to explain to shore you he was shot once in the hip but you did hear three shots fired and you're right then I think the most kept shooting after his hands we kept shooting the door that's great this guy is amazing yeah he has been fired okay the cop has been fired so there's a little bit of justice there but he is facing criminal charges as well he was charged with assault and battery of a high and aggravated nature a felony which carries a penalty of up to 20 years behind bars could be charged with attempted murder yeah look I never I've never shot anyone so maybe I don't understand your sponge but he obviously thought the guy had a weapon something so issue him the guy falls away has no weapon if that guy had any understanding of what he did or remorse there's nothing in that video to make you think that that exists he just shot the guy knows that what he did was completely and utterly wrong doesn't seem to care whatsoever he's still talking to the guys if he's a criminal and that guy did something wrong the one who's on the ground because he was shot he did ask if he was hit they did call the ambulance but what doesn't matter doesn't matter if he was super kind and polite afterwards like I think nobody has because it has no humanity in that video I thought he was okay after he shot him but who gives a shit you shot him you did I don't care you guys live in terror it's their job but they live I'm sure like that's why he didn't follow procedure that's why you never let someone reach back into their car that's what cops are trained to do so the guys out of the car and you say where's your license the first thing you say is step away from the vehicle step away from the vehicle you put him on the ground you put there and you say no reason to think I was too dangerous anyway he stopped him for not that doesn't matter but once you've got him and you can other guy reach back into a car you but that you're I think both right that yet it's the guys fault you can't let him get the cops well you can't let him reach back into the car and would you let reach back in the car he panicked yeah thing is if that had been an ax right she reached in he would not have started firing it was an old white man he would not have started firing he I totally understand that they live in a state of terror but for whether he considers himself a racist or not subconsciously he is primed to be terrified of a person looks like that job that's why I responded I agree with you completely you and I would he might we get yelled at yet you know we got scolded step over car or at most I would have been shot at once because my hair that's it that's except that yeah man it's bad it's bad at that a good thing is is that they have the South Carolina the state police state troopers and acted quickly and they got rid of him and he's facing and and he's and he's facing some serious charges he had to post $75,000 bond what an incompetent idiot man you get like don't like who are they hiring like this is it's incredibly basic like again you learn it on television and then when you don't do it you don't get to be like oh I fucked up step one so I'll just jump to step nine don't get one shot straight three think that chasm it's amazing that guy's not dead two things yeah um first of all if there was no video here it'd be--he'd Oh back in the car reach over weapon that I thought I saw right level type I thought I saw weapon he don't he said on video you don't back in the car he didn't die back in the car and he really thinks he don't back in the car cos he's a scared bitch so after that happens the story becomes whatever they want it to be and I remember when Bill O'Reilly was talking about this and he said the number of police killings of citizens is so minuscule compared to the arrests and the ones I mean wrongful shootings and of the ones that were rightful were things that happen because they you know did things wrong the the personals pull over did the wrong thing how many of these stories were actually just like this but the story came out I don't back in the car so that's that step away and he reached for his gun that I thought I saw but we didn't end up finding anyway cuz it was never there these type of things happen because they can make their story up they can't make up their story more now these things now the result comes the more for how many years before before Rodney King and and since Rodney King but if Rodney King is that moment where we finally saw what some cops were capable of and the only reason anything happened there I mean those guys they did that because and they see how comfortable they are there's all these other cops around they didn't care they're like bang take our nightstick take out a flashlight let's beat the shit of this unarmed guy who didn't obey our orders to pull over yeah and and then so go back to where were presumably less evolved in the eighties in the seventies in the sixties in the fifties what do they swirl Wow what how many things went on how many things were on and yet were still trade I'm still trained I still read a quote from a police officer who says the guy reach for his gun and I still instinctively think well I guess the guy reach first gun because it's still position Authority yeah we still do it you're raised on an remember - you know what the arrest this guy fire ok fine is one uh now you need to go and completely overhaul and retrain your entire police force on this kind of thing to do when you see it uh III looked like the guy was black I don't know when you see a citizen don't assume that they're dangerous and going to kill you if you have that mindset simple psych up a psychological test to see if they're mentally capable of handling a tense and stressful situation if they can't this is the wrong job for you it's it's the wrong fucking job like there's enough of the whole let's get rid of that guy after he killed someone let's go that guy after he killed someone let's fix this before it happens over and over again address that you have a problem with a certain group of people in this country you need to rethink the way you approach it what is rn capstone Stern School of Business.

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