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Enterprise risk management as per companies act 2019 order

Enterprise risk management as per companies act 2019 order do my capstone chattanooga san ei n78 review of literature ´╗┐what's going on guys this is Vince with v shred comm and in today's video I'm going to show you six shoulder exercises that you can do using just a resistance band [Music] so like I said today's video I'm gonna show you a couple exercises that you can do to work your shoulders and this is going to work all areas of your shoulders and this is mainly for those of you who don't have time to go to the gym maybe you don't have a gym membership or don't have one near your house or can't afford it whatever it might be resistance bands are very cheap so you can go ahead get yourself one and do any of these exercises and it's a little windy out here sorry if the audio is a little messed up but I'm gonna get right into the first one is going to be resistance bands shoulder press and so this is just going to be a very similar to like a dumbbell shoulder press or a barbell shoulder press all you're going to do is get this hooked under your feet and you want to get it to the resistance is not too difficult right here because this is going to be the lowest point of the exercise so it's going to be difficult but then once you get up here this band is going to stretch out more and become increasingly more difficult so you want to make sure that you can handle it up here so drop down to the side you want your elbows to not be completely out to the side of you you want to be slightly forward press forward and that just helps just helps me feel it better in my the deltoid muscle actually rather than actually putting myself at at risk of injury so out to the side press up you want to feel the tension all the way throughout focusing on one controlled movement also be careful not to go down too low to where you could end up injuring your shoulder again I'm going to stop maintain contraction push up just like that that's the first exercise just to rig the shoulder press next exercise is going to be another common shoulder exercise that you typically do with dumbbells or with a cable here is just going to be a lateral raise so you're going to put it your feet more a little closer together that way you don't have as much resistance when you bring this up because this exercise is going to be a little harder than say a shoulder press so put your feet all the way together and then from here what you're gonna do is you're gonna focus on pushing your hands out to the side rather than actually lifting them up I find that when I try to lift them up I engage too much of my traps versus when I press out to the side I feel it more in my deltoids my lateral head so from here what you're going to do is focus on your elbows going out to the side holding that returning back down starting position out holding that for turning down to position yes like that as the second exercise third exercise we're going to get back into another press this one's going to be a Bradford press so with this one what you're going to do is it's a very similar to a regular shoulder press but instead of just doing a shoulder press to the front like that you're actually going to press up down you're going to go down in front of your body then you're going to press up and you're going to go down behind your body up and front up behind up in front up behind and this just helps me feel it in multiple different heads in my shoulder versus just feeling it in one specific part and just stimulates other muscle fibers so that you can stimulate more muscle growth so that's going to be the third exercise of the Bradford press after that we're going to have front raises so this one you're going to put your feet close together again because it can't get difficult and a very similar thing to remember here has width same thing with the lateral raises instead of lifting this weight up you want to actually press it out in front of you that way you actually feel it in that front deltoid like you should be because when you lifting it up a lot of times I feel it in my trap again so with this weight hold it down here and you don't want to start right in front of your body you actually want to start a little bit out in front of you you're gonna go start right there press your arms out in front go up to just about shoulder level and then back down out in front shoulder level back down press forward back down pressed forward back down so that's going to be the next exercise after that we're going to have a rear delt fly so with this you can tuck it under your feet and you can do rear delt flies out like that instead of doing that because that can even get difficult even with a band that's not very heavy you can just grab it just like that and then from here you can take your arms and you can bring them out to the side and this is this for me is a lot easier just to maintain tension on my rear delt because you are supposed to be working this rear delt muscle right here the rear delt bundle of fibers just like that bring it out to level with your body or parallel to your body and back in front of you bring it out to the side back in front of you out to the side back in front of you that's gonna be a fifth exercise and the final exercise is going to be a great one for that the medial deltoid that middle delt the side delt as some people call it and what you're going to do is again put this down in between your feet and with these I like to spread my feet a little bit just because this exercise is not as hard to say a lateral raise anything like that what you're going to do is be focusing on lifting these handles out in front of your body but you're not lifting you're not focusing on lifting with your hands because then you're gonna end up engaging too much of your bicep you actually want to lead with your shoulder and that way you're actually going to target your lead with your elbow sorry and then you're actually going to target your shoulder a lot better and feel the contract feel the tension a little bit more so from here bring your elbows up leading with your elbow bring it up leading with your elbows and I only like to bring it about to neck level because anywhere past that and I start feeling it just now I don't feel it in my shoulder anymore so from here bring it up leave it with your shoulder back down one controlled motion so that is going to be the sixth and final exercise so there you have it six shoulder exercises that you can do using just a resistance band so if you don't have access to a gym get yourself a resistance band and you can get a full shoulder workout if you're looking for more workouts just like this I do have a private membership site that has workouts just like this loaded up in it and they get updated all the time and you get a free training or you get a training plan and a meal plan updated for your body type every single month on the dot and it only cost a dollar to sign up so if you want to check that out click the link in the description right below this video other than that if you guys like this video like these exercises make sure you click on the thumbs up button below leave in any comments questions or concerns in the comment section and then last but not least make sure you are smashing that subscribe button and a little notification bell right next to the subscribe button that way you actually get notified when I post a new video so thanks for watching guys and I will see you in the next one [Music] you capstone projects for bsn nursing online SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry.

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