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Excel capstone project 2 cheap

Excel capstone project 2 cheap write for me capstone week air force dhoom dhadakka movie review ´╗┐you look at the genealogy of American presidents it is utterly astonishing there are 260 million Americans this interview was done several years ago obviously there are 260 million Americans at the moment and if you add up all those who have called themselves Americans since 1776 it will run into hundreds and hundreds of millions well forty two of those hundreds of millions have actually become president in the United States and you would think on the law of averages alone that those forty two would have some tremendous genetic diversity but they don't according to Burke's peerage the Bible of Eros to Craddock and royal genealogy based in London every American election since and including George Washington and 72 1789 has been won by the candidate with the most european royal genes 33 of the 42 are genetically related to two people Charlemagne King the most famous monarch of wit of what we call France and Alfred the Great the King of England they're the two countries overwhelmingly France and Britain out of which these bloodlines came in Europe okay where to start with this it's ok first of all I haven't really done the research here but they're all 42 presidents were the ones in their race with the most genes tracing back to these European guys didn't didn't we ever have a rate a couple of races where two guys ran the same two guys ran against each other and a different guy won I'm not really positive but somewhere in the primaries at least perhaps in the primaries and I know it's occurred but well there's there's a number problems or the first is that he makes this claim that you would expect there to be broad diversity yeah and and I don't know that that's necessarily either because there are certain qualifications that are almost required for any candidate to be reasonably considered electable yeah and that automatically narrows the focus I I think I can sum it up pretty succinctly for the most part every President of the United States has been a rich white guy yeah and that isn't the most genetically diverse group in the world I mean not only not only because of the white part but also because you know as much as we might like to talk about the American Dream in general the easiest way to have a lot of money is to inherit it from your parents right and that tends to reduce the bloodlines I'm just talking generally I'm not saying that that there is no American dream but that tends to reduce the bloodlines of really rich guys and also as much as we like to talk about democracy we do have a kind of aristocratic class right of professional politicians and the sons and children of professional politicians naturally have much greater likelihood of entering politics themselves I mean just let's just look at Kennedy's look at Bush's and now look at Clinton's potentially and people tend to run in similar circles they have friends they do favors you know there there is a conspiracy in some regard I just don't know how you can get from first of all he's claimed that there should be diversity I don't buy it right and second of all even if we were to expect diversity the claim that the people who were most related to royalty are the ones who won yeah I was gonna mention that if you read Richard Dawkins book the ancestors tale he you know I'm not going to make as broad a claim because I got a bunch of odd stares in the studio before but I will say that according to Richard Dawkins people in general are a lot more interrelated than you would think so if you go take somebody like Charlemagne as an example Charlemagne was a king and Kings tend to have a lot of power and power attracts women Kings generally have a lot of dalliance 'iz and those you know so they have more children than most people so in other words the odds are pretty good that any one person somewhere along the line has some royalty in their blood yeah and and in going back also looking at you know American Society yes it's it's the land of plenty and opportunity and all this other stuff but there is the rich do get richer and the poor do get poorer in general so this an idea that we do have class structures and some people born more privileged or more likely informal yeah it's yeah it's nothing nothing structured and nothing you can't break through with with effort by the way speaking of the Reptoids being part of our ruling class there's an absolutely hilarious video online which have also linked from the atheist experience blog that shows George Bush in an interview like having red eyes and and slits for pupils and if you watch it and you're not assuming that and you're not assuming that he's a Reptoid person you might just think huh he's got red eyes just like when I do a bad job taking a photograph and the video quality is kind of is kind of not very good and as he moves around and shifts into different lights you know you get different perspective IDEO glitches but if you think that then you're probably part of the Reptoid conspiracy too because these people's theory is that George Bush I don't know doesn't realize he's on camera maybe so he's shape-shifting into a Reptoid right in front of the camera because he can't control himself and yet nobody else ever noticed it except during this thing that looks very much like a typical video glitch yeah I mean well I think there was editing done with regard to the pupils on this one I don't think there was like I think that a camera can do that because I just saw one recently with John Edwards in it and it's even more subtle but I mean if you look hard enough you can you could say yeah that looks like John Edwards has slits for eyes to well out they have to op take another look at it later but one of the things is that I guess I guess the claim is that as he gets older harder and harder for him to maintain his common form that doesn't explain John Edwards and it also doesn't explain why we don't find reptiles and old folks homes well the if they're in old folks homes then they don't have as much money so they're not part of the reptilian royalty or something that's it I mean pretty much that's a good point to make right there is that if you start out with the assumption that that this theory of yours is true then first of all any facts you come up with can appear to jive with with your theory and that's called confirmation bias you basically focus on the I on the things that do appear to support your theory and kind of gloss over or ignore things that don't appear to support your theory like for example the thousands of videos of George HW Bush not looking like a reptile the there there's a lot more of those but you can pretty much ignore them it's like they sit around saying if this were true what kind of things would we expect while these reptiles would want to make the earth warmer hey they're doing that there you go holy except according to David Hickey the earth is not getting warmer oh so know what he believes is that there's a conspiracy among liberals to destroy industry which actually is a fairly typical conspiracy theory that's not related that's not limited to reptile believing people okay one of the bits about the reptilian thing is yeah I don't know if you found this in your research but I did during the the painful day that I spent reading up on this they take photographs of people yes and run a standard Photoshop filter on the photographs and I think I think they're using find edges and something else and it produces this kind of weird looking photograph that they then interpret mm-hmm oh you can see you know here's these edges form something and this shows that this person is a reptile I thought that was a way of finding like demons in empty rooms or something like that I guess that's a mighty works for reptiles too of it duke dnp capstone projects SUNY College of Optometry.

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