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Enterprise risk management qatar for money

Enterprise risk management qatar for money do my capstone grill calories does the death penalty really reduce crime ´╗┐welcome to local fish store world travel fans we visited one of Miami's newest local fish stores ocean view aquariums as some of you already know this year Magna was held in Miami / Fort Lauderdale / Hollywood Florida while I was there I got to get a little tan at the beach what I can tan got a little workout in Hey no watch shots this is embarrassing let's hurt move on andrew is the owner of ocean view aquariums one of the coolest guys I've ever met he's actually the first owner of a fish store to actually explore the city with me so before we toured his store we decided to take a trip to Miami's Museum of Science Sealab exhibit voted Miami Science Museum's most popular exhibition the sea lab includes a three thousand gallon touch tank as well as other intricate lovely tanks and handle and exhibits at this station they are actually growing corals a lot of the corals here were donated as frags by the local hobbyists of Miami this next exhibit is a beautiful reef tank and was donated by Christine and Nicolas Lee in this exhibit they are using fish waste to grow and provide nutrients for plants the museum will soon be moving to a new home the Miami Museum of Science is currently a modest 48 thousand square feet however the finished project of the Patricia and Phillip frost Museum of Science is well let's just say it'll be a lot bigger the Patricia and Phillip frost Museum of Science has a lot more than just fish but hey we're fish lovers over here so let's take a look at those projects the museum is currently in construction and will be creating an exhibit called the living core exhibit which is an aquarium that penetrates through multiple floors and includes windows on the side and underneath to provide unique views of the wildlife and you thought your tank bill was extreme they plan to complete this project by 2015 alright let's head to the main attraction which is ocean view aquarium so why don't you tell us a little bit about your store and you know kind of what got you into the business sure well we've been here a year now and I would pretty much say we came in trying to change the look in Miami you know I wanted a clean fresh look wanted to be able to market it right for all the hobbyists out there we're very hobby friendly we try to you know do a lot of different events in the sense of you know specials and if you were a part of the Reef Club local reef Club you get discounts all we do a lot of servicing so it's it's it's a big part of you know the reef society here in Miami custom make almost all our furniture we use a couple of different tank designers reef savvy is one of the big ones we use in Miami but yeah we do everything yeah I mean we set you up we sit you down we pretty much find out what you're looking for what kind of tank do you want if you just want to fish only system if you want to reef tank we discussed everything from A to Z all right is my first magnet and have you ever been to Maxim before no it's gonna be my first one I'm excited all right well so now my day 1 of magnet is gonna be all about Magna movies so why don't we and do the ocol fish no travel that's a little bit different and why don't you tell us how you try to help new people to the Hobby your favorite fish I know for beginners your favorite corals for the beginners okay this is a Yuma I love the Yuma's especially for new tanks there then the mushroom family so they're they're very easy to to get into your system and to sort acclimates correctly mushrooms leather zoos are more the popular stuff we try to recommend to our beginning customers they're a lot easier they don't require you know such expensive lighting so they can get really started and the basic stuff you know we got a variety of different stuff chalices leathers mushrooms we got it we always have a big selection of zoos in the store we have a really big frag section to get everybody started in they'll you know not everybody wants to buy a you know a sixty seventy dollar piece of coral so they can start off with a frag to see how their tank is how they're doing and you know that's just an easy way to get started okay so there's a variety of different starter fish Danville's are pretty popular because their price range is very affordable we personally don't like to recommend them to start your tank because they do get aggressive but you know they're they're great fish they're Hardy I have customers that just have damsels in their tank that's what they want so we give them a variety of different damsels you know they come from all different reefs and you're able to put them in the same tanks as long as you got you know a lot of rock and stuff like that where they seem safe and they don't get stressed out you can thrive with them but like I said we really don't like to recommend them right off the bat because they do get aggressive and they will attack other fish okay these are you know tank-raised clownfish from a local breeder we have great success they're great fish to put into a tank to started cycling most you know customers I don't recommend putting in the damsels because they get kind of aggressive and then they're kind of hard to get out so I always recommend a fish that they're gonna eventually put into their tank and the clownfish are great and when they're tank-raised they thrive more okay so this is one of the tanks that we carry our bigger fish right now it's kind of empty but normally we have a big selection in here you know from the sailfin tang to the blue throat we also have a Harlequin tusk in the back alright so this is a magnificent foxface it's a pretty rare it's not a common fish you're gonna see every day it's a great fish for reef tanks you know they're beautiful fish they get lots of colors here's a purple tang that you know we had select all our fish really healthy he came first day eating with no issues you know great fish for your reef tank swims around a lot very very active fish now when it comes to lights for hobbyists there's so many to choose from now which is awesome because my favorite one of my favorite things in the Hobby is the actual equipment for a hobby so what kind of lights are you recommending now for newbies are you going with the LEDs are you going with t-boz yeah I definitely recommend the LEDs there's so many brands out there you just got to pick what works for you you know I've gone through every stage of lighting my myself from you know t5 to power compacts to metal highlights and LED and we always try to recommend the LED for two simple reasons one it's a it's easy to work with the light looks amazing when it hits the water also you don't have to be replacing light bulb but there's something for everybody you know we can start off with a 2 gallon tank all the way up to as big as they want to go you know we service a lot of tanks I was telling you before and we service an 800 gallons shark tank and you know that's a pretty big tank so you know they can decide what they really want to do and we help them out you know we we talk about filtration we talk about lighting size of the tank where the tank is gonna be placed in their home to make sure it's not getting a lot of sunlight because you know all those things you know bring up problems if you don't place the tank where it needs to be you know we really guide them down the path for for great success alright guys thanks for tuning in so when you get a chance check out ocean view aquariums Facebook page would appreciate you checking out my facebook page as well and this is your first time watching one of my videos please consider subscribing and until next time this is the ultimate hobby write for me capstone law century city Manhattan campus.

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