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Emily baker capstone underwriters

Emily baker capstone underwriters do my capstone hme tuscaloosa al difference between two way anova and repeated measures anova ´╗┐what up proposition I like to go on the opposition a very good afternoon to the house at large now first of all outside opposition I'm going to engage with one side proposition has brought our core and in this debate by way of rebuttal and then following subheading the first being economic effects the second being influenced and disturbing the issue of conditional investment after which I will further move on to my substantive matter which deals with an incentive for African Development now first of all let's look at this first very presumptuous assumption that was made by side proposition they claim that we are only talking about loans but have not failed to logically realize that Lowe's was simply an example used by my colleague here to analyze what exactly is going on and to actually drive home the pot now let's look further at economic effects now the real issue that's coming out here is that China are just coming in and looking for their own interest now we are saying that's okay China is not a charity case china opens we look up for itself but what we need to realize is that china is out for this very interesting english term mutual benefit that means it's not grown for China to benefit from this investment but by the same token we were kind of benefiting oh thank you models happening right now so technically at that point is really unrealistic and the second issue of China only forty percent of their resources we are saying if China can own forty percent of those resources and can develop them and help Africans to benefit from those resources then by only one at China over 34 and again if they jumped if those resources are just standing stagnant then where will the African Development come in because it is clear that Western countries are the ones who are after the non benefit of Africa moving to this issue of influence the idea was that the Westerners will be less influential and China will be more influential but we are saying the onus is on African leaders to see how they need to benefit from this Chinese investment that is dream go forth and actually china is bring so much to the table in form of employment and other things which i would like to elaborate on and actually the West poses more risk of putting out simply because their requirements for investment in Africa are so much higher than those posts by Island therefore creating an increased opportunity for the Africans to benefit from such invented the second issue that was touched on was that of human rights now it's a well-known fact that china is coming from a messy background of human rights and therefore they are still recovering and yes indeed are all against the oppression of human rights non-interference should not be confused with the propagation of drawn methods the fact that they do not interfere does not mean they are endorsing with your bad little practice anything cool exam yeah the mining practices there were the laborers were complaining of what happened what did China do they openly criticized the owners and managers of that mind so what does that tell you let's think about that now let's move on to this issue of conditional invest now once again this has been tackled by the act that I totally given a distinction between non-interference the propagation of a particular vice and after trailer came under fire for totally not commenting on the crisis in Sudan it was observed that China good indeed advocates for the propagation of those UN troops to go in and help them the fact is that they had a mutual bond interference policy now I'm going to move on to my substantive matter no thank you let's look at insertion for African Development first of all we need to understand that there are various development indicators a couple of examples of development indicators we have education we have debt levels and we have infrastructural development now let's consider education China's contribution to the betterment of education systems have been great in Africa because China has this relationship due to the investment that is being brought forth that allows its people the African people to go to China come back to Africa and use their skills and knowledge and allows the Chinese to go from China and come into Africa and help in any way they can and we believe this is a direct result of the investment agreements in a minute of the investment agreements that have been going on with China and Africa go assuming for not considering that this was true why would this be any different with the waist and convenience if indeed he was listening he would have helped that the benefits that come from Chinese investment are far greater than those from Western investment simply because the Westerners are looking out for their own interests which we are not saying China is doing but the difference is that china is looking out for the interests of Africa as well as they are striving to have this mutual Genesis so indeed moving back to issue an invitation because of the investment China is making also in the education systems of Africa that is this increase of literacy rate inheritance increase in development because as I stated earlier education is a huge development indicator now let's hook onto this issue of infrastructural development now it was correct it was about my proposition that China does look into manufacturing industry as perhaps its main baby but yes indeed because of this China is able to offer jobs and use production methods which are easily copied by the local people an example of this in the 1980s and 1990s there was a rush of hong kong investment into nigeria and during that period there was also a propagation of local nigerian traders or local nigerian producers who were able to photocopy those methods and use those methods for their own investment so clearly there was a very good chance for upscale and development yeah you need to make comparative analysis when you're looking please show us one that can be done under the Americans thank you sir comparative analysis is made by the third speaker but anyway I'll just delve into that quickly look the point is that Westerners have proven through history and time that when things get tough they run about but Chinese investment has proven through history and time that when they stick around there they transferring development and when things get tough they don't run clearly because they fold that get that came in when the Western is left where are the guilty now moving them to this issue of infrastructural development as I had mentioned there is a real transfer of skill and indeed a huge impediment certainly because wisdom production methods are tailored for the Western world and clearly there is no cutting Africa is no western wall but with the Chinese they are sensitive to the needs of Africa to make their production methods more feasible that they may get clearly involved in this so a quick rundown of what has happened in this very brief almost seven minutes first of all I was able to counteract whatever was brought about by side proposition showing you that they have not yet show this why Western investment is significantly better and more beneficial than Chinese investment secondly I'll talk to him in an incentive for African Development stating that because Chinese investment supports the various development indicators it provides an incentive for Africans to develop on their own and propagate their own maturity and because of this we can clearly say that China promotes mutual benefit and that is what we don't like opposition are advocating for benefits get it investor and benefit for the recipient while that opposition seems to be leaning towards the line that says benefit for only the investor never mind about them you enterprise risk management jobs nyc for money Columbia College.

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