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Evaluation capstone melbourne university

Evaluation capstone melbourne university do my capstone annual report 2014 cover sheet template for reports ´╗┐hey buddy I'm Tom McManus me DIY calm in this video I'm going to show you how to replace a annoyed rod that's in your hot water heater now over here we have a gas hot water heater and here is an electric one I mean generally you can tell cuz one's got a gas line going - you only got an electric one annual ride just so you know is what it looks like this is what they call a flexible one I mean it's not really flexible but you can bend it at these points here which one coming out because it can come right out of the heater and if you don't have enough room to put it in because your ceiling you can kind of give it a little bend and you know help it in anyway what they're made out of is a soft metal in this case this is aluminum why do you have any hot water heater easy because the acids in the water SEP your if your water is high anaesthetics or something to that effect I'm not a water guy can't tell you I can tell you what it does it eat the aluminum rod the minute you put the new one in and start using it and it takes you know quite a few years for it to start going eat in a way but if it doesn't eat the rod it's going to eat everything else in your plumbing of your house your faucets the rest of the hot water heater arm you know really not good so you definitely want to replace these if you're if you are experiencing grit like a sand maybe or little grits in your in your water I'm obviously the hot water side well you might want to just replace one of these I bought this one this was I think 17 dollars I mean 17 dollars a little teflon tape and a lot of elbow grease and ten minutes it's done first thing you want to do if it's a gas hot water heater turn it on turn it off turn it on vacation really lower down electric hot water heater in this case you have a switch on the wall so we just flip the switch off on every hot water heater you have a little pet you can drain the water out of it you don't got to drain all the play-doh a couple gallons and definitely turn the hot water on release the pressure obviously first in this case we have a valve way up here which is going to turn a cold water supply off to both heaters in this case in this case the two heaters so you don't have any more cold water going in and just take a couple gals out of run a hose like we did out the backyard if you can it's not a bucket or make a mess you or you don't want that water to I especially with the pressure okay now pull one of these out is not that easy it's easy but it's not that easy I mean you need some good strong arms alright check it out come over here take a look on your hot water heater and it's okay in this case it's electric hot water heater you have you one of them is either have a plug like this you know you pull the plug out look around in this case ours right up on top here and you can see so we're going to use an ancient 1/16 and that's the size you're going to be looking for into 1/16 don't try to use anything else because I ain't gonna work and they're bringing it really tight now I already crack this one loose before so it's it's pant it's hand loose right now normally you use a breaker bar and we're not talking some little thing you work with on your momma or some work we're talking some a man's tool okay and like I said I already broke this one loose this one wasn't that bad on the electric electric heater but it was definitely tight when you start loosing these up and so tight that the heat is going to want to you know spin out of control you gotta watch it cuz all your plumbing gas lines and all that you end up break them so you want to get somebody else so bear hug this and turn in the opposite direction that you are and take it out okay already loosen this one up but so check this out let's see what this thing looks like it's coming up check it out ah you go look at that puppy is that corroded or what ah stink like - this thing is faultless smell the grid on my hands just by touching it it's like sand right it's not saying that's crap on that real crap alright check that out look at that like how corroded that is and yeah compared to the new one okay smelly a rod - nice but throw that one out - a nice clean one of course let's take the label off of it okay we don't want to find that label when we're taking a nice hot shower some day the threads these three-quarter threads we're gonna put some teflon tape on it and basically just put the new one back in how do you put teflon tape on oh that's just probably a separate video but we're going to show you on this one anyway real simple grab your towel on tape now you know that little saying lefty loosey righty tighty or some crazy like that okay so in this case we're going on clockwise so the right way okay so this member clockwise well we're going to go the same way with the teflon tape boom boom boom okay so here's our teflon tape go on spin it around grab the end of it there you're just going to put a couple of layers on pull tight like that like that so now when we go on and we start going in the threads are not going to turn that's not going to catch our teflon tape and go to the other way so you wanna make sure you spit it on right okay check it up all right this is a flexible one I got to think a little bit to help clear our ceiling right back in a hole I think clean doesn't smell okay now this is what it won't be careful put it on you want to crave these threads by hand want to make sure they catch nicely I remember you have a long ass rod hanging on it so it's going to want to move it this and it's moving in water it's not like just putting a bolt on it's not all that easy so you just think it has any look at them I mean it like that we don't want to do that so there's my make sure that grabs nice and it grabs the threads once regret the threads and then we're going to finished writing it with our man tool and you're not going to tighten it as tight as it was coming out because that is the being sane you want to tighten it down so let me go touch thee strength then that catch it you well take a little while feel tightening up so go more hmm nothing a crazy amount of muscle in it but I ain't feeling it getting tighter tight like it still move it still want to do no more number does it start leaking on if you don't like that a little bit more okay in done look at that so now all that's off there actually I close and remove my hose off this one so basically all I have to do now just turn the water on let it fill up heat up from our switch on and we're good now we're not going to have any more rip for at least for a while now in our hot water side and hopefully our water but we're stinking pretty bad I'm also like like a raw an egg odor and obviously if you look at that that's smooth nasty anyway that's how you replace these annoyed you do have one no matter what you think are gas hot water heater here which is a direct vent I actually had to remove this whole thing on top of the hot water heater it's actually fine cuz it was under it so you do have one so don't email me tell me I don't have one you do just got to look for it I keep you on the catch whatever remove a little other spray foam insulation remove some that you're going to find it well is it worth replacing on your hot water heater how old is your hot water heater I mean normally it's for the life of the hot-water heater but if you have high acid in your water that stuff's going to eat it away well obviously you know replace that before the whole heater it's a hell of a lot easier cheaper and the whole bit anyway hope you learn something I did stinks I'm Dominic from SME DIY comm thanks for watching you navy capstone concept order Sisters of Charity of New York.

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