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Examples of capstone projects in business online

Examples of capstone projects in business online how the internet of things could transform the value chain for money orwells style of writing [Music] hello I'm Paul put her on the poor polluted channel on the method actor who plays Archie luxury Paul Pluto is the more serious side to the Archie luxury endeavor the enterprise fuckers and today I'm doing paid reviews remember like subscribe and tell your fuck head friends now remember I do YouTube full-time so I need some money to survive pay the bills bitches and pay for the bitches as well and I really depend on paid reviews it's 20 u.s. for a paid review you can send a little bit more and I'll try and give you a little bit extra I can have hourly consultations you got some dilemmas in your life 50 US dollars I'll talk to you for an hour I'll ring you I've got international credit it's not a problem there I've also got patreon patreon allows you to pay a little bit each month to keep me in the business fuckers okay here we go we're 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