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Enterprise risk management program fdic order

Enterprise risk management program fdic order capstone logistics new stanton pa for money writing numerals in essays do you italize ´╗┐once upon a time there was a young boy whose name was Magus that was me he was playing his NES that his father had given him it was a great gift his father was awesome it you know it's not exactly like you get an escheat back then and his father worked as a janitor so he really had to save up for that and while he was playing that he went out to the local grocery store and that's where you actually got rentals and all that sort of thing when you know when it went back when you think of blockbuster didn't exist GameSpot didn't know these places existed back then so he went out there and he found a game totally by accident and that game was called Final Fantasy and it looked kind of like a game he wouldn't like to be completely honest with you it looked like the kind of game he didn't want to play it looks you know horrible and terrible and just awfulness and I just was no but I went ahead and grabbed it okay I'll go ahead and full screen just for the moment that would be this button so he went ahead and grabbed it took it home played it and about six days later emerged from his room having played the hell out of that game and he loved every moment of it and I just kind of wanted to share that with you guys because I always have little stories between behind each Final Fantasy and I'll be sharing them as I go with this series with you because I have a story for every single final fantasy that I will be playing over the next however many weeks now I noticed a lot of people in the chat I'm not ignoring you are wondering about the hair well there is an explanation believe it or not you see as some of you may or may not be aware I allow my patrons to have a bit of a vote with regards to you know just just stuff in general right so one of the questions I asked about a week and a half ago was everyone who is my patron would you like me to mm-hmm would you like me to shave my head back down or would you like me to leave it as it is now to anybody who is actually um familiar with my streams that should come as no surprise that the vote was completely deadlocked one to one so what else could I do uh oh wow people noticed the Abra we had a bet going to see if anybody would notice the missing eyebrow ah now for anybody who is in twitch chat I'm just gonna sit this out here really quick very you know very obvious everyone in twitch chat I'm not really looking at twitch chat because twitch chat is garbage we have a new chat some people have been posting it in chat thank you very much to all of you we are now in a quake net server Archon Gaia Channel and yeah so I know I'm paying attention that I got this right here uh and as Unix apparently has news now as some of you may or may not be aware we have a little bit of an event actually we have two events no chat will not be on the stream it was too much of a hassle to actually get it on the stream I do apologize so chat will not be on stream I know a lot of you like having the chat on this dream I do too for that matter but it's just not it's not functionally capable I am sorry and yes I do have a beard now we'll go and answer a few questions that's been tossed out really quick first of all for the counter thing we've actually were actually gonna do something a little bit different for the counters I'll talk about that more in a moment so you feel forgive me second thing to bio Zilla yes any questions that you have on the game I'm currently lower running is totally allowed obviously there will be spoilers there will be spoilers so please keep that in mind if you haven't played a game and want to spoilers a hole also I'd like to say happy birthday to OHS UNIX happy birthday do enjoy hopefully this will be fun despite the to Facebook man and this fun fact this is actually the first time I've seen it because we just shaved this about 10 minutes ago so I actually had no idea what it looked like god wow that looks so weird and it was I thought about splitting the beard and like having this side of the beard be here so it would look like this but then this side of the beard is shaved but the reason I didn't shave the beard by the way is I have the high of the ugliest neck in the world if I don't have a beard alright so let's go ahead and talk about what this / first event is okay now as I said I've got a little bit of an event for you let's go and grab this here and by the way I'm sorry for the song dragging whoops whoops sorry about that actually just meet the mic for a second okay there we go get everything moved so I know that this new mic is incredible I'd like to give tons of shout outs to e^x Bob thank you so much I know if you're watching right now but thank you thank you thank you this new mic is phenomenal I've been loving it I've been using it for all my recordings this past week and I have been enjoying the hell out of it it sounds great so thank you I want to also give some shoutouts to a woman who I don't know if he wants me to give out her name she actually donated a monitor for me to have a second monitor for twitch chat so I can have the chat over here now unfortunately that monitor hasn't arrived because the US Postal Service has some issues but the mere fact that she was willing to donate a monitor to me is awesome so I nevertheless wanted to give her many shoutouts that and yeah well you could tell I don't have the headset right so let's talk about this first event some of you may or may not know that I actually once was really big in the video game industry I shouldn't say really big I was a programmer and I was a I guess producer is the title you'd like to use I was the guy who made the money happen I was the guy who got a hold of the in the consultants and I was the guy who I was like the middle guy think in-between guy I would get a hold of investors then I'd get a hold of these guys and I go love these guys you get where I'm going with this right and I was actually working on my own my own MMO once upon a time I've told you this story once about time and this is all just kind of backstory because there's a bit of well let's just say that I have a bit of a treat for you I'm just gonna I'm gonna stop and hyping it up I'm gonna stop I think I'm just gonna get to this so without further ado I'm gonna give you your very first look at Final Fantasy 13 for now this is phenomenal because the way this works in Final Fantasy 14 for is they've got the dressing system going again right and they've got this whole dress for your thing but kind of if those of you who play bravely default or people who have played for Heroes of Light you understand that you know you go out and you fight you know a boss of a certain type or whatever and then you get there you know you get their job right that's how you gain the jobs so we're gonna go straight to our first job fight here in order to get lightnings latest job there we go let me give me just a moment here okay let's do it okay ah okay go get the shoes first yeah hang on oh yeah harder to aim that it looks okay I got one of the gloves hang on there we go okay I got the shoes got the shoes we're out of the danger zone all right and oh yeah we now have see now we have now we have their job see the funny thing is this fit so well I just couldn't resist it because you actually do get the dresses that you let you beat in this game I actually you guys better appreciate this I actually sat down and figured out how to play this stupid game I'm actually like level 3 here in order to actually do this whole thing properly this is the dumbest freakin game in the world yeah all right it'd be an invincibility there we go see lightnings new ability is to turn invincible which makes it really hard for her to sing of course but okay I'll stop I'll stop lurching i'll stop pressuring him I'm sorry guys capstone finance chattanooga tn Yeshiva College, Washington Heights, Manhattan.

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