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Enterprise risk management wiley order

Enterprise risk management wiley order write for me zenith one barrel carbs cadogan group annual report ´╗┐yes it was Chris well beginning this morning a sixth District police officer will patrol all elementary schools in the area the added security comes after recent gun battles at lafon Elementary over the past six weeks the gunfire has moved from the streets and the school before teachers and students actually arrived there investigative reporter Richard Jellicle has the story is now near 60 okay let's get to the news quickly here time has run out for living here this morning United Nations sanctions are now taking effect they took place at 1:00 o'clock this morning you will be inside one little microphone I want some work so what time is run out for Libya's we're saying no sales many military equipment back country parish president Luke Petrovich can veto that council plan he says he will make a decision within the next couple of days what budget problems are also facing governor Edwin Edwards for the rest of the state elegant lunch right now my goodness gracious on Thursday keep the state from going broke Jared tell you what happened one day so what should we do should we well I'll tell you can you come over and get get the dog watch yourself no we have no place to go except to sit here without dog and be nice the program very marine there is a special program today this weekend Friday and Saturday will be taking pictures of people's pets at winn-dixie stores and the trade ministers will be making photo buttons for a $5 donation to the Louisiana SP see a as is national security for parents relying for parents relying on the state to keep their keep tabs on good and bad dates their facilities there could be in for a rude awakening that is the subject of today's health brief now local drug kingpin Vernon McKay was sentenced to 15 years and eight months before you take this definitely go local drug kingpin Vernon McKay as Terry just said was sentenced to 15 years and eight months in federal prison today can you get a feeling there by Jim thinks his candidacy as Pat Bowlen alluded to the Denville is it dead or do you feel like he may have those 19 votes okay buddy obviously we have a little audio problem there we can hear you buddy I'm sorry all right buddy we'll be back with us folks at 6 o'clock as you just heard him say our own Jim Fink's is being interviewed right now problems I thought of me thank you we've got a big problem on our hands and hope you're able to handle that for us thanks for joining us of net recovery right now what's happening here is on our coverage story today that the Huey P long bridge is taking a great deal of traffic away the new G&O bridge that has taken a great deal of traffic away from the Huey P long bridge and that is good news to a lot of West Bank merchants that's right those that have been located close to the GNO are hoping the traffic and weather on 6:00 News weekend at 10:00 that is our report for now for Steve Ellis and Vince marinello I'm Gary Mattingly we leave you now with some more scenes of memorial services at Chalmette battlefield we'll see you tonight at 10 o'clock and the French Tennis Open in Paris tough battle under a lock on the only Frenchman left in the tournament well Hudson I love him seated in the upset Beckett today in five sets six seven six three six one to race on a day like this one you've got to love it and boats did enough to start the second annual Mississippi River race this morning in front of the Riverwalk the 1039 mile trek to st. Louis with a stop in Memphis began at 7:30 a.m. rain likely for this evening 77 - for the overnight low by morning 77 of course scattered showers and thunderstorms and East southeasterly flow and that's an old picture trying to forget that well a piece of art here looks like somebody threw some paint out there but what we're talking about is a 60% chance of rain in the afternoon for tomorrow and of course some of that could be having that's the thing to watch out for we're looking for a high at this point of 85 get off that picture please it looks terrible Oh Steve you got to get back to the C 85 degrees for the high for tomorrow and still a 60% chance of rain two-shot compositing fiducia questions are being raised about a possible conflict of interest in the proposed buyout of Nazi and if you try to do battle with a vending machine you could lose your life as we told you that mail hams over at Canal Place where they're getting set to light that big Christmas tree and damn this has got to be perfect weather at least for a Christmas type of feeling with the cool weather that moved in but I understand you got a tropical depression out there now right damn is that they've got a lot of activities going on right there I'm told that Dan is not quite ready for us just yet however we will go to him in just a second in the meantime I do have a couple of closings to tell you about they might affect you the Harvey Canal tunnel will be closed to traffic between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. tomorrow because a movie is being filmed in that tunnel so avoid the Harvey tunnel between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. tomorrow and Nichols high school also be closed tomorrow due to some electrical problem so Nichols high school closed tomorrow electrical problems now let's see if we can go back over to Dan at the canal place and Dan is everything all set now hopefully not have any whoa you came in real close hope they're not having you trouble with the Christmas lights other not have any trouble with the Christmas lights but maybe the Christmas audio huh little holiday mess-up will be back and they used to think it was a permanent thing with you on your life and now it's apparently reversible good news medical experts do indeed say they are embarking on a new era in the treatment of a widespread sometimes fatal form of hepatitis what does all this enthusiasm about silverfish have already turned up dead following today's oil spill in the pristine Atchafalaya Basin now the top housing official from Washington gets a first-hand look at the drug like the drug up again after death fit stamping in the city's housing project I'm Terry wood now get that word right yet I'm Stephanie King 6 News midday is next as a six evening news at an unofficial state of emergency in the region a new medical study indicates that tens of thousands of women I'm over 65 and Dave Brannon insurance help we were saying that a medical study indicates that tens of thousands of women have been mislabeled as neurotic when in fact they are suffering from a kind of disease now live from Spanish class a minute the excitement building over there I asked my mother not many people are wearing their masks this year it is a lundi Gras tradition and it's a tradition that was revived about four years ago it was a tradition that started back in 1874 there may be trouble in Alaska I get a rod sled dog race searchers on snowmobiles are trying to find a dog team that a moose may have attacked to bush pilots have reported seeing a moose stomping dogs along the racecourse attacked by attacks by hungry moose have plagued racers for the past several years it's a big problem the animals which can weigh up to 1,800 pounds have become aggressive because deep snow has made it harder to currents I have to read this stuff and here's another one a New York man was charged with petty petty larceny yesterday he was just stealing up to $200 worth of cow manure from his uncle can we go on this woman York was caught stealing a $10 load of manure from his uncle's farm Glen McGowan claimed his nephew stole 10 to 20 loads over time it was using it for we don't know either and I wish we didn't have to read this stuff the voters in Harrison and Jackson could bring the controversial dockside gambling proposal back next year keeping the point of New Orleans afloat is at issue tonight research paper on haptic technology Paul Smith's College, Paul Smiths.

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