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Enterprise risk management excel spreadsheet for money

Enterprise risk management excel spreadsheet for money cpa accounting capstone consumer reports car sealants ´╗┐hi guys how are you all hope you're well and so today I'm going to give you a little bit of advice you've already probably started college or whatever and I just wanted to give you some tips on what helped me because as some of you might know is that IOD I've told you is that I have dyslexia and sometimes a bit words wrong sometimes they come on called a kook and I panic and I found it really hard when I was doing my I'm design diploma keeping up with everybody and if you have a good teacher you won't have a problem and if you teach snow to bird with dyslexia or whatever learning problem you have you can go to the lunar module off center which I know is you know ours is called now college but basically it's place where people with learning difficulties can go and have extra help and stuff you best have asking your tutor or a higher member of staff if you're not sure if you doesn't know and but there is always someone there to help you and a few tools that I had with me that absolutely are 100% helped me to get my merit in my and diplomas was these these two objects helped me so much and my dictaphone was where I could talk to the to it and put my ideas down on this without writing because sometimes I find it hard to get it from here onto paper so it's easy just to talk and also my teachers I don't know if every teacher does this but my teachers would let me do my annotations on this so I would go through my my book and on each page it explained what I did how it did it and all that on it so I just handed in my book with this nobody needed it was it was so much easier and I flew I felt like I was keeping up because with dyslexia I feel like personally I work twice as hard as anybody else just to become a level of path so our markings were a pass it was fail paths merit and distinction um and in my second year there which was level three I only managed to spray the path but that's because my teacher wasn't supportive to be so you get teachers like that it's just the way it is and I'm my first year I did amazing it one of the most amazing and supportive teacher ever and I got a merit with them ten points away from distinction so I didn't do to about in my second year but yeah but this was a massive key tool for me and if you want the named one I've got I will gladly leave it in the description box I will find it and live it it's not cheap but it does come with a with a function of it's called drug and I think where you have to teach it how you speak and how your language is but eventually it will type things up for you so that you can talk into it click it into you you've got a where is it there you've got a key little bit here you clip into that and then clip the other bit into USB in your computer and just it just writes it out for you but you have to bit I just you have to do things but yeah it's really good second thing that helped me is one of these these are called a ruler and it's an overlay dyslexia so people are fine but me personally I find if I look at a piece of paper that's too white the words separate so the best way I can describe it is when you look at a 3d picture or whatever without the glasses it's all separated and it makes you a little wonky that's exactly what it does to me on white paper with black writing it's weird I know but if I put this over the top of it the words come back together and it's perfect I can read it the same way as anybody else so this helped me to know what I was doing and how to do it in everything and I was alive I was allowed to have it on colored paper which I just did asked in my second year but I didn't get but again that's the teacher wasn't very good and it has two sides and it has a map side and a shiny side depending on which one is best I actually got tested in college with dyslexia I don't know if all colleges do that but my college actually sat me down and helped me they did two tests with me and they said yes you are you dyslexic I was like awesome so actually cried when they told because I have thought that I'm God I don't know what's wrong with me and because sometimes it's nice to fit in a box nice cuz it I think those people I'm just like secondly got alright okay we know how to handle that but you just go I'm not very good at reading the writing people go oh you stupid I'm like no I'm actually not too bad I'm quite intelligent not like highly intelligent fairly intelligent there are things I dunno and for example I'm gonna show ya so we did this is the book I picked up it's a it's an excellent book so if you're looking for a book to read read it and it's about Yorkshire Ripper and it's about this little boy whose mother was the first victim I think I've talked about this book before really blood anyway see that papers not too bad because it's not quite white paper but it was just the first article grabbed and all the day they put that over the top let's let's get a pop of you so that over top which means I can read it a lot easier so that's the that's the map side and that's the shiny side or straight but yeah you get the idea um and there are different colors the people sometimes boy isn't the right clothes I'm called aqua and there's all different colors for if we dyslexia and like Michael is this all the peoples call could be red or yellow or green or blue or purple whatever em I'll also leave a link in the description box from where i get mine i get mine on eBay and but i'm sure you can get from other places and again if you go to college they should be able to help you or direct you or what to do and this is just personally my dyslexia is just what helped me with mine and but yeah i hope that helped you and any other advice I can give you for college don't put too much pressure on yourself would probably a good one and I know I did I put a lot of pressure on myself and many many a night I used to come home from a long day at college and sit until four or five o'clock in the morning trying to finish work off I basically burnt myself up off I eventually burnt myself out I named the Pavin nervous breakdown which isn't good that's why I have not finished my level 3 and I have got a diploma in it because it was only ever meant to be a one-year one but halfway through the year they made it a two-year and then said what was what was if we didn't but we still could have the Diploma of regardless of so we got the diploma with 90 credit with a 90 credit is it so right anyway it was that so I'm still technically got two diplomas but there you go but yeah don't put too much pressure on yourself he teaches immense help here and the best people to ask are you peers so all the people in your classroom ask them for advice if they know what's what and if there is anyone in your class that seems to be a bully so they know we had a few and just try and try your best to bring yourself above their level and not drag yourself down and if you've got problems with them complain to teacher if your teacher doesn't do anything then go to the head teacher and complain to them and don't put up with it it's not fair because that's ruining your education in your future and see ya that's it I think I hope this was helpful for you all I hope you will have a really good time at college uni school wherever and I will see you next time with another video don't forget subscribe don't forget to Like and if there's anything out there that helped you with your education with how you work please feel free to put it in the description box step in the scription box in the comment section at the bottom so that other people can maybe get help from it ok so that's it I'll see you next time with video bye capstone real estate los angeles for money Simon Business School.

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