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Enterprise risk management university of cincinnati

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Richard Marcus how do you think day 1 of being a married woman went well I must say it doesn't feel terribly different but I am loads happier and there's plenty more where that came from baby well if you Richard I don't deny it oh look a shooting star what should we wish for no no uh Nancy I don't think I've ever seen a shooting star changes course before why it it looks like a flying saucer hey get down come on let's go follow it are you sure it's safe of course not but you didn't say I do too safe it's gone it went through that thing why it looks like some kind of portal well come on now there's only one way to find out what it does three two one huh nothing well there you have it maybe we're just seeing things what do you say we go home rich I think that's the best idea you've had all night Nancy did you leave the radio on no of course not then who must be the part of the fire very little possibility of a direct hit but you'll never remember when I said day one didn't feel any difference I think I'd like to change my answer because we're mammoth time before the human form my drones into our dimension so now I saw God can't believe you aren't even a little bit concerned about what we saw that's because I don't know what we saw and I'm not so sure we even saw it we both saw Richard hallucinations don't come in pairs I think I've got to call my uncle George he'll know what to do Nancy do you really think we should bother the Secretary of Defense with our alien robot nonsense hello George uncle George so good to hear you you too sweetie I was just heading out to a meeting so what can I do for you well that's precisely the problem I I don't know what any of us can do you see last night Richard and I we stumbled across this doorway alien robots Nancy we've sent countless pros in outer space and never found any sign of but they're not in outer space they're here on earth well it is earth and it isn't earth it it's also come I'm gonna stop I have to go but I'll give you an eight dr. 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Richard Marcus will never have to cross again and while they still live in on the general populace will be ignorant so long Dimension X Y and the terrifying Gong Gong bangs closed capstone turbine 2019 Concordia College, Bronxville.

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