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Gatech capstone 2019

Gatech capstone 2019 quotes for one person makes a difference for money essay on cow in gujarati all yellow ´╗┐you know it's funny all the stuff I put out I'm motivated by that as well right [Music] please [Music] good question I wanted to know how you learned the logistics of actually operating the business you do a lot of talks about what it takes to be an entrepreneur but the actual I'm curious about how you learn the application of that I'd appreciate the answers thank you mash a great question my man I'm excited about this little concept this is going to fill out these episodes that are a little bit tougher for you Dirac I like that you're hacking trying to make your life a little bit easier I respect your execution sebastian by doing the way you learn operations and the systems the logistics is by doing I mean you could read about it you know my dad was very entrepreneurial so he's even more loosey-goosey than I am in a lot of ways so that wasn't in place but obviously a mentor can teach you but I think when mentors are teaching you they're teaching you the way it was instead of the way it's about to be in this new environment it's by doing the actual work like D Rock's process how long take you to edit the first daily be two and a half days and now three hours I mean it's doing that's how you get great at your craft you do it's just it's just there's it there's no replacing experience and that's where a lot of youngsters are there's a lot of talent you understand the landscape up but you don't have the experience yet and so you've got to each it again real patients and those two three four years of tasting it this work Pacific this run system and this work distance this one does make this work business this work assistant so when you often surround yourself with people that he didn't know from yes and no the problem when you surround yourself with people that know is they come with that baggage but yes I do like them coming with that baggage because then I can watch it one of the reasons I don't like row manage my people is because I let them do their thing and then I watch it and like that's silly and then I break it so we get eighty seven percent of the value of the tried and true and thirteen percent of kind of the way I see and I'm always going to you know and you know this is a lot of stuff we talk about we don't put a lot of stuff there like I don't talk really about my strategy or my brain I don't think my how smart I am or a strategic I am that's where I get that's where it really shines because I'm forward-thinking that's just my natural state real quick let me interrupt you before you watch there homies other story this video right here is going to blow your mind that's why pop let's go only need a dollar in my gig what wouldn't sleep encoding tough work o'clock in the morning stuff I hold it onto your years I'm impressed I have a crazy idea you and I at our best as a team when we're just being ourselves and just hacking there's always so much there's such a special thing that I've never been able to replicate right [Music] Gary B he rocks you to anyway probably brother Congrats on this next chapter of your life go crush it go kill it one life baby how do you just reach out to fifteen people you've been dying to do business with and just DMM say what can I do for you period that's it 99.9% chance they won't answer you if you want to reach them 4.01 it's worth it that point oh one life [Music] blah [Music] [Music] hello how are you very good Congrats on winning you're welcome yeah I know so we've got some time together how can I help you I get it I chopped for Mia for a second what would upset you one more time you think about what so look I think I think it's about perspective right I think the reason that I'm able to focus is that I keep things very binary right you know outside of the most extreme things health of my family I try to make I try to remind myself whether it's friendships or back when I was fading relationships or I put them in the proper perspective so I think the bigger thing for you is to is to categorize both both the things that are going on and put them in the proper bucket both the studying for what you're trying to become and questioning yourself if that's really what you want and as as your lack of focus at times just a subtle indicator that you're doing this because you think it's the right thing to do or you were told to do this or you've always thought you were going to do this but now that you're here you don't actually want to do it or do you just value you know these relationships or other things that are running through your mind even more than your career or your you know the things that you're focused on so I think it's being honest with yourself that your brain and your emotions are going in a different direction than what you think on paper is the thing that you're supposed to do and I actually think you need to accept that instead of fighting that I think you need to question why that's happening more so than well I need to stay focus I've got a lot of studying to do to become this you got to really break down those two things and I think and you know what's funny is I think you know that I think you don't need me to tell you that it's just you know sometimes it helps hearing it from another voice right like I think the thing that has always worked for me is that it's been crystal clear for me what I'm trying to do and and I've had everything in the right places mentally and then it's able it's enabled me to go very fast which really matters so do you agree with what I'm saying hold on one second I hope my you stop there's code on my page one life that motivated you you said and it make yeah I mean it makes you start question you know it's very funny I'm so empathetic to people who will let me ask you a question the thing that you're doing right now how much was that manifested from you at a young age or other people around you yeah I mean I think I think once you know I'm glad to hear that it came from you from a young age I would tell you that things change and you need to make sure you're focused on that you know you know so you know sometimes you have a picture of how something's going to be and then when you get there it doesn't live up to that and so yeah I mean I am motivated by one life to you know it's funny all the stuff I put out I'm motivated by that as well right like I challenge myself to remind myself it's one life it's one at-bat and it rocks me and my foundation when I think about it as well the other thing I would tell you and I think if you follow my stuff you know this there's such a young woman and I really really really hope that you deploy patience as well right like you know you can you can you cannot have it perfectly clique for ten years and still be young and I think a lot of people forget that you know for me early in my career with my great ambitions building a liquor store a wine store you know didn't seem on paper like this is what's going to help me get to all these places that I want to be but it was building a foundation in my 20s and early 30s that allowed me to build on top of and I still at 41 view myself extremely young so keep that in mind as well I think that helps you're welcome I hope you have a great day and feel free to reach out to me on email if I can help horn you're welcome good to see you too back my son your access questions we turn it down [Music] do my powerpoint capstone project superior family Dowling College, Oakdale.

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