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Erau capstone project ideas online

Erau capstone project ideas online excel volume 1 grader project capstone assessment ch 1 4 need someone to write my dissertation on management for 10 ´╗┐welcome to another Aussie ninja video guys this time I thought would do something a little bit different so me might know that stalkers be on forums and face-to-face that I've been trying to get into the aircraft side of modeling and obviously never found plumb before so I thought I'd give the Aussie sims ago bought quite cheaply that's where it just before Christmas and off a bit a reality craft 6 channel ppm transmitter I mean you've probably all seen these they go for around 20 to 25 pound mark not bad quality little bit light weight for me I'm quite like heavier controls look nicely that looks exactly the same and feels exactly the same as a transmitter just that you've got a cable on and and it's been pretty good so far so instead of using the actual program that comes with it which I thought I'd go through some of the cheaper flight Sims that are online me you can coffee a real flight program which is really megabox really this round the hundred power mark couple other flight Sims out there which I'm not knocking the absolutely brilliant quality the detail items perfect the you couldn't really get any better you're paying for the quality but just for a quick really get into it and see if you like it we are spending that kind of money so I'd look around the internet and find some cheaper Sims so here we have our sea desk pilot nice little program it's not heavy on resources you can run it on virtually anything I mean I'm just using the laptop I'm not usually make computer and this is me and I it's a fairly new laptop it's by five processors and things like that but running on Windows 7 like see very little resources most pcs come around this about it aren't running on the older PC and to be honest me forms more powerful than that so if it can run on that it'll run and virtually anything so let's get into it look you see basic menu there aircraft senior air flight controls that flight condition so it controls graphics sound Simmons and obviously exits in boss I've got a website that you can go on to and I'll see if it looks neat can find some t-shirts there to show off thought you've been doing so we'll get into the aircraft yeah we have trade names see this little bit of information on each aircraft there's not many aircraft on it to be honest but what they've got on he is gonna get you in some juice W your controller and your transmitter now I've got the depron p-51 Mustang and the extra three day obviously you'll see the extra which I would say is NAS Twitter as a 3d so I don't think you're gonna be able to practice true 3d maneuvering on this I mean I'd like to be proven wrong I can't do it but like so I'm on and just learning so he's no no way I'm gonna bet still 3d just yet that's gonna take it quite a few years to do yeah we've got the electric glider nope the peel glider the f2 c SF - 16 micro mostly the bigger version of the f SF till 60 you trying to say yes now we've got the slope surah which as you can see very basic and just for you rough rotary guys we've got the coaxial target and the normal tiger so even you wrote regret guys have got something to play away on this and back see I'm still a so for me to go onto the ice it could be quite a comical video which I probably hotel at some point cuz it quite but I just see me trying to control that is ridiculous so scenery you can say like scenery options but there's honor to seen her option means asean well that you've gotta have got a topical for your gliders and then default for everything else flight conditions no turn that also you can see a bit better so you even got options to fly some rise late morning up turn afternoon sunset or night flight and we'll leave a sunny afternoon no I don't make it to art for myself you've got downdrafts thermals thermal size turbulence real anything you can change everything that you want you've got a preset menu just in case you just want to quickly get on to something where it controls the salsa you're gonna be setting your controller up so you can have a full eight channels on this as you can see I'm just using the six channel that of my ppm controller and you can set them up really how you want graphics let's go see again how come on high and it runs it no problem you can even have on 3d for selfish sound it's self-explanatory sim options now this is an interesting part the simple fact that you can have two AI pilots as well so you've got something that you can interact with and you've got challenges one of which is pilot racing at pylon racing a soda and scarecrow now you probably wonder what scarecrow is and it's just literally you're scaring crows out in the field that's it but it can be quite fun and if you daring this something like this for your kids that's brilliant because the little play that all day is good it's just chasing birds around just running them out in cold fields so let's get onto the sim itself see pretty basic yep you do have the option zoom into Vauxhall zone change view which not come to kill tell you yeah also value object smoke and also reset when you get really to true so let's attempt take it up I have to assume an anomaly I'm not the best shut up switch up you say for the Tollison constantly buzzing around recessionary Crusaders dough salat Allah said o Simon stove or something so you know led to this don't play it's not that the idea while you carry I would imagine you getting some sort of muscle memory fingers knowing where it was all in control no not sensitive you've got to be there and more importantly no electron arrived from language it's all right when you're in 2d we surface our safe no you're wearing your eyes cozies you just reverse it when it's on the ground but when it's in the air you've got all down as well so it needs that caught me out a little bit when I first started I feel crushes that is young I'm not completing you and keep it in here just without London so they're using examine very own I'd rather the ground something like that the pounder no no bad London could be bad I suppose but I said I'm a new I admit to be the new if I could London real are see like that at the quiet proud least I'd get it back in one piece I'll bring it with the clothes shove it actual detail and it is not part of the details for low results game really I'll call them why do I call it it has to quite well detailed so we'll go back into the menu and we'll select another aircraft I sure shut up butter not so sure I get the plane in to be precise and quite responsive with me I would imagine if y'all good a three-day probably get them all start miss if you were wanting to practice on quit rainy afternoon nobody goes don't learn and still learn but I suppose all of us second obstacle easy for anybody to topical trailer monkey allene our allies the most alike proper crash it modern I've landed it but it's killing me now always on the runway but at least I managed to get on the ground without demolishing it and that the other problem of Israel because he has such a low stall speed quite hard to get out now for at least her mates are out to be nothing overdone it in it oh well I see you managed it hung videos well probably that one there is burger when the gliders permit roxanna prices simple program our seed s pilot but a big talk to given a lot there is the program that comes to the controller is a good program it's ours and this is control Oh charlie with the clothes but the pilots to get to control it so it's all about super over the 10th power Ellen imagine the hands of mine it's a bit hard decently complain because nice a bit paavo this is Randall being after you dense pilot I've been RC ninja thanks for watching like the video please hit the like and share it with other modelers we have no radio sir please it is subscribe thanks for watching catch you later what is capstone journey for money Columbia Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.

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