Forensic Psychology Capstone Project
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Forensic psychology capstone project

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they will hit the reason why your players don't in the way they like the deficiencies we see it ball struck can be directly rewound to the deficiencies and put them so here's how we get them in your stance you have a series of absolutes if you think that no matter what style you choose it to use that they have these things in common first of all this is more for the younger guys 12 another starting from the ground up like the swing does and the swing is essentially that's a long row of dominoes that falls in the sequence one by one starts Brown display of the body by back hug has to be pointed straight ahead because the sweet begins from the inside all of my back foot it creates energy the advance going against the inside car to my front foot left so what you're you meters off to do they come up because they're not very strong in and therefore in their legs and they put their feet out dumb foot so hit their mind I want to think I have a line right through the middle of my side the 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weight position on the inside going moving up the bottom when we get the knees position inside the ankles we start to put the UH provider I want to see it fall at one o'clock that's a third one our eyes need to be level on the pitcher there both eyes level on the pitch and the reason you see so many big league hitters in the open stances today it's because it's easier to see the pitcher with two eyes the hiding on behind with are you titters always show the button a little declare his stance the baseball card pictures do they take on one picture day and the cake comes up he wraps the badness hands he goes like that and you're seen it a million times you're hit you're all sideways and immediately we have a box for issue the body rotates fastest when it stays tallest therefore I want to be in an upright body position slightly chin over toes in my face the taller the better and they rotate faster when I stay tough knowing that picture girlfriend sometimes I'm gonna have more tilt to the swing obviously pitchers a layer low the body has to have tilt to get there and I don't want to do that on purpose so if I get a player that's already punched over then there's some really good big-league hitters he used to hit that way George Brett Rickey Henderson they did but that is not the most efficient way for the body to move fast it's how do we know that because we do high-speed video analysis now that they couldn't do it 70 today somebody would have told George Brent dad he could get more bat speed by standing more upright and hit the ball 15 20 feet further he would've done but at all of your body posture when I land allows me to rotate faster which means when I lean over stance and then get into rotation and now to make the hip and shoulder turning you see my body house no longer stacked up stacked here hips head and feet on the same line once the head gets outside the body line I rotate slower weaker we want to try to maintain stuff like body posture without breaking it on purpose why do pitchers throw up slow in a way it's physically impossible for us to rotate as fast I cannot put the ball as far than that way that's why it's so hard to get it on some field overrun the body can rotate as fast a the ball that way it's not gonna happen that's why pitchers try to close and last would be grip my body is a gigantic equipment and when it works in that correct sequence it is whip life when I hold my bat in my hands correctly you know how hard it is to continue change your grip you tell them all the time you use a lot of different sayings middle knuckles lined up knock you come to slide them but the bat in the shoulder stick your index fingers up and they'll do it and they get back up understands male against women you want to hit him with the same bat with their use but here's technically I do it I say I want you to put the back down like a golf club and I want you to wave in from side to side with their wrist just using the wrist and then up and back and now without changing the grip I want you to bring it up into your stance that is the grip you guys middle knuckles are not directly lined up you would find on one hand feel the countdown of those 500 big league hitters the amount that actually have the fill about back to line up but they are close they're going to be somewhere in between the Nazis knuckles and the fat cut she covers on your hand but when you get fat punching up a little bat punching bevel we've taken away the whip action of this knife that compared it like that I can do this with the whip and now what I do my Symphony in the wind because I have my wrist lot of the swing is I'm taking my whip I've dipped in water and I put in the freeze I take it out to the lumber a witnesses stick it's not going to work as fast at the zone so that's the four outs on to the stand feet straight ahead these men inside a tall athletic upper body posture would be gripped with in that stance I have to have some rhythm some body boom and in that body movement that's what keeps me tension free of the upper body so my upper body can work with life however when I have my knees bent I do feel tension in to let that tension is stored energy stored energy that will eventually be released into the baseball for rotation so the knees man you're going to all tension your legs but as loose as I can be in my upper body if you have hitters that like the storm a lot of weight on their back leg that's okay but the reason why all their pulse is so wide in his stance is because he starts so much weight back the more weight I like to start back the wider I have to be sign language therefore you can't have a hitter in a narrow stance it likes to start us way back and like starts way back a lot guess the line now the stands to keep the knees inside the egg to keep weight position on the inside part of the fun so out of that rhythm ready for the negative nerves below and the staff described onenote 2019 change page tab color order Cornell Tech, Manhattan.

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