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Enterprise risk management strategy for money

Enterprise risk management strategy for money capstone realty holdings thesis brand perception matrix ´╗┐all right this is fifth grade module one lesson 16 and in this lesson we are wrapping everything up about adding subtracting multiplying and dividing decimals students are going to be given some word problems and then they're going to of course use those standard algorithms the key thing about these lessons however or this lesson however is really about drawing the tape diagrams and making sure that students understand the problems it's probably a tendency for teachers to say well let's focus on getting the answer right or let's learn those standard algorithms but you know long term we want students to be able to problem solve and that means that begins with understanding how to represent the problem and understanding at the beginning understanding the strategies necessary for solving the problem those standard algorithms ultimately will come but the big key and this lesson is making those tape diagrams so a gardener installed forty two point six meters of fencing in a week and he installed 13 point four five meters on Monday and then let's see nine point five meters on Tuesday and then he installed the rest of the fence in equal lengths on Wednesday through Friday so that's three days Wednesday Thursday and Friday and then the question is how many meters of fencing did he install on each of those last three days so let's begin with showing what that tape diagram looks like I probably will not actually solve all the problems because really the key on this one is understanding the question and representing it accurately using a tape diagram so we're going to go back and read and it says a gardener installed forty two point six meters of fencing in a week okay so I'm going to draw my tape diagram to represent that week and I'm going to label it forty two point six now it says he installed right here thirteen point four five meters on Monday so I am NOT going to try and make this race proportional like ratios and proportions proportional I'm just gonna represent stuff and so it's not going to be totally represented like proportional so then it says on he did nine point five meters on Tuesday so okay nine point five meters on Tuesday nine point five so if I wanted to I could label this Tuesday and I could label this Monday and then it says he installed the rest of the fence in equal lengths on Wednesday through Friday so this piece right here needs to be divided up into three equal sized pieces and then the question is how much what's the length of one of these units because all three of these are the same it doesn't look like it but they they are so what's our strategy well our strategy first thing we need to do is we need to figure out what's the length of these three units here what's that length well to get that we need to add these two numbers add thirteen point four five and nine point five add them together and then subtract from forty two point six once we have that answer then we can divide by three and that will give us the length of each one of these three units so the key thing here parents and teachers is can the student use the tape diagram to accurately model the problem being solved that's our first line of attack the standard algorithm is our second line of attack it will come but right now our point is understanding the problem so here Jenny charges nine dollars fifteen cents an hour to babysit toddlers and she charges seven dollars forty five cents our to babysit school-aged children the first part says if Jenny babysat toddlers for nine hours and children school-aged children for six hours how much money does she make at all well it's a couple of multiplication problems in an addition problem so I would say we don't even need a tape diagram on this one so that it's gonna begin with nine dollars fifteen cents multiplied by nine and seven dollars forty five cents multiplied by six get those answers and actually we'll do this really quick 45 nine 1382 and the decimal goes here 30 24 plus three is 27 42 44 so there it is $44 70 cents for babysitting the school-aged children eighty two dollars thirty five cents for babysitting the toddler's now it says Jenny wants to earn thirteen hundred dollars so one thousand three hundred dollars by the end of summer how much more will she need to earn well if we were to draw a tape diagram it would look like this here's our 1300 or $1,300 we know one little piece of it is eighty two dollars 35 cents we know another little piece of it right here is $44 70 cents and the question is what's left over right here so this is the question that's our question mark so what's our strategy our strategy is add these two numbers together and then subtract from 13 1,300 1,300 dollars so at a table and eight chairs weigh $235 235 point 68 pounds so 235 and 68 hundredths pounds if the table weighs 147 and 84 hundredths of a pound what is the weight of one chair so what does that model look like well I'm gonna draw the tape diagram and I'm gonna make it quite long and that whole entire length is 200 let's see two hundred thirty five point six eight there we go and then it says if the table weighs a hundred and fifty seven pounds so I'm gonna say okay the table weighs right here 150 seven point eight four there you go and then we have eight chairs left over so there's our eight chairs and the question is what's the weight of one of those little chairs so what's our strategy well our strategy begins with subtracting 235 point 6 8 subtract 150 7 point 8 4 get this answer and that tells us the the weight of these eight chairs and then you're going to divide by eight and that's going to tell us the answer is going to tell us the weight of each chair all right on this one it says mrs. cleaver mixes one point two four liters of red paint with three times as much blue paint to make purple paint she pours the paint equally into five containers now here's the kick kicker how much blue paint is in each caner container so I see two characters I see red paint and blue paint as our two characters so red and blue and I'm gonna draw a unit for red and we know that the amount for red is one point two four now the blue we are told is three times the amount so I'm gonna draw three of those lengths then I'm trying to make them all equal and the question is how much blue is there so what we're gonna do is we're gonna do 1.2 4 multiplied by 3 because we know each of these units is one point two four because we're told that and so we need to multiply so four times three is 12 carry the 1 there's the two carry the 1 and then 2 times 3 is 6 plus 1 is 7 and then lastly 3 times 1 is 3 and our decimal goes right here so this entire length right here is 3 point 7 2 now the question is how much blue paint is in each of the five containers so we have five containers and basically we're being told that this 3.72 is being cut up or poured into five separate containers 1 2 3 4 5 and so the way we're going to solve that problem is we're gonna do three point seven two divided by five and parents and teachers I'm going to let you do the division on this one and that wraps up fifth-grade module 1 lesson 16 where we're kind of bringing it all together with our decimal operations by solving a bunch of word problems you examples of research topics in strategic management State University of New York at Oneonta.

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