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Enterprise risk management bc government order

Enterprise risk management bc government order do my assessing the value of enterprise risk management deloitte personal narrative writing prompts for 8th grade ´╗┐so ladies and gentlemen welcome back to another online ranked match today we are gonna play with the Giants it's a lot of controversy of what happened with Geno Smith and Eli Manning being benched which I I agree that Eli Manning is an absolute legend and you got a ride away with Eli man but nonetheless Geno's sniffs should be making as I'm recording this early Sunday morning like 5 a.m. exactly 5 a.m. the game hasn't happened yet but by time you guys seen this the game might have just started or had I'm not showing them upload it but so nonetheless wanted to get you wanted to throw Geno out here on these ranch streets NFL Football Giants Geno Smith let's do the damn thing see you beautiful bastards on the field all right so we get matched up with the Pittsburgh Steelers and that's a good matchup why we're super wise we have Antonio Brown on one side on the other side we have obj weight as obj I wouldn't even think I can use him records he's injured I don't think he'll be a so be eligible for me to use [Music] or maybe he's not in I don't know listen I haven't seen anything about the Giants until this whole genome misting zap I would run about their damn roster old engineer was not what I thought it was like gone potentially like with the seasons [Applause] like I veered to the right like everything that I do is like legit a second later like it's very frustrating like I did it some how much you know let me know if you can hear they listen to this I mama go down on the page now it's better now it's better I'm gonna edit this out you're not gonna see this I don't give a damn what you say Matt fat Will Smith take care of him oh look at Gino with the dots though I'll see you Gino who needs eel a meanie who needs Alisha Bartholomew meaning well you got a genome they go whoa let's lizard my way into three yards and no business getting three yards I don't know I'm making one hot rod or less I don't need time oh it's a night set the Mako they lose lose they lose say with me you're a little loose I mean we just gonna give me this inside baby i'ma go deep inside that inside if you let me holy input lag brah good discretion and I made it and I made it that kickers that go dad kickers the go left foot it bastard all right I was a good good drive right there good solid Drive it's confusing with all these white on white thankfully he got those bright-ass yellow pants oh good throw he record it near the satellites too huh long hair don't care runner in ski runner real ski oh come on man we cannot let let me on get loose man it's gonna be a long long day for us if we do let's go big tackles big tackles Oh Ben Big Ben you don't do it directly to me you just thank you oh yeah we Christmas ain't for another up teen Daisy just gonna go ahead and give me a gift thank you thank you please I mean I don't even know what did I did to deserve dad listen I returned the favor next time I play the Steelers not this game though I'm not liking them block shits show listen I don't know okay listen i'ma need you to come down now hit me like that all right relax but I don't know about y'all but Jeannot Jeannot daughter damn saying though you know thorn the dots even this giant saw his ankles just done I didn't get my joke off because of the lag Oh wrong button I hit why I mean I hit a and it was why engage eight this man just didn't give a damn Oh get down the Barbie sled Jeannot Jeannot Jeannot listen come yes down I tried to slide I tried to slide I tried to goodness grace is jino you gotta have a quicker slide than that I mean you're gonna be quickly did it oh you almost had it it could be quicker than that whoa biggie [Applause] don't break me don't break me don't break me what how the second guy just completely just nudge him and not do anything [Applause] come on man really really is that is that what we're doing I guess we're even he over to a wide-open passport pic we'll let him shed a 15-yard loss of a sack thankfully look at me controlling the safety the slot was so wide open because I'm moving three seconds after I hit a button replay mom what's his innocence I know I have my tackling unaggressive but it's like he's not even making any jokes or anything like that [Applause] 2:30 [Applause] come on nice pun nine yards earlier [Applause] we're just getting beat by swing routes because I can't my user is it there's nothing I can do there's nothing I can do with with this delay is terrible [Applause] good play I got to play the run there's RA like I have to [Applause] all right I don't know if I can been happening to me like three games in a row errs like it's just so I'm just trying to play mad and have fun that's all I'm trying to do later look at that I can't I can't cut upfield the hole was like clearly wide open right it was it was wide open wide open for me to run right up field to the hole boy I couldn't by the time I hit up you gonna do oh my god it's that bad I can't move inside the pocket it's terrible but then it's like perfectly fine on this kick [Applause] put the Hawaiians at Mars my safety blitzing now I don't know how the hell I was able to use it at considering I'm two seconds behind goodness gracious so big run one thing I definitely do not want to do is kick a field goal cuz lord knows I'm not gonna be able to make it and that's I'm close enough to where like the p80 were just that wasn't even really too close either [Applause] but look at that ain't why would I can't control my guy man actually that wasn't too bad actually got a lot better hold your block there buddy the planets complain it's a gain of five I know he anything he was the only one that cash Wang route I mean Gino is just dotting this guy up is that a hundred percent for Gino oh he shot the perfect get to ask and he shall receive or I shall receive or just ask Gino he'll do it or he was gonna do it anyways or just Jimmy Gino just put the team on your back one time how did he score last time well we got a pic but his one score what was it from I don't remember [Applause] [Music] whoo big sack I can't even move you just you know everything I had all my blocking is not conservative run he's still just running I mean my tackling is not conservative he's still just running through people by them bouncing off of guys that we can tackle if I'm you know like risking no fumbles whatsoever from hard hits like I should rarely miss the tackle like if I'm never gonna get a turnover right I'm never gonna get a big hit fumble throws like a chicken with my head cut off right there [Applause] oh my god what the hell did my corner do jealousy came down and just backed off at the last second thank you big sack look at look at look at man if you guys wanna just rewind and just look at my user I'm holding left the entire time and I don't even move I'm not even moving I can't even control my think I was gonna say thank you get me out of this game because it's bad terrible like this isn't even fun this is just frustrating thank you my get me out of this damn game [Applause] well ladies and gentlemen my boy Gino absolutely tore it up and destroyed the Pittsburgh Steelers even with a perfect passer rating of 1/8 one 58.3 excuse me you see my boy Gino 6 for 6 with the tuddy hopefully you guys enjoyed me going through this absolute Matt and I know that delay was gonna happen because it happened to previous two games I played to record from my my channel so I knew it was gonna happen again but I sit through this frustrations and you didn't like you legit just want to break something like it's so frustrating man now let's take a look seal my opponent was my opponent was actually one in 1 so he's actually just starting but again hopefully you guys enjoyed your boy Jess we're gonna go on out of a signing out peace write for me capstone brokerage inc New Brunswick Theological Seminary.

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