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Enterprise risk management tools and techniques order

Enterprise risk management tools and techniques order do my capstone financial buckhead resale price maintenance examples of thesis ´╗┐toughest guy on the team everybody so we say who's toughest kind of giants in Windsor LT LT know the toughest kind of giants is right here Jim Bert that was the toughest guy in a giant the young guy LT wouldn't mess with with jim birth that was it so it was the crazy guy right here I said how can a cartel know I know that's the LT told me that too he's the one guy you don't mess with his Burke that was it you know that was legendary so I mean going back yeah you you you would be tough guy so you look good Jim what's going on thank you thank you how's everything getting great like me I'm going there not like you I'm great in you I mean so come on I'm you know but what's going what do you been up to um you know we're just trying to get healthy again get hit a little operation on last December lift that back operation fifth back operation did good job and yeah lot some weight is it all right how's it going I'm good pain-free hopefully and all good and continue rolling with that so it's good stuff yeah I mean that's a big you know that's a big thing with you guys I mean you do pay a price on of jumbo I bounce it to him he's not in good shape you know a lot of the guys you see you know you don't know which one's going to be in good shape which ones not you know you really don't know it's kind of hit and miss you know Mikey when you hit 50 we stick something start catching up a little bit and you got to take care of yourself and you know yet take care of yourself and you know guys you know the bang around and I wouldn't change a thing I love it but it was like we had we had the best coaches and you know I guess we're here to talk about that but we had coaches that always had the pedal to the metal and near 21 years old you want that you want someone to be disciplinary to and you know competition and might it never stopped and it was well you guys are tough I mean the 80s run of champions whether it's the niners the Bears you guys the Redskins any one of those teams those were all tough physical teams year after year you know the niners beat-- the Bears that in the championship game the next year the Bears beat you guys in the playoffs you come back the next year when you beat the Redskins the next year they come back and win I mean so it was like year after year the progression would all those really tough physical teams Eagles were tough in those days too i mean very physical brand of football in those midday late 80s Mike if you like old school football that's the football you want you want it really was you know you want to watch the redskins yeah play against the Giants yes we played cover three ninety percent of the place no stunts no nothing if you could knock us off the ball and be more physical that's the team who won and it was dating only had the hogs and they were known at John Riggins yep you know rigo was regular Z is a load it was tough yeah he was a load and then you would hit those types of things and we love that and you know and Bill got us ready for that kind of stuff he he was uh is a taskmaster well I mean you look at the what went on in 86 you guys beat the Redskins three times you obliterate the nine is in the playoffs i mean just blew him up at the limey that day bill wasn't they destroyed our blocking screen you just blew him up with the line of scrimmage that day I mean that was just a dominant performance that was huge for us too because we lost in 81 my first year yep playoffs they won a super on 84 I heard you talking about the 84 team yeah they scored the first two drives bill carrier had a touchdown record that turn at whole game row they didn't score again after that we knew we could play with them an 84 they had a great time as a great team when we played them we beat the rams the week before we stayed over at Fresno yep and we played them and it was a tough game we knew that we could play with them when an 84 when we played them so in 85 and 86 is just a culmination of the years ago well 85 planning that coldest day ever play I ever saw in my life I mean that day I was working for the NFL today that they was before a fan even started and that day on the sideline all but grant was a half-time guest then he wasn't aware of jacket I mean the guy was not of his mind but that was the coldest day but it really started in that loss in that locker room right the 86 really started that day because you guys got shut up at a great bad team but played them tough played him really tough better than anybody else played in that year and it was set up the things for the next year no I think 84 was a big year for us 84 is a big year bill coming off too tough year in 83 right the whole team and then we started out three and one and we lose two games and you know things were looking looking that kind of bleak and we had to go in Atlanta and bills ready lose his job then and we won that game we wanted like one leg Nexus 5 out of 6 and we beat the rams which he'll put it to us early in the season yep next season we improved and they had dickerson then and big line and we took it to them and then San Francisco we we you know we showed up pretty well yeah and that was 84 so 85 was just a building building it for me they beat the nine is they beat the bet I was at that game today they beat the they shut out the Steve full of bears that year in the playoffs and then went on the win the championship and then the next year back in Chicago in the next year with you guys on that windy day against the redskins at seventeen nothing game which I know you remember very well you know the game I remember the most is 4093 can score as I three of course because we wanted to put it to him bill what you did you know they would they would beat us but they would never beat us physically and they had they had very very skilled players they had guys that were very very good and they would they would beat us but never could beat us physically 85 we played beat him in the playoffs in the wild game yep 86 he put it to him 4093 and we just kind of fire offensively yep defensively pretty consistent all you beat him up at the line of scrimmage and we really did it you got them very good and then that team let's be honest that team played great in the plows it really did I mean and beat the Redskins on that windy day in the NFC title game which was a real windy day a giant stadium and then obviously what remember about Pasadena what sticks out army as you would the kid and everything in the stands and all that stuff that's a nice day to remember right yeah ESPN is doing a special on that actually it's really be a lot of fun but 86 was you know I I hear you speak in the hair you know from Long Island and I grew up in the Buffalo it's like you know we put a box on the on the wall we really we play baseball we play stickball wiffle ball yeah we got indoors we go we got basketball you know I get in the get on a bike when you're in the city and you play all over so my dreams were to play hockey or football something and back then and when I was a kid like five six years olds green bay packers and we used to watch green bay packers play and it was a cleveland browns we should watch play then after at like four or five o'clock you should call with rough and tumble so those are all dreams that I had of growing up and then I was 27 years old to finally realize after six years of the Giants some of them were miserable times out obviously yep and then the combination had to get to the Super Bowl I can't tell you the thoughts that went through my mind when my dad you know because my dad was a big sports guy to go through all that stuff and you're just a kid you're 27 years old and you're able to reach the pinnacle that and bring in and share it with your kid and yet with quarter of a game it's true pretty german it capstone project 2018 order United States Merchant Marine Academy, Kings Point.

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