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Examples of public health capstone projects order

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So, maybe we were blending the teaching in with the description of what's going on on the game. - [Bob] Fox picks it up. He got tripped, and he'll lose the puck, taken by the Kings, two-on-one! - [Jim] They could trust him. - They could close their eyes for a moment. They could leave the room for a moment. They could listen to his voice and understand, "Okay, I better get back in there!" Because something's happening. - [Bob] It goes right side over to McEwen to Fox, he scores! Jimmy Fox, what a man! - [Narrator] Miller's dedication and work ethic earned him the respect of fans and his colleagues. His presence in the booth brought stability to a game known for constant change. - There have been arena changes even a change in the network name itself, and some other changes, too. - You have to start with his voice. You have to have power. - [Bob] Taken away by the Kings. Here's Robitaille, up the middle to Robinson. Right side now to Elik. - [Jim] Bob did not have catchphrases, - [Bob] Fox over to Hardy, left point. Hardy to Larry Murphy, Murphy to Fox - because his call was so powerful and correct. - [Bob] To Murphy, shoot and score! Save, rebound, score! Larry Robinson. - What I wanted to do early on, and I was able to do most of the time, is beat the crowd by that split second when the goal goes in and you say, "He scores." Then you hear the roar of the crowd. - [Bob] Jimmy Carson, looking for his 50th, he shoots, he scores! There it is! - [Bob] I always thought if I could time that right, and be on top of that play, it was really satisfying to me. - If you're gonna excel at something, number one, you have to love it. And you have to wanna push it and be the best you can every night. And I think that's what Bob did night after night, which led him to a Hall of Fame broadcasting career for 44 years for the Los Angeles Kings. - [Announcer] For 44 years and over 3,000 broadcasts, he has always been, always will be the voice of the Kings. Ladies and gentlemen, Bob Miller. (applause) - [Narrator] For Bob Miller, the decision to retire came after a string of health problems, forced him to sit out multiple games. - After 44 years with the Kings, as of right now, 3,351 broadcasts, 57 years in radio and TV, I think it's time to retire and hopefully have some quality time left with my family. (applause) - [Narrator] He decided the final two games of the season would be the last of his career. - [Patrick] I was excited about working these final two games with Bob and now that he's here, mixed emotions, I don't want it to end but I'm gonna relish every single minute of it. - I had several weeks before those games, to get ready for them. And I would think about those a lot. You know, I haven't done a game in weeks, and now everybody's, "Oh, I'm gonna be watching, I'm gonna be watching." - For only the second time in 44 years, I'm the new guy tonight and it feels good to be back here and thank all of the announcers that fill- - [Man] Come on guys, stop that one time, sorry about that. - That was my Emmy performance. - You know, it puts a little more pressure on you knowing how many people are gonna watch these games, and what they expect from you. - I really am starting to change my mind now. (laughter) - Never too late! - [Narrator] Bob's career is built on making it about the fans and the team. But tonight, the spotlight landed squarely on him. - Well, it started back in 1973. Of course, it is now 2017, second-to-last game, Hall of Famer, Bob Miller. - Alright, Jim, thank you very much. Great to be back in the booth here tonight. - [Jim] Bob was worried. He was, "It still means something to Chicago" or, "It still means something to-" He just worried. We said, "Bob. No, no. Just tell your stories." - Any time a bell rang in the Great Western Forum, I'd say, "Don't forget, tickets to season tickets are available." It might've not even been in the press box. It might not have been Jack Kent Cooke, but I was conditioned. - [Jim] That's what we wanna hear. The game will will take it- It's if it's five nothing, two nothing, one nothing. Whatever, doesn't matter. So we had to kind of convince him of that. We had to kind of change his mind. We wanna hear from you, Bob. - [Bob] Tony Granato, he's the head coach of the University of Wisconsin. Now, I'll never forget I told him I said, I remember when you got traded to the Kings. You came into the locker room and said, "Bob, who is Wayne Douglas? I'm his roommate." And I said, "Well, that's a guy named Wayne Gretzky." He goes, "What?! I'm rooming with Wayne Gretzky?" (chuckles) - It was a lovefest for Bob, as it should've been. I don't think you could've scripted it any better. - [Bob] That was very nice. What a great, great day. We've even got Hawks fans standing. - Ah, that's okay! - That's fine with me. - [Bob] Kane, his pass up to middle taken away by Carter. Carter, back up to center ice. A minute to go in the third period. Quick goes to the bench. Kings with it and score by Dustin Brown! (Horn blares) - [Bob] And Dustin Brown ties the game with 55 seconds to go. - [Narrator] In overtime, the Kings gave Miller a sendoff worthy of his Hall of Fame career. - Toews checked there by Doughty, who got traded by the Kings, and here's Carter. Carter and Doughty, two-on-one. - I think Jimmy Fox said he watched me and I got taller and taller, coming out of my seat as they went down the ice. - Carter and Doughty, two-on-one. Carter, with Doughty. Carter, in deep to Doughty, he scores! Kings win in overtime! A two-on-one break and a great pass. And the Kings have won the game over Chicago, in a three-on-three overtime. - It's an ending that I think every announcer wants to have. - [Jim] When I went from playing, I said to myself, "I will never, ever connect with someone else, like I did with teammates. I did with Bob. - [Jim] I watched him prepare. I watched him take so much pride in what he did because he knew that the people watching, viewing, they wanted the best. - [Jim] I'm gonna try to be mentally strong today because I've heard the phrase over the last couple of days where they say, don't be sad that it's ending. Be happy that it took place. So that's what I'm gonna think about, but To Bob, 27 years for me. It has been an absolute blast. - Nothing is gonna be the same. I mean, that goes without saying, you don't work alongside and with someone for that long and you just can't move on. - This gentleman right here, 3,353 games, Bob, congratulations once again. - Oh, thank you very much. - I thought about, how do you sign off and thank everyone without sounding like you're reading names out of a telephone book? - I've enjoyed our broadcast. It has finally come to an end. And I just wanna thank all of you again, your viewers, and your listeners, for joining us all these years. For your passion for Kings hockey. - I mean, I love hockey. Played it, but I'm gonna miss sitting beside and hearing the best broadcaster ever. - The end is here for me, so the only thing I have to say is Goodnight, and goodbye. capstone construction sarasota order Barnard College.

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