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Excel volume 1 grader project capstone ch 1 3 online

Excel volume 1 grader project capstone ch 1 3 online concrete capstone diy i manoharudu movie review by jeevi I'm Tom furlough from MTV's the freshers and today I'm hitting the streets for reach students dr. at uk2 our students about the latest trends you know what's hot what's not will do you have a mobile fine I do yes can we have a look at it you can ok what models that made by fine it's a tmobile something I our son for ya not even in the model of your phone no it's just t-mobile just this team who are there anything what it is fair enough all three of you've got blackberries yeah I need the same model of Lavery no well suppose oh yeah what model do you have yeah they loads of that phone if it like the bowls all the curve a curve in your tonight we have curves but as a 8900 as yours is liver the new one nice what made you go for blackberry's because you got facebook and email on it I got a good keyboard as well what made you choose iphone and facebook mostly and the brute i have a blackberry oh let's have a look it's got a bit of bling on the back though that's nice customizing it yeah but you can take off so i'm not travel all the time good a what model is that a boat or a crab boat when we go bold what made you go for that model cuz there what else had it no one else had everyone else had it Oh everyone and everyone else has got BBM so it's easier than like texting all the time I've got something samsung I've got a sony ericsson xperia mini okay neither you have fabric i phone that's unusual right I think it's a nokia 5800 oh that's involved it's not all this touchscreen oh is it yeah sorry we never thought of me well whenever someone says nokia i just think oh god not blackberry or iphone that they're reliable easy to use what's yo my phone though you want an iphone yeah quite because everyone's got them and I think they're just better also saves me having my phone in one pocket my pod in the other I kind of got up all in one yeah we're having our I probably have an iphone si si blackberry blackberry and Samsung one and what what made you choose those phones in particular was there any reason not really now my check the contract it was on ok was that a cheap contact no boyfriend wit there so he sought out for us so you don't really care about what phone you have no all right do you care what you pay me half well I want in mind because some of my friends have got the BBM thing and it's free so and I pay for an iphone 4 I like how you put the for bed button yeah no I mean I'm iphone 3gs user so kind of annoys me I should be I phone call not quite as good what made you go for the iphone 4 um well I'm a graphic designer so I think it's just the epitome of graphic design nice okay all right that's an endorsement I've got iphone I don't have it on their iPhone okay I've got a nokia n8 knock your na yeah I own iphone as well I think my friends are popular today what made you not go for an iphone or a blackberry I want to be different no it was a the expense it was cheaper but still a decent phone so how much do you pay for your plane it's a 25 pound oil contracts I ok and that's including the phone to Samson can we have a look at it sure ok all have posh what made you go for that phone touch screen good camera yeah quite expensive mind cancel that I paid 220 420 that's two years ago and if you got that on contract no appears again hey you go that's like unusual as net first year is a note about sir are you going to go on contract I'm thinking about it yeah maybe next year maybe next year you keep thinking about that one actually um geez facebook places no I can't go up with it kanyadaan if you had on your phone would you use it yes definitely why do you think you would use it I don't know it seems quite fun to know where people are inspiring basically yeah do you think people would want to know where you were as well actually maybe not my house I don't really want people to know where I live but no if I was like a nightclub or or a restaurant yeah restaurant people can come and join Ashley in the end you like that do you use facebook places a little bit not really i mentally tagged in the places and couldn't say i use them okay so you're more of an it girl like if people talk to you you won't it's like my friends or tag me but i like out my way to tell people where i am she's your friend for facebook at all yes all the time I always get alerts yeah I mean how often do you use facebook is on all the time on my phones are pretty much all the time nice you getting bored a bit yeah wow it just causes so much arguments isn't it you know so and so I went out so so last night and they still did like photos and stuff that we thinking why wasn't I tagged in that one wife and then you see like an ugly proud of yourself you know ocean I've had back shot that I've got going on you given to you right okk how often do you use Facebook quite a lot would you say you're getting bored of it at all are you okay I don't use it as much as I used to but i still use it on my phone and stuff all right yeah I kind of go on it but it's just easier to text people now rather than Facebook alone all right take some over facebook and have you heard of our peaceful places no do you use facebook places not really I've noticed it's a bit weird why'd you find it weird oh no it's kind of people know where you are it's good for stalkers probably um you a stalker tom not really though fair enough have any of you heard of Facebook Places nope nope no had a full square no all right count what have you had a Foursquare foursquare mmm concert have okay how many of you had a Foursquare all square no what about foursquare ball square have you heard of it a little bull sperm had a fourth crap all squares not popular today do you read any newspapers hundred times that's quite posh okay so all right no not that not less than they don't whatever's around really just why would you read the Sunday Times that because it gets delivered to our house all right minions nice so I guess live at home and it's a high quality newspaper cool do you read any newspapers ban the echo now again Buffalo paper but I'm the toy you treated user as toilet roll oh I shared its little stuff naughty stuff in there sometimes I'm an acquired up uh what about national do you read any tabloids oh and uh no not not into that sort of stuff all right do you read any newspapers um no i don't i just have like BBC news on and stuff alright hope i read newspapers for uni every now and again but it's just like the times and things and i'm usually flicking through stories that are relevant to what i'm doing right so you read the times not for pleasure but just show your work okay what about you I read the Metro on the train nice because it's pretty good it's free yeah easy to read yeah I'd say that definitely would you ever read a broad shape and maybe last question do you have a shop online Tom I do what I'm worried she spent quite a lot online a bit like iTunes and Amazon yes all the time oh yeah yeah I was going well kind of stuff do you buy clothes those here mainly great shops and I you talk shop a fan you look exhausted asos my man ok what kind of stalls would you shop at a JD sports I like peas clothing doctor at UK's good one ok yeah just sort of general browse on the internet whatever finding clothes from ebay oh no i I've haven't bought any clothes on ebay before but ok all the time all my Christmas shopping this year has been online on I'm he went all the way yeah it does for me all online today which shops yeah play HIV everything we do mystery on the Harrison shop online comparison shop online go the cheapest price oh okay I like that so we're going for price over the service in the shops about what you even doing on the high should say girls dresses dresses the Christmas party yeah yeah oh you got tried the bonfire I member online the capstone theatre School of Drama.

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