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Excel chapter 7 grader project homework 1 chapter capstone exercise cheap

Excel chapter 7 grader project homework 1 chapter capstone exercise cheap capstone final examination part 2 bus 475 answers facing your fears essay ´╗┐hello space fans and welcome to another edition of space fan news this week the Hubble Space Telescope takes aim at one of the most studies supernova ever supernova 1987a on the 30th anniversary of his discovery and the Mays an orbiter around mars performs an unscheduled maneuver to avoid crashing into Phobos and an update on the launch date of test the transiting exoplanet survey settle 30 years ago on februari 23rd 1987 the first photons arrived at Earth from a core-collapse supernova that occurred in the tarantula nebula located in the Large Magellanic Cloud some one hundred and sixty-eight thousand light-years away this was the closest observed supernova since the invention of the telescope and it set the astronomical community on fire supernova 1987a was so bright that it could be seen from the southern hemisphere with the naked eye after fading some four days later it was found that the supernova came from a blue supergiant star and while it was very bright it was only about one-tenth as bright as other super novae from blue supergiant now without a doubt because it was detected early and was so close this has been the most studied supernova in history and it revolutionized our understanding of the deaths of massive stars before this event our observations were spotty and our models were simplistic but all that changed when astronomers were able to study this explosion from beginning to end so now here in 2017 astronomers have 30 years of observations of the supernova and the Hubble Space Telescope has looked at it many times over the last 27 years now remember Hubble was launched in 1990 which was three years after the supernova occurred well in celebration of the 30th anniversary in January 2017 hubble took another look at the supernova and the Space Telescope Science Institute assembled all of the Hubble observations into a really cool time-lapse that shows how the stellar remnant has evolved and this does it in a level of the tale that only Hubble can provide back in nineteen ninety Hubble was the first to see the event in high resolution clearly imaging the main ring that blazes around the exploded star it also discovered the two fainter outer rings which extend like mirror images in an hourglass sort of shaped structure even today they don't know where these structures come from however by observing the expanding remnant material over the years Hubble helped to show that the stuff inside this structure was ejected 20,000 years before the actual explosion took place it's shaped kind of surprised astronomers they were expecting to see the dying star ejected material in a spherical shape but faster stellar winds prior to the explosion likely caused the slower material to pile up into ring like structures the initial burst of light from supernova lit up the Rings then they slowly faded over the first decade after the explosion until the shock wave of the supernova slammed into the inner ring in 2001 heating the gas to searing temperatures and generating strong x-ray emission Hubble's observation of this process shed light on how supernovae can affect the dynamics and the chemistry of the surrounding environment and thus shape galactic evolution now what I think is cool about this story is that about two to three hours before the visible light photons reached earth a burst of neutrinos was observed at three separate neutrino observatories around the world this was likely due to neutrino emission which occurs at the same time as the core collapse but it precedes the emission of visible light so one strange thing about supernova 1987a is that while it appears to be a core-collapse supernova numerous down the neutron star which should have been left behind the neutrino data indicate that a compact object did form at the Stars core but since the supernova first became visible astronomers have been searching for the collapsed core that had not found it not even with Hubble now as you can imagine there are lots of theories about why they haven't seen it the first is that the neutron star is there but it's hidden in a dense cloud so it can't be seen and another is that a pulsar was formed but with either an onion really large or very small magnetic field it is also possible that large amounts of material fell back onto the neutron star so that it further collapsed into a black hole now that one I think it's coolest now as you guys all know by now both neutron stars and black holes give off light when material falls on to them if there is a compact object in the supernova remnant but there's no material to fall on it then it would be very damned and would also be why we haven't seen it okay next NASA's MAVEN orbiter over Mars had to make an unscheduled changing course to avoid running into one of Mars's two moons in this case Phobos the MAVEN spacecraft has been orbiting Mars for just over two years studying the red planet's upper atmosphere ionosphere and interactions with the Sun in the solar wind on Tuesday februari 28 the spacecraft carried out a rocket burn that boosted his philosophy by point 4 meters per second which is less than a mile per hour it's a small correction to be sure but it was enough that had they done nothing it would have probably hit Phobos about one week later so with this new correction maven will miss the lumpy crater filled moon by about two and a half minutes and according to NASA this is the first collision avoidance maneuver that the maven has had to perform at Mars to steer clear of Phobos the orbits of both maven and Phobos are well known enough that this timing difference maneuver make sure that they will not collide so for a while there with only one week's advanced notice it looks like maven and Phobos had a really good chance of hitting each other this coming Monday march six they would be arriving at their orbit crossing point within about seven seconds of each other now given Phobos in size they had a pretty high chance of hitting each other if nobody did anything so NASA made the adjustment and it looks like all as well by the way as a side note coincidentally we held our monthly footsteps to Mars hang out yesterday where our guest dr. Pascal Lee gave a really good discussion of the moons of Mars both Phobos and Deimos so check it out if you want to learn more about these bodies I also learned in that hang out yesterday that the IAU are working on a new definition of a planet that will make food a little planet again so check it out and fine I wanted to update you on the launch date of test the transiting exoplanet survey satellite it was originally scheduled to launch this August in 2017 but the date has been pushed back to next year according to NASA the launch of tests will occur no later than June 2018 and they are shooting for march of 2018 so hopefully in a year they'll be able to launch it now if you want to learn more about tests check out the video i made last year on it everything else is still accurate in the video except for the launch date well that is it for this week space fans this show is made possible by support from SF an patreon patrons without their help this doesn't happen so thank you all thanks to all of you for watching and as always keep [Music] write for me capstone project mobile application School of Drama.

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