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Enterprise risk management university of california order

Enterprise risk management university of california order do my capstone vietnam fairs essay example writing ´╗┐it's the seal tempers Ford series coming to you today from the great bait lumberjack show our Branson Missouri the lumberjack should be trying extra hard today to maintain their spot of the top 12 sub to break into the finals right there some familiar names on the bubble and Gaston to break hearts and Bosworth and Regan Albertson all good Sawyer's and that could make the difference today first heat of the standing block shop on the left here is Kerry head from Queensland Australia from Mill Run ta Harry burns worth on the right Terry heads a truck driver Tommy a lot of guys say man how do you keep fit he driving a truck all day but he's a very good man at training he knows that he's got to do it every one of these guys has to they're true athletes you can't come to the show and just rely on natural ability anymore you got to put the work in at home home work so to speak the kids at home know all about that a lot of them hate it these guys love it because they know without it they're not gonna do good at the shows Kerry head normally the one of the fist underhand cutters in the world what has he improved understanding since he's come here got used to the soft pudding that's a good cup there Gary head taking the heat unofficially 16.1 8 not super competitive compared to the last standing walk event we had here at this venue Kerry heads time 16 point 1 3 5 Harry burns worth nineteen point nine seven well below the performance of a last outing for these two guys yeah Kerry's Tong would have been dead the last last they were here but maybe it's a change in the wood maybe up for a couple of days of competition you getting a little tired too and of course that could have picked every one of the guys depends on what the conditioning is as I said before Kerry does work very hard to keep himself fit as all the others do we got a great matchup yellow in the purple shirt there that's Matt Bush from Croghan New York in upstate New York going against Jack Brown John Jack from Williams Lake British Columbia two very strong men met has head David bolstered the big champ from New Zealand staying with him and really helping him out with his spanning boy a big slab of the log comes flying off they when he put his up nits in before he done it's a good-looking piece of wood but boy I miss it there could cost him gonna be awful tight for the drive oh he ranged it right ha 1767 for the winner of that heat Matt Bush the times are running slower today in Maine in the standing block either they get entitle the woods a little firm about it seems to be pretty even the cons pretty consistent well Matt Bush the winner of that heat official time seventeen point four for Jack ground John 1871 Kerry have still a leader at 16 point 13 something of interest said Tommy met Bush when he opened up the back of the log his second down hit was very poor scooping down I thought it was gonna wood himself when it came to driving he actually did his near hitting his fire hit that popped the log but he wrenched with the exit air the head of the block off not a bad time load well we'll see if the times get faster here that's Dale Ryan from Kitumba New South Wales Australia landscape engineer and architect going up against Melvin Lintz the American legend American legend I call him the comeback kid he's the winningest competitor in lumberjack sports from North America and he's got a great seven hit front in this block they'll whine again the patented wonder we go mill and it's good effort by Mel he likes that fourteen point seven eight unofficially will take over the lead fourteen point six eight the official time for Mel Lynch yeah that takes over the lead Dale Ryan right behind in second 15:52 heck of a comeback that's a correct couple he came off so cleanly he kept the block exactly how he wanted to and that's a sign of a great xmin and when he came off he knew he had a great victory he looked at the unofficial clock pumped his fist in the heiress's that's one for the North Americans different sports series is brought to you by steel the number one selling brand of chainsaws worldwide next IDI onlay the guy that wowed him last time we had a standing block event here in Maine 13-point zebra who won an excellent cut last time out he'll be going up against Arden coger junior I talked to him about that bluff that he had that excellent cut and he said it was just a piece of pumpkin he said you could have cut it with a butter knife I took his belt this log he's gonna cut not too sure about this one but he's a sort of guy that he's learning very quickly since he's been here he's got to keep his mindset correct you cannot go into this event thinking you're gonna be behind already because your block might be had you have to approach it with positive attitude and do the job when the gun fires and that's just what's about to happen wouldn't Arden kogure like to knock back D huh hey just just a notch or two this time around any one of these guys would like to knock back Dion but it's gonna take a fantastic cut to do it Adams a little untidy on his first close there Dion got around very quickly but it's a title log I'm very good at the drive and they're going for it Oh Leon just ahead of our decoder junior unofficially about 16 seconds the on Lane official time fifteen point eight eight art and poker junior sixteen point two eight melons steel your leader in the standing block competition here fourteen point six eight is the time to beat for these two gentlemen who are coming up next David Jewett of Pittsburgh New York and David bowl step from Tamra nuit new zealand's David you and have a chance of hanging with mister Bolstad here you know I think he does convulsive didn't qualify as well as he normally does and his touch wasn't real clean so yeah he's he's liable to make a mistake just like anyone else if he doesn't have his hit in the game that could happen Dave do it I talked about it before he's gone from one technique that was kind of working everyone tried to tell him he was never gonna be a good excellent if he stayed doing it so he changed his performance went downhill he said I've gone back to what I did be cool with a few requirements as manit's working as you can tell because he is a second quickest qualifier in a great field of competitors but it's a firm law he's got there Tom and bowls is well ahead already but he doesn't have much time left if he's gonna pulses Wow easily taking David Jewett their unofficial time thirteen point six seven he's gonna be your winner in the standing block we'll just wait for that official time an official time thirteen point five one for David Bolstad now that's the guy that these fellows fear out here that's the David bull stat that showed up for the standing block you've been this guy puts his mind to it he does the job that he has to do a great cut there let's visit our champion down on the floor David bowls of 1351 a great time but it had melvin lenses to hunter chase was that on your mind not really i kept very poorly yesterday and I think the reason being is that that I didn't chop my block to the best of my ability I were worried about what everybody else done today I just wanted to cut my block as good as I could and you certainly did that a great time you've got a good foothold now going for the finals how do you feel about that likes that matters for the finals you know like everybody knows how each other can cut and this wood from West Virginia is that uneven this year but I think it that it just depends on how you draw and and how you feel in the day you know all right well great cat a win in the standing block another win to the underhand second place of the springboard is closed as you could get David will stand as your car heart chomping champion near it may onenote 2018 paper size for money College of New Rochelle (School of New Resources).

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