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Enterprise risk management conference exhibit order

Enterprise risk management conference exhibit order capstone in public administration marist hp ml310e cashback ´╗┐hi my name is Caleb Tucker with emergency water and I'm a water treatment professional I created the easy drum cycler to easily clean your barrels of water without leaving harmful chemical residues it was recently featured on Kickstarter and raised a bunch of money and people from all over the USA are buying it you're smart if you have drums for water storage it's an inexpensive way to store lots of water however if you don't routinely clean it the water can get stale and bacteria can start to grow it can be a real hassle to keep clean but there is an easy way to do it with the easy drum cycler imagine your drum is like this flask in my lab the dye in the flask is the residue that builds up in your drum over time when I turn on the tap new water comes in and the old water is completely cycled out the easy drum cycler operates in the same way when you add leach connect the 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interlocks it back there and really torque it down so you don't get any leaks while you're cycling's okay now let's focus on the exhaust port the exhaust port has a coarse thread a little seal here a slot for your multi-purpose wrench and a 90 degree elbow that terminates in a mail garden hose connection let's just wind up with a coarse thread get it to hand tight and things I want to grab your multi-purpose wrench find the sides with one notch and line that edge up with a slot on top of your component and really torque it down it's important to note that these components have 90 degree elbows so you don't put undue stress on your garden hose to get any kinks on the exhaust port and the water can't escape it could be pretty messy okay this is my hose that I have connected to my tab this is a water safe hose which means that it's been fda-approved and doesn't contain lead they're generally white this is a marine hose this is what I recommend for you to use on your Inlet port on your easy drum cyclers okay so connect the Watersafe hose to your Inlet port at the port with a wide three-quarter inch female-to-female garden hose adapter you might be able to get this hand tight enough so that it doesn't bleed but if you don't just get a channel lock wrench and make sure that it's tight enough okay now it's time to connect the exhaust port up to the Dontos okay I have these on hose here and it doesn't really matter what kind of hose you use for this as long as it's relatively clean hose I got this one for $10 at Home Depot and it's about 25 feet you want to go ahead and connect it to the exhaust port and you can put the end of this hose out in your garden out in the yard or if your hose isn't long enough just find a drain inside the house the end of this hose is going to go into my kitchen sink make sure you check for any kinks that may be in the exhaust hose because the water can't escape it can spell potential danger for your drum okay so we've connected the inlet port we've connected the exhaust port and we are now cycling because they just turned the tap water on the water is coming in from tap and it's going out into my kitchen sink you might notice as you're cycling that there might be a little bit of crowning on the lid of the drum which means that's not completely flat like it was before but there's a little crown that just means there's a little bit of positive pressure inside the drum it's no cause for alarm I've designed the components to reduce the pressure down from 40 psi in your wall down to about five psi Insights drum that five psi will lift the drum up a little bit and give you a little crowning but at the end of the one hour of cycling you can turn out the water and it will return back to normal one thing that you want to check to make sure that your flow rate isn't too fast let's get a 5 gallon bucket and measure the water coming out at the end of the hose and make sure that you're not getting more than four gallons per minute out of these sauces I'll show you and we've collected about three and a half knock by four gallons which is an excellent flow rate if you find that you're getting more than four gallons per minute you might want to turn your water down just a little bit so you don't put any undue pressure on your drum before you try this at home read all of the instructions visit my website at emergency water Corp com to ask any questions and to place an order I really look forward to helping you please don't delay visit my website and bye now internet of things technologies for healthcare pdf Herkimer County Community College.

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