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Example of a capstone proposal

Example of a capstone proposal capstone contractors nursing definition by american nurses association ´╗┐this is a Bridgeport series two serial number six three zero one alright still walk around on this thing explain a few items we'll run it for a while so we do it the power feed box for the quill right here which we will run in a minute it all works good got the four horsepower spindle motor up there wired in coming around the side here the Dro is plugged in to auxilary outlet this is what was running it before I got that off the side I've got my leads coming in so got documentation on the door here schematics which is nice to have so we're sit there with support and spindle starter and the drive board and one transformer currently wired I've got attempting at 220 right now so it's running a little voltage as it sits here so that's about it on that and kind of watch the wire here as you come through nothing much to show on this side we do have the trip dogs I didn't really set any of this up but it's the mechanical trip dogs for the x-axis and of course elevation is right here but the donuts are all the way up they're not currently being used but they're there in case you want to use them come around the side here you got the engagement for the for the table I've got it engaged so I can power feed it in fact right here we got the table a collation is pretty good on this one's not bad at all and come around the front here again we got the all the dogs are here we got dogs also for mechanical disconnect and if you watch the readout I could clear these guys out and clearer why there and then again I'm just on the table here move that a little bit L it works real nice so that's X of course which is table and stay there so that's all good moving up here to the head before we run it maybe quilt conditionally bring this down a little bit maybe wipe it off a little bit see how this all looks got the donuts down here pretty low there we go so there's some oil on here but this is all in my shake just get a good look around there maybe Dean and it's really clean only one mark from the locking pin and that's all from the bronze which is normal so I just yeah we all get here ya know dark spot and wave dad off so the rest of its all good and for that matter while we're on it I you see if that comes out of there you take it up and show we've got one tool holder here with a little Chuck and that's all this shouldn't pop out of there see me a pop this out real quick yeah not in there real tight so here we go it's out now good there we go so that's a death same thing this should both be the same yeah they are so you just come up on these notches here I'll put the same one back in yeah and that's it that works nice we're good there quills up feed we can do we can run in a minute but first we're going to show the rest of the ways here's the the y-axis let me run this forward a little bit plate it ways these are in real nice condition it's not a mark on Andreas like this off a little bit so maybe you see those okay and then I'll pull the table back to you know we can take a look at the vertical back there on the column I think there's enough lighting take a look see if you get it on those I put the table out of the way a little bit here yeah it's not too bad I didn't wipe them off but they're they're pretty clean anyhow and actually while you're in there you can see the backside of the y-axis ways to there get the oil on there but it's clean all the way through yeah there you go now that I got it all the way forward and I'll move the table while you're standing there maybe you can get down I'll shine the light on the table ways to dovetail down there let me kick it over there a little bit as about there maybe I could wipe it off a little but I got a flash stay here maybe you can see a little bit of this I wipe it off some hang out a second there we go just kind of start here on the end here I don't kind of see that yeah just move along maybe get up a little bit more towards the center of the table it's not too bad it's all the way through we see the scrape marks and all the way in now right up to the way up to the apron so it's a nice shape so let's run it see how it sounds just the power feed bring up the spindle a little bit and check the controls over there a little bit clear this is good disengage disengaged we'll start up the spindle straightaway run the low end down here around 900 so I'm in the high range we'll jump right to the spindle here 1,200 [Music] bring it down slowly not to kill there we go and I switch over to wall the same time same part of the range lost be flipped my rotation over leaving here go back in hide and bring it down and switchover [Music] well hey I'm not sure the streets lined up right it seems like a little bit on the high side but I should be a long man right there what's with the fire and floor but it's pretty close [Music] without that being on we spend alone here you go into the feed box people we got going that way by the way motivator parking [Music] and going to I mean me already some s will go right into me this pot works or knee and table which everyone we're switching over Sony we in the relay and need I don't you see this one turn now yep there we go that's moving up a little bit that's loud killing it we went along wrap it one time back then almost down yeah [Music] how much I got to go down there now we'll switch over to table might walk itself the same pot here yelling motor running so bring that down here to get your table go right saw moving change the pot a little bit slow it down rapid I think this one did you both like yep so this there's table and cost b2y apps at the same time they both speed up and slow down tabletop come back the other way with why nice TV here we go it's going nice and slow yeah yeah crank it up a little bit one more time we'll come back the other is this black coffee yeah hey Chuck and go back the other way at the table see how they've been going here so yeah that the power food looks nice well that's look now it was close feed so we'll shut this guy off let's go back into disengage disengage and we covered the ways the tables all pretty good you get a close-up Abed I have one or two little Mark's not much it's not a dead shape at all here so kind of show the table again the dogs are all on there I'm still running let me shut the power feed off up here if you pull back and and what we're going to do we're going to play with quilt will here we'll put it like midstream and off let's power on see we're at maybe 20% and let's go down which is the normal way to go here and and right about there all right and if you kind of watch off to the side I'm gonna bring the clutch in and then I have to reach this guy here it's all running it's going in that direction all I've to do is bring the clutch in and if you want to come around and kind of see the hand a little and you can't see the quarrel moving these things move really slow but I will speed it up though there's 50 percent 60 seventy-five [Music] flying right along if I leave it on I just took the clutch off the stuff spewing that's sprung back a little bit back on the clutch let's slow it down 50 let's go the other way touch off power still line direction off direction up for a sake of just trying it and nobody able to use it up feet look what the hell and there we go speed it up a little bit 70% first good [Music] the lockers off I ain't even check the cool rock I'm sure it's okay we'll stop this power off off it's good stuff off and quill down get over here and yeah that's pretty good so that's all nice I said we covered the digital table and one more time in the spindle sounds pretty good we'll dial it up high speeds [Music] so I don't spin these things off I forgot to check I'm really hot we're okay okay that's it that's about it here good to go you you capstone logistics kansas city ks address order Milano The New School for Management and Urban Policy.

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