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Good research topic definition

Good research topic definition do my paper technology university edit thesis on internet technologies ´╗┐SPH you donate chatting over with Rudy Aegon burger number 6 car sofa at the wheel Wow and fuel coming out they've got a problem there that they have won't make it last before the officials might ask them to head in for a consultation spraying everywhere well I've been watching the car now for the last lap or so and it's really pouring out they've obviously got a a fuel seal problem or on the bed side of the car there's a C or problem that's caused plenty of drama Steve actually finished fourth in this race earlier in the year would they work right in the anxiety I promise when we fuel the car one of the valve refueling valve got to stop is tucked in open so we're losing some fuel and therefore the official has probably decided to stop the car but we can fix that very very quickly this I know you betcha invasion and Graham bow cat takes place over all of the rather untidy looking this and skyline on a couple of occasions I saw both their cars being reefed out of the guardrail or having some sort of a problem but fortunately for the sleepyhead nee-san team from New Zealand they both got their cars running it up again and they're in the top ten which is a great performance and I think Ken is doing an admirable job here's Steve Soper coming into the pits try to release that now Brodie Hagen burgers and pandemonium going on in here a quick stop he's underway the grammars though he didn't come in the first time around the politics continue meantime Klaus Ludwig the race leader is in the pits again burger crew quickly at work and it looks like in fact that Ludwig is going to stay in the garage in a yes indeed he is and no problems for the fuel seals on that car it was in fact a little rubber fuel seal off the side of the tank that the fuel goes in but a jab the the tank open up his problem so it looks like the nervous and Mercedes Dermott's car oh jeez had a big greased Mercedes in trouble of the Benz well that's a real disappointment because they were running extremely consistently and it was setting a blistering pace earlier are destined for top ten finish roberto Ravalli a can of a forty six down at a cable street incident a moment ago as you could notice coming up on the Peter Jackson listen karting right in behind Larry Perkins for all thirty some big problems there meantime Steve sober car number six still continues in third place despite that that pit stop they had to make to release the valve so he's done well and these cars have run beautifully not only at Bathurst and had caller but here today on the streets of Wellington Roberto rebellious still second so we're not gonna have a one-two for the for Texaco cars the BMW is going to split them and here's the man really hauling around the streets of Wellington Roboto Ravalli account over 46 but he a traffic to keep them busy yes that gives us a little insight into this race because it has to be mindful of the strong orbits of the world championship contenders but give yourself some racing room as well if that's a big problem for some of the slower runners Manuel appear oh did a great job in the first half of this race for Evalia finishing it off superbly in carnival 46 just talking to him they said him to try to push because we were close to the end of the race and 15 seconds not a great deal so I think now is straight to push and try to catch Ludwick here is the rice later class Ludwig cannabis 7th of chemistry coming back towards the wharf again things running beautifully for him let's recap employer on the Castros scoreboard one week is the race leader yum goong Roberto in second Steve so for his third win Cena the burger eyes rocked around the Wellington's all continues and this is second place battalion in the bmw m3 app statistician already tells me that he's 13 seconds dead on an average and he only knew the job times me all this practice he's pretty please yeah why he was European champion and I knew us in Australia for some very strong guides in the James Hardy 1000 more really pushing down here chasing this man became 570 lead Texaco Ford Sierra they said the car would break it hasn't done that did main that they maintain that types of around us 133 134 bark all day they've broken the spirit of the opposition yeah they said the the rear axle will be the problem with that parity trustingly enough it seems to be in the Commodore still suffers from that more than anybody else now look big rounding up the gold since its three five BMW one of last year's JPS cars that does that with these generally I think most of the frontrunners have had a pretty good run with the traffic there's been some dicey moments in the 500 kilometres but provide viewpoint it seemed as though most of the lads were getting through a ozland wickedly delighted with this was on today there's another fellow shall be commended himself a wingman hour driving with ran a search of the way and though we have been made it into the top ten Susan dukey at the wheel of the car divided in three to five being done for 36 another power plan and there's a trade-off first he says driving without red Hagar in the Lockwood we have ws3 Alaska driving with the team was returning along this what their problems here Musti sofa number six getting around sideways in a new zealand's happen that's the only anxious moment that this ogre has had since he came out of the pits after being called in he's picked up the momentum again going through the hip perhaps a misunderstanding as to which side he should have gone through let's take a look on the replay as Steve coming down here on the number 7 car heads off cable straight all the cards fall into place for the man who desperately wants to win the World Touring Car Championship 87 Edition and the limited edition of that book Klaus needs fence through Drake turn and back onto the waterfront again notice that time through the air system Klaus using very low revs not working a car to your pardon I think he's got the measure leave the BMW 3 cups heading up towards the bridge and everything has run so severely today for the room the eager burger for Texaco team he swings out at the last turn comes down the start finishing stroke the disavowal 500 youngster class Ludwig number 7 a superb drive from Ludwig and one must say also a superb drive from his teammate chaos needs fit and here's the Italian Roberto Rivonia going across to take the checkered flag superb drive from him and of course finishing on the same lap back in third place will be Steve sofa in the number 6 egg and logo for Texaco Sierra behind in the manual place for Georgie fury but he will be one lap down so this brilliant performance from class Ludvik completes the Texaco Ford Sierra wins three in a row from the coal of the Bathurst and the Wellington rounds of the championship and they can be well pleased with their performance and the first time that the two classes have come away with victory there's deeds fits and they're in a very healthy position as they go into the grand final at Mount Fuji in just three weeks time let's recap the top 10 in the Nissen mobile 500 plus to look weak and needs fits in the Texaco 42nd Ravalli ER and Pierrot in the m3 3rd Soper injured on a in the second of the a Gerber ger cars fourth - Furion Seaton in the Peter Jackson skylight fifth to Brockton Parsons in the mobile Commodore six rats and Berger in Oscar I canna BMW 7th Longhurst and Hagar and a BMW 8 Falcon beige hidden innocent Knight's Cross bein sprog in an SM and rounding out the top 10 one week Finn our and Paul ravage in a BMW the disembowel 510 of the World Touring Car Championship we trust you've enjoyed our coverage of this 1987 classic and we hope that you'll join us next time that seven sport goes motor racing anywhere in the world write for me capstone community bible church toronto Fordham University.

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