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Examples of dnp capstone papers order

Examples of dnp capstone papers order write for me capstone village athens oh fileswap review of literature 180 only some who will get that that's okay and if you take 180 are you multiply by 2 you get 360 so it's time for the last 360 shootout so what we're going to do today well the almost 360 is a very interesting pen I've always loved it and I thought I would today I happen to have two lying around here and I thought thou being interesting shootout he almost 360 was launched in the late 1990s has been redesigned at some point into something I personally don't find a particularly good improvement of the model very subjective but here we have the original almost 360 Magnum I what I have here is one of the modern versions this is not the modern redesigned version that's a different pen that looks very different this is one of the modern relaunches now there have been all kinds of 360s the Magnum was a piston filler this is a piston filler but there was also a version that had a cartridge sort of an assembly that you could pull out with the cartridge and put it back in etc so you had all kinds of stuff you can get these as roller balls but of course these are the fountain pens and the reason I thought this chewed up would be interesting is that the Magnum it's called Magnum it's a large pen and almost all of the modern 360s that you buy if they are these that they call it often the vintage there was a turquoise one there was a red one there was the exclusive solitaire which had a which was orange hey orange demonstrator there have been a bunch of them but they are smaller so I thought that would be an interesting shootout okay first of all why do I like this model so much because I love it because it's brilliant I think it's absolutely great triangular cross-section and that works this works you think it's horrible I find it exceptionally comfortable it just fits your hand and it's perfect so I think that's very very nice you can get these they are relaunch once in a while of course now difficult because omars is gone but as I said there have been some real launches and you get a smaller 360 but you do get that triangular cross-section it's not actual triangle there's a word for it I always forget it sorry it's not a straight triangle it's a triangle with rounded off sides I think very comfy okay so what do we have here well the magnum is my pen I love this pen I really love it I love it so much when I sold it I make sure I got another one because I think the perfect good pen nice large let me quickly show you this little bit of detail where you have the the cap you have this interesting ski slope clip you have the Greek key Center band and you have a very nice triangular shape even in the section which makes for a very comfortable pen to hold nice barrel long barrel and piston filled and pen so that's the magnum okay the magnum nice large pen because especially when it's capped it's big I think it's something like 7 inches capped so I thought it could be 6 I forgot I think it's about 7 the smaller one really is a lot smaller it's it's a considerably smaller pen especially when you uncap them because there is quite a bit of dead space in these caps so when you hold these two next to each other you really see the difference okay so if you are to buy a modern relaunch you're very likely to get this size which is smaller I don't like it as much I still think it's a very very nice pen I prefer the Magnum the app smaller hands this is probably better for you also piston filler also gold nib think I think they're all gold nibs don't quote me on that and they have it so two different pens that I think are very fascinating because they're very very different I mean let's face it we have a lot of pens like this that are just round cigar shaped and separately this triangular stuff is really something else if you ever have a chance to try one out do so sadly Omar's gone so it's not that easy to find them but you can especially if you look online the magnum model shows up on eBay a lot shows up in a lot of pen shows so you should not have too much issues finding one and these as I said various finishes it was turquoise was a red there was all kind of stuff you can make them by just be wet your going to get a slightly smaller patent on the Magnum ores and that's it so I love them usually in shootouts I try to indicate which of the Pens I like best of course it's the same model just one is bigger than the other so I think I've made it clear I love the Magnum less I'm going to write with them show you how they work side by side in some of my shooters I've done a disassembly these pens are not that easy disassemble in principle the nibs and feeds are friction fit I think there was an Impala that's ever night that does snap so you have to be very careful if you try to attempt that and there are little holes you can sort of put a prong in and then you're supposed to unscrew the pen but of course you have to get one of those tools etc a piston unit I've never disassembled I think I've seen people do it but I haven't ventured into that so I'm going to skip that part I'm just going to see how it writes that's all as to it hope this was useful so far and I'm glad to see you later bye bye let's have a look let's start with my slightly least-favorite but still very nice the all maas360 I'm going to call this new old because it's not the new model but it's the remake of the vintage model I think all mass itself refers to it as vintage that's what they did with their relaunch the turquoise and red ones medium nib this was the I always get confused and there's an in drop right where I need it 18-karat nib smooth writer the ink is BRE brown by the way and I like it even though it's a little smaller than my ultimate Magnum I like the triangular profile I think it's very very nice okay yeah I definitely really like this one Rodya paper pretty wet so I like it line variation there actually is some doesn't know bless you in it if you like to do reverse writing as possible except that it's quite uncomfortable because then the triangle doesn't really work anymore and it rests on your middle finger so they have this that's one 360 and then you can also have this another 360 it has a different ink really yes because that's what I had to happen to have it end up with so you have to bear with me but also medium nib 360 with called packing Paladino Shizuku con becky so this is the magnum and I think this nib this horrible gene but I think this nib is just a bit nicer very nice rich flow without being an excessive gusher it's just perfect very very well tuned this name does not hard start I've had absolutely no issues with it every fountain pen nib occasionally skips and this does that too but it's very very consistent writer fast writing it just keeps going and going and going ever night feeds on both of them always nice and good flow can be heat set if absolutely necessary but of course this should come to you just working fine pretty wet as well and I think this one is a little bit more rigid than that modern nib even though this is also 18k but it's you see there's a little bit less line variation in this one I mean that's not an issue because I didn't buy this as a flex pad or anything right they have it the 360 one of my favorite models of all time I hope this this comparison has been useful as giving you some more insights in the model of why I like it so and why maybe you would want to check it out I think they're fantastic pants beautifully made wonderful clips it really really works so I hope this was useful a very kind thank you to appear on stiffed in Germany for lending me the 90th anniversary icon set that allows me not just to review it but also do a shootout like this which otherwise I wouldn't be able to do Magnum normal sized I love them both I hope this was useful and I'm glad to see you later bye bye write for me chemistry research topics for high school SUNY Farmingdale.

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