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Excel 2019 capstone project ex 2 cheap

Excel 2019 capstone project ex 2 cheap capstone curriculum resources for money thank you letter to a principal after an interview ´╗┐yeah it was a great effort the beautiful thing about what we did today is we were balanced we spread the ball around the way we did both in the run game in and throw game you know Zach went down obviously we thought Hertz was gonna be ready to play and we didn't miss a beat you know we had Selleck and Trey step up make some big plays and that's just how were wired that's how were built next guy up and shooting in no line I mean hats off to them as that d-line that front seven I hear all about them and that's a great defense so our o-line really handled some business today and it was a good team win ya know we had it we had a pretty good idea how we want to utilize him and in the running game with some of our simple stuff and you know he I mean he's picked up on things pretty quickly he's a smart kid so there's a suite to get him and get him on that long run get him going early he's talented back so it's cool to be able to spread the ball to him to LeGarrette to Cory today when bail at the end you know I think just having those guys makes my life a lot easier hats off to him you know he came in with a he wanted to work attitude right away and that was great - great to see great communication he fits in well in the locker room and everything is well so like I said he's a smart kid so he's picked up on things pretty quickly and like I said huge to see him get that that big score yeah just his own read zone read play with that little tag - ouch on there so we knew - leaves a pretty aggressive corner so with that action you know I just knew I had to just get enough time to let al shot win and then he did the rest players sitting it seemed like you guys yeah I mean I think we felt really confident in our and our plan and then the looks that they were showing us you know we study the tape every week you know you dive into it and with some of the blitz pickups and everything today we felt really confident and it worked it worked out and yeah we just we had a great plan and we executed it well change that more dress I'll keep you guys yeah I think that's first of all just what makes us tough to defend because we can't spread it out and the best part about it is we have a ton of unselfish guys any week it's somebody different and no one really cares who it is you know as long as we're winning games and making plays we just have a bunch of unselfish guys and we do feel we can keep spreading the ball around spreading the love like that and making plays yeah I mean it feels good you know it feels good especially coming off a big win like this I'm at home you know against the great defense offensively to put up what we did today you know we obviously feel like we have some momentum and we're gonna enjoy this relax and kind of get away and then come back ready to go you know that you keep some off-balance you know just with with the nakeds that we do the spring outs the drop back the quick game we have a bunch of different running sets and everything as well we did some unbalance today we just mix it up so well and you know being able to mix it up well like that and like I already talked about spread the love the way we do I think it makes us really tough to defend going a bunch you know seeing Cory all through even training camp you know he's just a guy that wanted to work wanted to learn you know and he's just always ready whenever his number's called and today he made the most of them you made the most of them and he's a heck of a back heck of a player a heck of a teammate as well you know I just love seeing those backs celebrating when their other guy scores you know that's just the culture we have that's just the relationship they all have and it's pretty special to be a part of yeah I mean we first of all we studied it we had a pretty good idea how we wanted to call protections you know we did some some chips and some different things to kept the tight in a couple times did some different things and then they kind of got the ball out fairly quick as well so I thought we did a good job of that absolutely absolutely we're never gonna settle like I said we're gonna enjoy this this break that we have but we're gonna come back you know we got a good Dallas team to go up against next and yeah we're will never settle there's always things to learn from on the film personally you know there was definitely some plays went back there always is but I thought I thought we executed as an offense pretty well we stayed a pretty efficient we had a couple drives that would definitely would want back but you know overall I thought we were efficient able to spread the ball around pretty good Oh speed option yeah yeah that was part of the plan we practice that I'm a little bit in training camp but but not a lot and just this week we got some good reps at it and I worked out worse yeah yeah just the way they set their front and down in the low red zone the way they kind of called their defense we knew is just you know just read him make the right read and it's gonna be touching yeah you know at the end the day I don't touchdowns whatever I mean that's all great but being Aiden one is what it's all about you know I didn't really know what to expect with how stats all that stuff that doesn't really matter I will say I've always had high expectations for myself for this team so we're fortunate where we're at I'm just some formations and stuff I think formational II and personnel-wise just pregame you know we had to just kind of make some tweaks but nothing too major you know I think having Selleck having Trey those guys first of all they're smart so they could they know kind of everyone's position so that helps me was plug them in but not only they're smart they're talented so they were always they were ready to go they've always been they made some big plays today yeah they just they ran a linebacker out there to cover Trey on this land go and we knew we had a mismatch there from from from early on and traded the rest what's that just relaxing maybe a little hunting in you know hangout yeah well we'll be we excited to get back though I think it's a good time you know I think it's a good time just being in the middle of the season I think we're fortunate this year kind of where our by Falls just for mentally and physically to kind of just get away get refreshed and so we can come back and make our run okay fortunately unfortunately this being this far in the year obviously I've taken some some hits today there's really just the one but yeah I'm fortunately I feeling great a lot of times yeah a lot of times yeah I mean the relationship Doug and I have I just have a lot of confidence in the way he calls things and and we obviously we've talked about it before but him and I are meeting up quite a bit and just dropping ideas to each other so yeah I have a really good really good feeling of how he's gonna call the game and when he stays to it obviously like today good things happens yeah we did we built a relationship I mean we have the same age and I think that's been documented but you know last week when we played the Niners we had some crossover film and I shot him a couple texts and he's a great dude and I was playing well I'm not sure how they did today but yeah he's playing well so I'm happy for yeah I think we can just keep getting better I mean at the end of the day al Shan kind of every week you know the biggest thing with him is first of all he's unselfish second of all even when the the weeks he's not getting the ball I mean he's drawing the attention he's drawn the best corner he's drawn some cloud safety some different things so but yeah with without John with Jay now and just again the way we can spread the ball around I think that'll make us even more dynamic going forward thanks everybody write for me capstone military leadership program Empire State College.

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