Enterprise Risk Management Under Companies Act 2013
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Enterprise risk management under companies act 2013

Enterprise risk management under companies act 2013 do my walden doctoral capstone resources ms access report to excel format ´╗┐greetings internet nerds TAC nerd 1.0 here and more tactical goodies as promised on the channel this is something special but waiting for this for a while as you can see this is from Rock Island armory now I had if you've been following my channel and you should if you've been following it for a while you'll know a long long long time ago in fact I think a couple name changes ago I had a Rock Island armory just a you know just a regular 1911 and I like the I like the gun well ended up trading it in with something else and got my Remington but this is something new that Rock Island is doing and they have really been stepping up their quality in the last few years I have to say even since I bought my own so this is this is a 1911 and it's in their new calendar or their new caliper sorry 22 TCM and you can see there's the fired shells right there so you can see see what they are there's the inspection certificate and I'm assuming this is for site adjustment I don't know what that's for I'm not sure maybe that's just the front sight I'm not really sure this like a DVD maybe I guess I don't know now we did to open this in the store to look at it so but what else do you get let's see you get some facts on the 22 TCM little warranty information and you get owner's manual and still pretty pretty simplistic owner's manual but you know it's not you know this is still Rock Island armory but like I said they have been making some amazing strides and their quality just is top-notch for the price I mean they're calling these top-notch for more than the price so anyways 22 TCM is it's a new cartridge they own it they made it it's an people keep calling it a neck down to nine millimeter that is really not correct it's more of just a it's more of a 2 to 3 short I would say it's and they're guaranteeing over 2,000 feet per second out of a pistol and that is just superb just amazing the really cool thing about these is that when you buy them you're not just limited to that caliber because I'm telling you if they sold this just as it would this caliber these wouldn't be selling that well it's very hard to get people to commit to a new caliber you know to have a to have a really nice gun in the $700 price point and then you couldn't you can only shoot one caliber with it that maybe you can't find a lot of people are not going to go that way so what they have been doing is adding in a nine millimeter barrel along with it so you can shoot this with nine millimeter which of course you can find it anywhere and all you have to do is change the barrel and the spring and that's it and that's very simple to do with with a 1911 so I mean you can do that in the field so so you get the barrel you get the nine millimeter barrel you get the spring they only give you one mag which kind of sucks it is a ten round mag though so that's nice then of course there is the gun I'm telling you right now this is the full size this is a heavy sucker you would not want to carry this I mean you could but you would not want to it is a heavy gun and they call this their 2011 okay and they came out I think they first came out with these in 2011 and there may be a couple other people making 2011's I'm not exactly sure what they consider a 2011 it really it's just a it's a 1911 but you can see what they what Rock Island does they have off they have full Picatinny rail down here at the bottom and that does make it front heavy but it also keeps keeps it down and keeps it on target so you know it improves accuracy the other some of the other interesting things is there including BZ grips these are genuine g10 VZ grips on their guns and these are absolutely beautiful the trigger is amazing skeletonized hammer front and rear serrations it's got adjustable rear target fully adjustable rear target I believe fiber-optic front sight right there you've got I guess there is no pattern there I thought there was there's some patterning here you've got magwell installed here you've got stippling here it's just it's skeletonized hammer it's amazing it's just an amazing weapon so and the trigger like all 1911 is just depend us so it's right there just just breaks like glass and it and it is adjustable as well so I guess that's what the allen key is it was for also so anyways and it looks like it's also got the extended beaver tail as well so beautiful weapon oh and one other thing I forgot full-sized guide and beveled crown which is just amazing I mean you just don't see that kind of stuff on you know regular production love with 1911's my my remington doesn't have a beveled crown so you know amazing stuff here and as I said 10 round man goes in great I've got a little bit left that hangs out there but that's it doesn't really give you a problem the VZ grips really give you a lot of control even with a gloved hand you're not gonna have any problem and I will tell you something now this is currently configured for the 22 TCM the slide on this is so smooth and so so nice really really happy about this purchase if you haven't seen anything else about 22 TCM you know go ahead and look it up I did get two boxes of a ham oh and right now this is the only kind that they have and this is they're calling it a jacketed hollow point which you know which I guess it is it's just got it's it's really semi-jacketed lead tipped it is it is hollow though it has got a hollow point but that's it that's that's the round focus that's the round right there so you know and again people are people are kind of miss calling it a neck down nine millimeter which it really isn't because the 9 millimeter isn't it's the right width but it's not the right length so it's really more akin to a just a short two to three round is what I believe it more like is so anyways I'm going to go out and try this out as soon as I can as far as any upgrades I really don't think I'm going to do any I gave a half-hearted thought to maybe adding putting TF O's on this but I'm not going to change these out these are great sights and changing out sights on a 1911 is going to be hard enough anyways I'd have to get us I think I'd probably need a sight pusher to do it and these are great sights I really don't the gun is so nice I really don't think there's anything that I want to change I mean even I even love the grips so I really can't see me changing anything the only thing I've really bought for it is I did buy another mag I got a mecha mag all I could find on my cursory real quick 10 minute searcher that 2 min a search was these 9 heard these 9 rounders so and I guess they do make some tens I did find some later but this is all I got from now so I've got at least one other mag for it but it doesn't stick because it's only a nine rounder it doesn't stick out of the magwell so kind of going to use a pro I'm probably just going to grab some other ten rounders but they're pretty damn expensive I tell ya I think this was maybe twenty something the ten rounders are the only thing I can find is Wilson combat and they're like these are like 40 something per mag so so I don't know I'm going to look around and see what else I can find this one's pretty nice quality though maybe I can just go on arm scores website and grab a couple more of these I don't know you know if they're if they're cheap enough why not so anyways we're going to get out and shoot this will do some 22 TCM and some nine-millimeter as well but highly highly suggest one of these at least right now you know arms core is a great company and they've got a lot of really sweet stuff coming up so anyway stay tuned more to come more tactical goodies more nerdy goodies UNTAC nerd 1.0 do my capstone marine services llc New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts.

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