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Embry riddle capstone project examples online

Embry riddle capstone project examples online write for me kapstone kraft paper charleston sc of presentational skills ´╗┐hi my name is Andrew robster and welcome to the back office today i'm going to be reviewing some American jerky products so here we have a product called a slim jim and we have some teriyaki beef jerky and some spicy sweet beef jerky so I'm going to start with the oberto brand spicy sweet beef jerky because I've actually already had a little bit earlier earlier as a snack so let me tell you the ingredients are the ingredients are beef brown sugar water regular sugar salt spices and natural flavorings and it goes on to list the natural flavorings beef stock apple juice concentrate and natural smoke flavor so it's 80 calories per serving and there's three servings in a pack the cost is and if you can see that seven dollars 49 so that's quite expensive i believe it was bought in airport let's go ahead and find it is super hard to describe the smell from this bag it is absolutely amazed oh my gosh brilliant okay right so look this is the jerky now I can feel it texture and my fingers already it's slightly soft and yielding it actually feels like a piece of steak and even looks like a piece of steak it's a you can see this red color it's actually almost translucent when I hold it up to the light here I can actually see right through it so I can see my shadow my finger through that meet you can see it's got some lovely spices already on it there's some chili peppers and some various powers try to see how yielding is in my hand oh yeah look see it's very sweet the first thing that hits you is that sweetness and I think that's from the apple juice our final piece mm-hmm very sweet slightly spicy that's the chilies you can tell you can taste each other the chili favorite sweetness or build as you chew chew it in your mouth yep good tooth feel is to write them out bite bit like an al dente pasta and when you swallow it you don't you're slightly spicy taste in your mouth so it's not one of those very heavily hot spiced Jerky's you can find if you are used to having and built homes things like that you'll probably find this quite mild ok let me want so here one where the seal has been broken so this is some oberto teriyaki beef jerky it's a premium steak with natural smoke flavor added so the ingredients here are beef brown sugar soy sauce whole bunch of ingredients for the soy sauce salt apple juice concentrate natural smoke flavor so it almost sounds like it's the same set of ingredients as the spicy sweet beef jerky but with the addition of soy sauce nutrition is still 80 calories per serving still three servings per pack cost of seven dollars 49 oh no alright so I failed already five per semester with the top there we go so your smell test okay it's small son little bit more kami nomi let the see this is that same see this would be sweet be jerky is there one unpleasant is just different they're so fun I mean it's called along your mom is up is that savory smell the Sawyer's coming out there okay let's just jump straight and get one slightly darker right away until it's a doctor piece of meat very soft you my to see no that's not noticeable spicy like that so it's lacking the surface pepper on the surface it's just get plain me now this is very good for those of you who like you're joking mild such as incredibly subtle flavor it's no way near responsys the spicy sweet beef jerky that maybe the spicy beat the spicy sweet be jerky it actually tastes my power because this is very difficult to text touching the maiden rotondo going like eating a piece of steak flavors good old the spiders on plasma is just different once you get used to I think it become quite addicted to this teriyaki a permissive flavor that's very popular in the United States but we have a lot less over in the UK so when I was exposed to it but it's certainly something that will go on then don't be much flavor in the map there is just a slide off the taste of sweetness that leader sugar in it yeah it's another good jackhammer I'm going to sip on tonight in both these bags click now be my own now slim jims I think we've seen these a lot in the UK on TV shows from the states where some will be stopping up at a gas station buying some in a fuel or their copy of the gas station to buy the tour and picking up some slim jims so that's what we're will have seen them now I put them i look at this i think a pep rally you have that pop a proper popular product when you take all the pepper army it's very much similar sort of neat package and the pack yourself some money product alright already just by squeezing this it's very soft there's no way you could do that with a pepper bar in the upper body this thing this is a very soft / concoction to smoke stack smoke a snack stick that's a wreck on it they're not claiming its own you meet or anything they're just gonna get a big hat okay and the ingredients are beef pork and khaki separated chicken water textured soy flour corn syrup salt the whole bunch of other chemicals okay serving sizes one package 55 grams I might that will give you 270 calories per serving so it's quite nine calories you'd have to work that out to see exactly what's the percentage are how it compares to the beef jerky right I think we'll just go ahead and have a bite shall we I'm just going to rip this okay so it comes in two pieces and so I guess you can take one of those pieces in your lunch box not as easy to open as a pepper army okay it smells a little bit like barbecued shoe leather that's the only way describing that smell ooh oh dear okay it is awful I'll tell you what it's got a very soft texture Oh No let me see if I can show you as you're biting into it do you see how it's squishing out there it's very soft it's almost as if it's see them flip that focus for you there we go it's it's almost as if the material inside is a very loose fiber here it's nothing like it doesn't actually even taste like meat it doesn't resemble meet in the same way that pepper ami dusk or sausage it's almost a bit like mdf mdf mixed with lard or dripping and injecting 22 ok I'll try to be a bit more objective Oh incredibly strong tasting and the taste is a little bit like creosote and wood chippings having after that anyway you could describe it it's a bit like a chipboard creosote large cake it's been injection molded into a paper tube it's kind of got papery skin on it yeah greasy oily tari taste incredibly unpleasant but when that juice builds up in my mouth true that nice swallow that juice it makes me want to gag is that bad or anyone who knows me knows like will eat anything but this is really awful I've never this sort of reaction before I think I think it's going to go on a very small list probably the list only contains one thing of things i'll probably never eat again and that is one of these slim jims I don't know if they come in other flavors I suspect they do you know the flavors might be better but oh I look I don't know I am continuing to eat it so I'm for I don't like wasting food but I'm not even sure you could describe this as food really oh ok so to conclude a birthday brand beef jerky very good I suspect any any they make it is good to the probably other flavors of the top mayor I couldn't think of any maybe maybe I can do a curry beef jerky that might be nice and I'll just put piece in my mouth to get rid of that tasteless ningen slim jim got another lot of it slipping awful just disgusting I'd love to hear your comments from you early in the US who you know clearly these are pop you're over there maybe I've got it wrong maybe I'm missing something please let me know maybe this is a bad batch let me know you feel on either ease products and i'll be happy to comment please click Subscribe I don't efforts there or they're all there and I really appreciate your comments and likes thanks everybody write for me capstone audio books Hartwick College, Oneonta.

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