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Enterprise risk management training courses in south africa order

Enterprise risk management training courses in south africa order write for me capstone property the pearl qatar top controversial topics for essays to inform [Music] hey guess this is kind of from Sammy's Chester welcoming you back to another edition of Calum's concoctions where I try and mix up something new and interesting for us all to try over the last few weeks I've been experimenting with various blending tobacco's as they're called so I've used bit of Latakia one of used bit of curry so for this week's I'm moving on one of the few that I haven't covered yet and that is Turkish tobacco I've got from the same range by blending factors here from McConnell's I have their Turkish Turkish leaf so I'm gonna try a little bowl of it on its own see how that tastes and then I'm gonna get some a days and see what I can make something so I've already got some loaded in here so I'm just gonna give it a try do what I do as I said before this isn't one you'd normally have on its own I'm just doing a tiny little teeny little bottle of this just to give it a try just I've got a rough idea what I'm working with certainly wouldn't normally recommend having on its own but you know what oh there might be surprised and no detail mobility that oh that is actually hmm that's a lot more managed Boerner so than I was expecting it's taste wise it's maybe like the kiosk it does have that smokiness but it's almost like this or like a creamier Latakia there's a really nice combination of flavors going on in there and taste wise that is actually something that would be quite smoked for its own but I'll show you the jar it is quite fine cup there's a touch on the drier side so the issues I'm getting here more are sort of tongue bite and the fatter probably burn a little bit hot so yeah definitely not one to having its own but it is it is much more manageable than I was expecting so I'm going to think before I can do with this I'm going to grab me since bad guys and then I'm gonna start mixing up okay so just pincer grab the tobacco I think I'm gonna use in this I think will work well funnily weirdly enough should I say I've actually finished that half bowl I had which I wasn't really planning to do so it's carried off really surprising me without niceties just on its own but as I suspected tombé is a bit of an issue and it has been a little bit hot so I'm definitely going out to do something to counteract that but overall I actually think is quite nice list pace taste wise so I don't have too much of an influence and the taste I've picked some quite light tasting tobacco's just so they won't completely override it because it is quite a delicate tobacco I can understand why it's rarely used as a flavor on its own it's normally used in conjunction with say Latakia or something else in a blend so I'm gonna have to be very careful with it so I started off with some cows and Haga new Prince which has a maple and vanilla casing to it but well it's very very subtle sorry very very intense on the aroma it's really strong meatball smell to it when you open the jar the actual taste is surprisingly mellow compared to that so I'm hoping this is just going to add a little bit of sweetness into the blend so I'm just gonna pop in here so there's always me just starting with a couple of grams just so I've got a nice and easy number to work with for a little Bowl and any of the turkish yet so I should probably do that so as always I'm just starting with a one-to-one ratio of this and then I'll tweak it as required so get this mixed up and I'll get them at night Wow okay okay I've happy with that so that's come through a lot more than I was expecting actually having the parts had a few people criticized the maple sorry they're new prints tobacco for saying that for how nice it smells you really can't taste much to the maple but there is a really distinctive maple syrupy taste to that now and the Turkish is just giving it a really like sort of like crisp smoke the edge to it so you might have noticed in previous videos I've got better first sweet and smoky or sweet and salty sort of combinations of flavors so this is this is why it's really well I did want to do a little more with it but again taste wise I think I've tread that quite quite well I was as I said wary of doing too much of the aromatic just because I was worried it over to do the Turkish but still taste both quite well I'm thinking a little bit more of the Turkish just because of the maple has become a bit more prominent in this so yeah just tiny little tweak but also the maple sorry the new Prince is quite fine cut as well proposed to that go so that's not really gonna help with the issues I was having with Tong Bay and it burning a bit too fast and Hart so an old favorite of mine that I often use in blending and that he's doing every flake from Gareth and Hobbit just so I can get a few nice thick pieces in there I'm not gonna rub it out very much so hopefully by adding something that's a bit thicker to it it's going to slow down the burn a little bit and hopefully reduce the tongue by a pig leg area of all the flames just it's still got a slightly sweet character I'm trying to keep keep consistent through here but compared to some of the heavier end like grass mayor or an Anna dial it's not it's not gonna dominate it I hope it's just gonna sit nicely underneath the other two in that so again I've just gone for another two grams of that keep initially keeping the ratio at one for one for one but I am gonna add as I mentioned a tiny bit more just another ground attack ish so and or maybe just a little bit more Glengarry it's still a bit looks just a bit loose and not bit loose bit fine even so hopefully you can see that I've got some nice sticker strands in that and what she just kind of rough it a little bit more I don't want to take it down to fine so hopefully just having a slightly thick of it in there he's gonna slow it down a little bit so I'm gonna empty out and stick that in and hopefully I'll be good to go I've overdone it a bit the Glengarry is coming through more than I meant for it to don't need it's the hugest issue I just need to add a little bit more of the Turkish I think I've lost the taste of that which is a shame because I was all point of this so I knew adding that was a bit of a risk in the retrospect maybe being bad to you some of my best Brown that didn't have any of that casing and just let the new Prince do this work with the sweetness but I'm here now so I'm gonna pass a bit so I'm just going to add an extra gram that hopefully that will just bring in a bit more of the flavor of the Turkish without undoing the good work the Glengarry has done to reduce the heat and so I'm just going to rehab the team with pipe and have now what it's hopefully my last last Bowl and we should be good there we go that's exactly what I wanted I can taste all three there but the new prince and the Turkish coming to the forefront of it it's just those two given the sweet smoky crisp taste with the creaminess of the new print another element of the new Prince and the slight creaminess of the Turkish also working well together and then the Glengarry there's a tiny Oh hint of that kind of Lakeland taste in this case like honey u.s. flavor but it's not being too too overriding it's just there at the back of it while the cut of the flake calls and snows this burned out very very nicely so you wanna try this yourselves the final blend was two parts mcconnell's turkish one part go at the hog at new prints and one carry flake so if you want to give this a try let us know what you think it's always interesting on the east i know you guys i you like these videos don't forget to Like share and subscribe for more until next time thanks for watching and I will see you soon [Music] proctored capstone assessment b Rockefeller University.

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