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Enterprise risk management actuary

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two spot yeah watch the way he makes his way through the pack here it is look in the back and high sides up it looks like Mike Brown no there wasn't attention or anything but it looks like a pro circuit rider and he just he gets sideways goes down doesn't even make it to the first turn and then Brandis get the clip he goes down at least he hit somewhere soft didn't get run over too much but pursuer I can't even believe me sure he's happy to be back but not like this and you know what he'll turn this into instead of being like oh dang it he's gonna turn this into a challenge the title isn't a big deal there he goes around the inside fast about four more guys he'll turn this into a challenge like a video game ally let me see how many guys like his bass if I can win I would be so cool in this place it's going to come unglued if he catches Tedesco if he gets to the top three the place is going to come on blue jinx Stewart in 40th place now we have to 35th meanwhile I was a Tesco not seen number 259 he's got to be thinking his Yamaha spit Ford's got to be saying check out do not get anywhere near Stuart round or the rest of the crew well he doesn't have brown or for Langston area the heavy hitters right behind him Sellars is in there he's shocked but surely running second I don't think poses a huge threat the Tedesco right now nothing against Hurley but he you know he hasn't proven to be a front running for the whole tire moto and you can already see the gap is rising Tedesco got a real opportunity here you know one time pull off last week I really thought he had done something to doing something that was it every time this guy gets going something happens but I'm glad to see he's back out there and I know he's pumped to have a lead right now number 51 the ping David Pingree has moved into fourth place you wanna read a funny article pick up the latest edition of Racer X magazine electronic pinging one of the funniest things you'll ever read meanwhile folks at Yamaha got 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racetrack because his balance is so good and he rides at a fast pace so often that even a little mistake like that it would really cost somebody else he can pull up get out of it make it look pretty good short smile like that how is he passing me right there what did I do wrong that's the Stuart for you look how much more speed he carries everywhere and I'll guarantee you this is fun right now for oh yeah because he can look across the track and see that he's gaining on the leader so I don't think he's panicking he's just having a blast one it's kind of cool I'm working my way in and out of all these guys and you know the crowd is into it the whole way he's cleaning off of that as well gets to tear off away and now he's starting to work on number 102 that is shame best the ECC's bouzouki rider and here comes Stewart it becomes the Stewart watch as we take a break we'll be back to Budds Creek in just a moment you research topics in management information systems Bronx campus.

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