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Enterprise risk management degree iowa order

Enterprise risk management degree iowa order do my capstone definition business hamlet prince of denmark analysis essay ´╗┐yes wagwan people is devil football banner show quick video I'm doing a review for the Arsenal game I'm an Arsenal fan away to swansea now I gave you Liverpool fans a lot of a lot of grief from lose it to Swansea and guess what we lost a Swansea uh I was actually gonna go to this game and I made the decision not to make the long journey down there and out the things that I needed to do early tomorrow and whatnot and I'll tell you what there's nothing worse than having a long ass away trip when you lose a game which really on paper you shouldn't lose so in a way III escaped torture there but you know what first I'm gonna start with all situation of the day the whole at-bat me hangin different there's been a lot of hype around Arsenal Football Club in the minor because of her Barry yang and Mecca Tyrion and signings and whatnot but let's break it down there by my own fingers been on the cards for a long time and we sent a delegation over to Dortmund to get it sorted dormant hearts for a price we low boredom as Arsenal do all the time it's just constant with us they give you a price so it's like me going to the corner shop and saying to the brother I want a packet of hula hoops and a hula hoops of 50 p.m. you know what I'm gonna give you 35 pence you can say no I want my 50 P I'm gonna give you 45 pence and I come back tomorrow view the other five pins I have 50 P in my pocket why would I not give bossman 50 P that's Astle Football Club every transfer we do is like that but basically that we've saved 5 million if we get a Bama yang instead of the 60 million they won and originally is now the only 50 million plus 5 million and addons so really we save five million what is five millions to arc to Arsenal Football Club ridiculous anyway now looks like we're getting him so let's move on to the Swans again now going into the game was sort of the lineup and to be honest I don't like seeing Xhaka in midfield next to Ramsay don't like it reason being is Randy is not disciplined enough going backwards to help Jack on Xhaka is is left with too much to do in midfield he's not mobile enough he's not disciplined enough mentally to do the defensive side of the job he's let people run past him constantly constantly it's like a fat man in a marathon people just running past him constantly never tracks you know he's he gives the ball away of stupid areas he has like just moments of stupid anyway just give the ball away so if you're gonna have him as your as you're holding man in in midfield you're gonna have problems and that's exactly what happened so you know we go one no down Sam Lucas Sam Lucas from from Hull summer signing for force onesies are in a decent season but you know he's not world beer yeah he scores first goal actually we took the lead I forgot we took the lead I absolutely forgot that we totally yeah mommy ow Marco's an ox's season let's call it again and then we went and allowed them to equalize just like that just like that one that's how quick it was I forgot we even scored yeah and then the second goal was an absolute horror show and second off Petr Cech involved Petr Cech is not good goalkeeper anymore you know he's a legend dunk everybody's a legend but he's no good goalkeeper anymore which makes me it hurts my heart that we sold Chesney for next to nothing to your Ventus please someone explain this transfer to me right you've got his knee whoo yes okay he he wasn't the best coffee when I asked him he's gone to Italy he's done wonders at Roma so much so that they wanted him the event to show interest now a few Ventus one of the biggest clubs in the world champions league all the time you know the most successful Club in Italian football they want Chesney now the goalkeeper at Juventus I'm not sure if anyone knows this is probably the best goalkeeper of all time booth one so if they see shares me as as being good enough to replace boo for a long term why do we not see him good enough to play for Arsenal Football Club now why are we got a a pa check there who's just you know Siena is the rest of his career shares neeshub our first choice goalkeeper for the next god knows how long so that transfer pissing me off forget Sanchez that transfer doesn't make any sense that was the point was that you know what think I might have to go he's lost to plot that was it right there so yeah pa check gives give Swansea a call are you pops it in a net yeah and then we go and lose free one basically cookus gets another one making quickest out like you some Brazilian coup Canal dough or something so yeah free one and we lose to swansea now firstly youngness I'm gonna say this come at me at em day we lost full play fair play to Swansea you know they've got a new manager and they're doing bits under the new manager the guys getting a result so Fair Play they know what I got out and I were they're not and you know their plan to their strengths and they've got some good results fair play when you're down the bomb you get scrappy you need results they're getting it but Arsenal should be better than that we should be better than that but I'm not taking anything away from Swansea I won't do that yeah I mean um I don't even know where we go for me and now it looks like we could the bank fee might go through that's another thing I want to talk about guru-guru should even be in the squad right if it's if you want a bad name and the whole transfer is hinging on on Chelsea been out to get Giroux in order for batch way to go to Dortmund why put drew in the squad forevermore we're now chasing a goal we put you on the pitch do you know how unbelievably irresponsible it is if he gets injured and Chelsea pull out a deal we don't get a Bama now why would you do that you put yourself in a situation that you really don't need to put yourself in it's dumb so drew comes on he doesn't get a goal you know we end up we end up losing the game and that's probably his last performance for footy Arsenal imagine his mind he's faking right if I get injured now I'm not gonna get my move and I won't get again I won't get to go to the World Cup why would he go out and try hard why would he go out and give his all thinking that he might get injured and missed the World Cup when he could just you know wander around for a bit and go Chelsea and play some games to try and get himself to a World Cup van gogh's lost the plot he's lost the plot he's got going as far as I'm concerned I am of it I love what he's done for the club and I respect what he's done I respect what he's done in football but there comes a time you know it's just not going to happen anymore you don't mean no relationships finished we're both just sitting there I'm in the front room she's in the bedroom but both watch a TV we're both watching the same program but we're just not doing it together it's finished it's time to move out collect your stuff go off you go so yeah that's the Arsenal you know the trials of an Arsenal friend you know I mean and this is why I keep saying to Liverpool fans I know I take the piss out of you lot but we are basically the same Club you don't understand we are basically one of the same I understand what you guys are going through yeah you guys go I understand what we're going through we're both just not very good at what we're supposed to be good at but I'm gonna still giving you guys I'm still going to give you a lot of because that's what I do I'm a banner I'm in the football banner show that's what we're about banner so I'm still gonna give it but I could take a look big shoulders big shoulders so yeah Devereux out football bonus show footballs a funny old game in it do my capstone management towson Russell Sage College, Troy.

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