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Fpsc approved capstone course for money

Fpsc approved capstone course for money do my capstone ammunition marriage for love or for money essay ´╗┐oh my gosh quiet down for a moment certainly no love loss this week between mayor of Stephanie rawlings-blake of Baltimore city state's attorney Marilyn Mosby in a New York Times Magazine article Mosby accuses the mayor and then police commissioner Anthony batts then of giving out lots of misinformation about Freddie gray including the number of stops at these police vans that the police fan-made Mosby says she told them to stop but says they did not listen the mayor says Moby rushed to charge the six officers and takes great exception to the New York Times article political pressure is real when you were in big jobs and you can't vow to political pressure and charge when you're not ready because she didn't do that I'm not to blame I did my job I Jam well she did her job she's out of a job Anthony batts is out of a job and Marilyn Mosby will be out of a job so Marilyn Mosby right now is trying to salvage her legacy I don't think that the mayor should have punched down on this one but I understand why she did you do I do why it's human nature because she feels like she's being attacked I think this mayor there's a lot that I've disagreed with her 1 but she is trying to leave her position as gracefully as possible and she sees the politics in this she sees what Marilyn Mosby is doing and she's defending herself the problem is by doing that we're all talking about it right now and I think most people that objectively look to what happened at the city state's attorney's office see that Marilyn Mosby got this wrong and she will not win a reelection very early in my political career there was a snowstorm and I remember the city blamed the state for failing to plow the roads and the state blamed the city for failing to plow the roads and all at the end of the day the constituents who really matter fail to distinguish between the two when there's a when there's a failure of government people do not distinguish between who's right and who's wrong who's at fault they lament the situation all right well it's not gonna snow for a while so let me move on that's your question your political insider I mean you really are a an insider so we can't ask you or expect too much from you on this what do you think about these two leaders squabbling at the bottom line for me is it's frustrating and it's disheartening to see these two very powerful talented women taking punches at each other we have to really sift through the politics as Jimmy said sift through the politics of it and see what's really happening is someone trying to rewrite history is someone trying to defend their legacy let's take it for what it is but I think it's unfortunate that we have to watch these leaders go back and just agree with the premise of what Len said which is in the end who is shafted in the situation and it's the citizens of Baltimore City and I've had it I'm disgusted you look at Baltimore you look at Chicago you look at Detroit you look at these cities with a one-party Democrat monopoly that ruins people's lives and drives people into the ground still 70 million dollars from children allows people to be slaughtered on their streets and there are no answers let's talk about cities that really deal with everyday problems every day yes definitely rawlings-blake Marilyn Mosby are doing the best they can feed the constituency with hope with opportunity and ideas to figure of all you bring up constituency and I think that is one of the miscalculations that Marilyn Mosby had from the very beginning who are the cost issue is it that people are trying to survive in this city or the rioters second of all when a sub story with this I have a problem with Marilyn Mosby disclosing a personal conversation between her and the mayor and I think that's very problematic going forward when you have top elected you know officials in the city that are going to be second guessing you know what a private conversation is going to be leaked to the media at a future date I think that was inappropriate and a problem I'm sorry the same thing over and over and over again we have not elected a single Republican in the city since 1930 and I'm sorry I think all of Baltimore's problems are political I think have no like diversity of voices and political opinions and we keep repeating the same mistakes as we can't get ourselves out of this hole when you are in leadership positions in a time of crisis the most admirable trait that you can demonstrate to the people you serve is an acceptance of responsibility and what we saw in this case from the outside looking in are two very capable in appealing leaders of the city deflecting responsibility on one another I don't think it reflects well on either one of them or how capable they are gets ported the question right now I mean the response from the mayor was deplorable and then the rush to bringing these charges from the city of State's Attorney was equally as deplorable the question right now it is what it is okay I mean we can relitigate this thing over and over there's one person that still has a job when it's all said and done that's Marilyn Mosby and she's trying to keep but at the end of the day when we keep talking about Republicans having been elected so the people of this city they are choosing the leaders they want maybe we need to choose different leaders I'm not sure if we need to choose a different party or maybe need to change ourselves and get back to morals and back to family and get back to self responsibility attorney who the councilman who the governor who the president is it's not gonna fix any of the underlying problems in these major cities there is some good news for Maryland governor Larry Hogan I want to touch on this for just a moment I just released Goucher poll shows that Hogan enjoys a seventy percent approval rating among Republicans eighty five percent and Democrats 69 percent shows that Hogan's not supporting Donald Trump actually has helped him in the poll so there he is Larry Hogan in his guitars Larry Hogan in the polls is not fleecing the entire state and Democrats and Republicans are down with that he made a mistake when his Trump thing by the way he's been a great governor I love Larry Hogan he will obviously win a second term but he delivered on his campaign promise which is I'm gonna stop squeezing you out of your hard-earned money and Democrats seem to be down with that program and the benefit of that is we're number one in the nation and job creation right look what some of these great ideas do for people I like I think a way we're kind of we're kind of going back in our politics to the 1980s or Hogan and I don't want to torture the analogy but he's running his Reagan he's likable he's warm he's sunny he has a clearly that he has an easily defined digestible vision for the state and the Democrats the opposition party continued to define themselves by the legislative wing of their party and it's a failed strategy the people of Maryland aren't buying what the Annapolis insiders are selling 30-second and it speaks to a much larger problem within the Democratic establishment will you look at the way the Democrats went against Larry Hogan when he was running and you know made him out to be you know Lucifer in the flesh and it turned out that Larry Hogan is a decent human being and he also delivered on his campaign promise which is I'm not gonna taxi capstone pediatrics murfreesboro College of Mount Saint Vincent, Riverdale.

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