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Enterprise risk management strategic deficit for money

Enterprise risk management strategic deficit for money capstone logistics portland oregon for money anthem essay contest examples of simile ´╗┐hey guys so in today's video I want to share some jewelry that I really love as well as the backstory to how these landed in my hands I posted about this on Instagram earlier this month and some of you guys have requested to see some of the pieces but I knew that I wanted to save the details for an actual video because when I got these pieces I freaked out and I immediately called my husband and I told him about it and his response was you know anytime you have this kind of reaction you have to film a gratitude video so this is what I'm going to be bringing to you guys today the pieces I'm about to show you are from the brand affiliate which is based in Canada and the owners name is Scarlett so Scarlett privately messaged me a few months ago just to say hi and to let me know that she was a fan of my channel I clicked into her Instagram while we were chatting and I found out on my own that she makes jewelry like she hadn't mentioned it to me at all and while I was scrolling through her feed I just guessed because all of her pieces were so up my alley they're so beautiful and dainty and I remember looking at it being like yep I want that I want that and I still want everything while we were chatting she generously offered to gift me some of her pieces but I actually said no because I wanted to purchase something from her first and support her brand before I felt it was right to accept a gift from her and at the time of our exchange I was still on my for month long shopping ban so what I told her was hey um after August 31st I'm planning to make an investment purchase and so I would love to get my first pair of 18k gold earrings from you so I just threw that out there for her so fast forward to August 31st I believe it was like 10:00 p.m. and it was two hours before my shopping ban officially ended but I just thought screw it it's only two hours so I went ahead and I place the order for these medium gold bar earrings in 18 karat gold so when I receive the package for these earrings and as soon as I opened up the box I kid you not I had full-body chills like I didn't know what to do with myself the first thing that I saw when I opened this box was this letter that she included and she just wrote a detailed explanation of the little goodies that she included in my package and she previously told me that she was going to grow in a few things from me but I what I got was totally not what I expected and I just I feel very emotional even talking about it now after I saw this letter the thing that blew me away next was just the packaging and the presentation of everything I know I showed you guys a snapshot of my Instagram photo before and I'll throw it up here again but that doesn't even do it justice and for each of the the boxes that she included she also put in this little tag and she had a red thread wrapped around each one and they're all numbered and she included seven things so I have seven tags here numbered one through seven this wasn't just another package sent to me by some brand and this package just blessed me so much and on top of that I'm seriously obsessed with her jewelry so I had to come here and share it with you guys and also as a way for me to express my gratitude to you scarlet apart from all the beautiful jewelry I'm even more grateful for this encounter because scarlet told me that she's really shy and she actually hesitated before messaging me and she almost wasn't going to so I'm so thankful that you know whatever was standing in her way she didn't let it and she just put herself out there and just said hey and it was a very brief encounter but now I consider her one of my friends I'm going to show you each piece and the note that she included for each one first up are these hook earrings and in her note she says I know you can't wear sterling silver earrings but I made these fine silver hook earrings for you to try some people who can't wear sterling find that they can wear fine silver I hope these work for you and if not maybe you can give them to a friend or your sister what I like about the shape of these earrings is that because it's shaped more like an upside-down teardrop versus au they tend to not fall out easily then she sent me an assortment of stacking rings for when I want to switch things up for fun and the three right here these are hammered actually this one is hammered as well this is the beaded one and then this one is a twisted one and Scarlett was really sneaky she didn't tell me about this but she actually engraved jay-ar into this and it's so cute so I like to wear the jr1 on my left index finger I like to wear one hammered one on my right thumb one on my right index finger and then I like to layer that with the beaded stacking ring she made me laugh with this one because she said this is a polishing cloth to keep my jewelry shiny but she put it in a ziploc because she hates how it makes her hands feel and she's pretty sure that I won't like it much either and when I looked at this I thought oh I was like kind of picturing you know the little cloths that you get when you buy sunglasses right but like she's so right ooh this one does feel a little bit I don't know what it is is it like kind of tacky it kind of feels wet or a little bit chalky I'm not sure but I have used it a few times already so these two shops are not from new philia but they are from fancy pop which is an Etsy shop run by Scarlett's friend Emily and I freaking love that scarlet knows how obsessed I am with miniature things these are so detailed and in her note she wrote my friend Emily a fancy pop makes the cutest jewelry and I picked up a pair of earrings for you I know you might not be able to wear them but they are too cute seriously she makes everything by hand and is so detailed I think you would totally appreciate her work and you guys look at this business card if I ever have a business card it is going to be this tiny so yeah if you're interested in fake food and little jewelry um go ahead and check out the shop I'll also link it down below so do you guys see this beautiful ring on my middle finger oh my gosh I probably squealed the hardest when I saw this because when I was speaking to Scarlett I told her how much I love this ring and she didn't even group them with the other rings she sent me this is its own category and it's gift number six and she wrote I remember you mentioning that you love this item so please accept it as a special gift and it's in the stone that I wanted to it's an Ethiopian opal the string just makes me so incredibly happy and last but certainly not least these are the gold bar stud earrings that I ordered and she wrote all components made with 18 karat yellow gold and lots and lots of love freakin love these guys I had a similar pair before but they weren't real gold so they started to irritate my ears and so I had to throw them out but during my 4 months of no shopping I saved up my blow money to get these and I'm absolutely thrilled with them I seriously have not been without these rings and these earrings since I got them if you're on the market for a beautiful quality jewelry for yourself or even as gifts for your loved ones you guys have to check out her website and her Instagram and I will leave links to both down below I've already bought a pair of these gold bar earrings in the gold filled version for my best friend and she actually texted me just this morning to let me know that she's got the package and that she loves them and she's never going to take them off and I also know that I'm planning to get something for my sister sometime in the near future thanks so much for watching I hope it gave you some inspiration for some gift ideas and I hope your day and your attitude is filled with gratitude bye guys college board ap capstone training for money School of the Arts.

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