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Enterprise risk management in insurance pdf

Enterprise risk management in insurance pdf good research topics to argue about mn dnr north shore fishing report ´╗┐hello ed Ehlinger risk and thank you for tuning in I am so excited for a little series I have coming your way I came back from New York and it was literally the best three days of my life I have so much amazing footage to show you guys I went to the Nike store into Lululemon source but did Jesus sir I was here that was meetings I would do a Sicilian different amazing food places I saw all the touristy things I was just like a total tourist in 72 hours and I brought you guys with me I did not fit it all in one videos I'm going to break it up and I wanted to really let you guys experience it with me so a lot of these videos are kind of from like my perspective not so much me I talk a bit in them I'm really excited to show you guys so it's kind of like you would shop with me in New York how fun is that so first video I have coming for you guys is probably my favorite place on earth if each Disneyland is my personal opinion is Nike town which is the Nike slide ship store on Fifth Avenue in New York it is the most amazing store it's five stories it's gorgeous it has everything you could possibly want from Nike everyone who works there it's amazing I have to give them all props they were super friendly super fun and yet they have a good time like I had to ask a bunch of us and take my selfie and they were toes it cools it and it was so much fun so I hope you guys enjoy this series a lot coming your way so enjoy Hey [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] what isn't family shoes and run with them how cool is that so now we are on the third star so the cool thing about this place is a side story this one is primarily lights my star bright this floor because there's so many just beautiful colors as you can see I mean have a pink person but I was totally feeling the salmon section they have to make everything is so perfectly color coded and gorgeous and that love this like greyish blue with pink and that I love is here they have different sized mannequins here at the store which I respect of course they're not going to have every single size mannequin in the world because that would be humanly impossible to fit in one store but they just had different body types and really muscular ones they had some bit more New Hampshire's curvy ones they had all different body sizes which I respect so much Nikki is finally doing and yeah this is fun you can see a bit more to ask leisure stuff they had going on here that is it for the tennis kind of look which is always in and yeah just such a wide assortment of different he was away yeah the level I couldn't even keep track of it and then I did decide to tres and stuff on to this white sports bra oh my god I also showed it in like a blue and yellow but this white was to die for I 110 percent regret not buying it everything I'm showing here I didn't buy I'll show you guys what I did buy these sub times were really cute but I have like a bunch of samosa pants that only Namor so fast I just loved this cool mint which I had in a lot of different items expect to see that in some a key releases because a lot of the items they had here are they first come here and then they go into other stores and whatnot could is the flagship this is so beautiful I just see there it's a light sheer kind of jacket but it is so just in very cool the hood though I yep that's no comment like how I God look look look nope but it's not a mess really awesome I love just a little minimalist branding on the back of course I am a sucker for Nike so I never mind it's a Nike I don't know I just think it's very iconic I like here how cute is this crop sweater it is so comfy and just a very subtle branding in a way but kind of bowls that you know I mean it's just a nice little check mark up inside I love it you can totally dress this up or just like throw it over for working out totally rocking that athleisure and I now the reason I didn't do a lot of talking in the store as you're gonna see here is basically a lot of a very awesome Jam which is awesome because you can just like dance and I got great music like DJ SEO is live but not quite out that everything would be copyrighted that's why I had to blow itself up but this sports bras super comfy I'm not one was uniquely in the world I love the band and it's just you have very comfy and as you can see here oh this is actually the kids section I should say which i think is so cute and I wish Nike was establish when I was kid because I just wore my mum's stuff and it's all way too big for me and there's the different sports sections as you can see there they have the football if you go back there they have a bit more of a football soccer hahaha this is not a four floor that's football was back there and then they have a lot of like the branded team stuff more towards of course Yankee stuff and Mets but of course they have other things like Rodgers is number one bogota's Green Bay Packer fans and but they have a New York Giants you're just all those kind of things and then the bass collection is actually on the fifth floor which we I will show as well this isn't more the guy stuff on to the peak in here cuz I want to get Trevor some shorts the stuff and the guys honestly so nice and stuff like I bread so can be short thing those look so cool and yes so then we are making our way up into assist floor and this was so cool because they're all like brand itself with like big NBA players like we will see the Kevin Durant stuff but they had a bunch of like the Air Max the Jordan stuff is all here which is cool and then as we walk around and see every floor pretty much has like four different rooms in it so for example each I like the Air Max and then we're standing to the Jordan stuff or vice versa I can't really tell but that's what they kinda had in each section either it was a sport or specific color or specific gender or age they had all those different sections so this is cool the fifth floor is definitely catered towards basketball as you can see the whole middle section is devoted to Kevin Durant if you don't know what Kevin Durant is it's con a big deal in the best world world he's just one then be a champion just with war Warriors won MVP for NBA championship and oh my God look at me choose I won them and he has his own shoe deal with Nike so they show just every year his different shoes like from 2012-2013 Yetta Yetta Yetta and just out just cool little details they have throughout the store and then of course it's all fossil shoes well Phil's like they're kind of so tacky and look how tall it is yep I was sweating holding a camera over to show that and here's what I was saying they just show different body types but sure muscle on some mannequins just awesome force you don't have to like start right rated muscles to be an athlete but just cool to see other body types eyelid enigmatic and there is the video I hope you guys enjoyed it sorry it was a lot more voiceover the important thing about the nagisa is they use awesome music so everything would be copyrighted going to be very limited in my talking it's a bit better and like Lululemon India's my other videos is coming up so thank you for tuning in if you're new to the channel and want to see some of my other adventures in New York feel free to hit subscribe and feel free to throw this video a like if you liked it and like this New York series because I'll make sure to bring a lot for you guys because I have a lot of footage so thank you for tuning in if any of you have been to the Nike store and let us know and comment down below has been to any other amazing Nike stores let us know because we're all Nike addicts here let's be real thank you for tuning in like always with all mermaids love you so much capstone fort worth State University of New York at Oneonta.

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