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Free download capstone project

Free download capstone project write for me alexander high school ap capstone purchase literature review on history plz ´╗┐hey y'all welcome back to my channel today I am super excited to be showing y'all a recipe on my new Avalon Bay air fryer so I haven't been seeing people rave about air fryers like all over quito like Facebook groups there's like cookbooks this is apparently the new hot item to you know cook your food in it's like frying foods without oils it's like hot air circulation that kind of mimics the fried food feel I recently got my Avalon Bay air fryer and today we are going to make some steak roll-ups in the airfryer this recipe I have not tried before but it looks like it's going to turn out absolutely phenomenal I'm gonna make dinner for everyone and hopefully it won't take me very long at all so without further ado we are going to jump right in let me show you what you need for these steak roll-ups and how to make them let's go to make this keto steak roll up recipe you only need a couple of ingredients 1 2 3 4 5 and then salt and pepper if you want to really technically count those seven so originally I saw a recipe that called for a flank steak which is a long thin piece of meat but my grocery store does not carry those so I got basically these I don't know they're calling them tip steaks I don't know but they're very flat thin steaks and there's three of them I figured I could do one for each person of the family you're gonna need some roasted red peppers I just found these in a jar the next thing you will need is some basil pesto or just some pesto I found this in the pasta aisle it was the lowest in carb for 1/4 of a cup it has 5 grams carbs but we're not using nearly that much so we are a-okay next up I have a bag of spinach this one has seen its better days some of the spinach is going bad but there's plenty of stuff on top that'll work just fine for this recipe last but not least we are going to get some provolone cheese this is just you know your average provolone and some salt and pepper to season this right up I'm using the pink Himalayan sea salt because it's just what I like to use y'all I'm not gonna lie while I am cooking i have alexa jamming me out to some Christmas music Alexa resume for now I am going to walk you through how to make one of these steak roll-ups so I moved one piece of meat from the meat tray onto my cutting board make sure to go wash your hands with warm water and soap because you never want to contaminate raw with ingredients that are not cooked just a little meat science major katherine coming out right here alright so we've got our steak down next up we're gonna do about a tablespoon or a scoop of what i'm doing of this basil pesto i put a spoonful of the pesto on the steak and then i'm going to use a second spoon to rub this all over the meat the next thing i'm going to do is take two slices of provolone cheese and lay them down in the middle the next step is pulling out some of these roasted red bell peppers and putting them on the steak they're kind of hard to get out y'all but i'm just going to rip them in like half and just put maybe one two maybe three little slices of them in the middle why am i using my hands I don't know these are things are really hard to grab ahold of so there we go we have our steak then our basil pesto and then our cheese and then our roasted red bell peppers and lastly you're just going to take like a handful of your spinach and kind of lay it out on top of your entire piece of meat you don't want it too thick but you know spinach drinks a lot especially when it's cooked so just going to put a good amount but not too much on our little rollup so the last step of this is you're going to start at one end and just roll your steak up into a nice little roll it's got all of your yummy ingredients contained inside and it's ready to be popped into your air fryer I already know that this is gonna taste so good it smells delicious already oh my golly one thing I forgot to do in the first two that I had to go back and do was you know add some salt and pepper cuz I am an idiot just a little bit of salt and some pepper just give it a little bit of flavoring and just continue on like normal just don't forget to add salt and pepper it'll give it a little bit of a nice taste can we first admire how pretty these are even though they haven't been cooked yet they're gonna taste so good I already know it the next step of this process is sticking it in the air fryer so the first thing I'm going to do before I preheat is just pull out this Center basket and I am just going to use a little bit of coconut oil and spray it on the little rack in the bottom just so it doesn't stick just going to hold it up and just spray it real lightly and now I'm just going to stick it back in the air fryer and I'm going to preheat it to 400 degrees because we're gonna cook this for about I'm guessing five to ten minutes on each side of the little meat rolls this air fryer only takes about three minutes to preheat so I have it set at 400 degrees and it says just preheat it for about three or four minutes and when the heating light shuts off it will be ready to stick your food in I believe it is heated so what I'm going to do just pull out this tray it's very hot so I'm just going to set it right here since my little meat things were a lot bigger than I anticipated I didn't rise this meat was that big y'all oh well though I'm gonna use this Tong to set them in here gently so I don't burn myself I'm just gonna set it right there I'm going to put this back in the air fryer and set the timer for ten minutes and then we're going to check on how it's cooking so we have a few minutes for this to cook so you know what that means Alexa play Christmas music the station holiday favorites from Amazon music [Music] it's been about eight minutes I decided to stop it two minutes early since this is a new recipe I wanted to pull it out and check on how it's looking well it has opened up just a little bit I apparently did not wrap it well but I'm going to flip it over and let it continue cooking for a couple more minutes it has been about four minutes since I flipped this back over we're going to check on it and it looks like it is definitely done maybe a little bit too well cooked so I'll have to you know make some notes on the second one that I try I am going to grab my tongs just FYI for contamination purposes make sure you wash these when you're going from handling raw meat to handling fully cooked meat no cross-contamination no food poisoning meat tips with cat it would be best to let this steak sit and rest for maybe ten minutes or so to get the full flavor of this this time we're trying to let's see how it goes well guys I hope that you enjoyed getting to see how to make these steak roll-ups they smell delicious they taste delicious here's a little up-close-and-personal shot of when you cut into these oh I just spilled some on the floor my dogs are gonna love that but they are so pretty this is probably the ugliest of the three that I cooked I cooked the second two for eight minutes and then five minutes after I flipped them and they turned out perfect if you are interested in getting your own Avalon Bay air fryer don't forget to check out the description down below I have the code for 50% off of one of these it's a deal you don't want to miss out on there is so many different low-carb and keto recipes that you can make in this air fryer I've seen people do like crispy broccoli Brussels sprouts really anything meat just I joined a group on Facebook that does low carb air fryer recipes and there's some really good recipes on there that I am going to be putting to the test if you enjoyed this recipe in today's video please give it a big thumbs up don't forget to subscribe to my channel and I will see y'all again real soon with another video bye guys mmm capstan rope winch for sale for money Congregation of Christian Brothers.

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