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Electronic paper technology pdf for money

Electronic paper technology pdf for money do my capstone advisory group minnesota sunnyfields day nursery ofsted report ´╗┐hey guys it's your boy McFly here and today I have for you and ultimate team trading tips video basically what you're going to see in this video is I've taken the two teams that I made for my around the world series the italian team and the English team and I'm going to be selling off all those players on this video as you're going to see I'm not going to go through you know each player right now but you're going to see basically what i bought the player for and what I'm listing them for and you're going to see you at the end of the video how much profit I made on these players and now the tips I have for you you know today I have a you know a couple tips that I want to just share with you guys the first tip I guess is on what day you buy your players and it sounds silly really but it really has a lot to do with a you know how much you're going to pick them up for and ultimately how much profit you're going to be able to get from them I like to pick up my players on like Wednesday's when the new team of the week's come out just because you know a lot of people are opening packs and a lot of people are selling their players way cheap you know they just put them up for 150 coins and just see what happens also obviously the market if you can't ever look at how many auctions are on on Wednesdays you know and averages I think I like 1.5 million auctions usually every time on wednesday which is crazy i mean there's there's plenty of players or just players in every formation and it's really the perfect time to build your team for the most profit when that when selling them later another thing i want to mention that has to a lot to do with it is never getting it like bidding wars over a player you know usually nine out of ten times if I I'm trying to get a player and I can see that there's kind of like a bidding war every time I put a bid somebody else places a bit right after me I usually just move on to to another player because that's what you you're going to end up paying you know more than you want to so it's good to always know like the the average price of the player and obviously try to pick up the player for underneath the average price 30 selling for on the market that's basically you know nothing crazy but that's what I do and it tends to be pretty good success the other thing I want to mention is when picking up players that I guess you would call your bench players or you know your players you just add to the team to kind of fill out the team you know you never really have too much plans on starting them is that you want to pick them up for 300 coins I'd say you know between 300 and 500 coins you know you're 76 rated i'd say between 76 and 80 rated gold players non rares because basically what you're going to do is you're going to pick them up for around 300 you know I attend a pick mine up for like 300 350 if you can get to that price that that's what you want to be paying and and then what you're going to basically do is you're just going to double your your money you're going to basically put them up at 600 or 650 by now and if they're in a good League like the Premier League the Bundesliga you know Liga BBVA they're going to so you know pretty quickly a suit assuming they're in a good formation that's the other little tip don't get don't buy players in like five back formations or three back formations you want to try to stick to do you know your for backs your 4 12 and tues your you know your your good solid for back formations you know that just leads to the the most success and basically yeah I mean I that's what i've been doing i mean to just to mention some players that i always see on the market that you can easily double your money on your your Dawson's on spurs tim howard if you ever see tim howard lurking around for three 300-400 coins you can easily double your money on him a couple other examples would be Ben Foster on West Brom well as Joe Allen from Liverpool you see them on the market a lot and they were almost always sell for double their price maybe even a little bit more than double the price if as long as you put them in a by now another tip I want to give you guys is also what time you go on the market to purchase your players I find it like for me when I get on around I'd say you know anywhere between 8 p.m. and midnight is probably you know your best bet as far as finding the least amount of people bidding on players and obviously if you can get on when there's not that many people on to bid on a player then you're obviously going to get the player at the best price which will lead you you know to your best profit so in a minute here you're going to see what the players actually ended up selling for I can tell you that i believe the the italian team actually went for the most profit that's probably because i bought most of those italian players kind of like an off-peak time and that's the other thing if you're going to buy players on off-peak time as long as you buy players that aren't in like the Premier League or the Bundesliga or La Liga then you're basically going to have any competition when you're bidding I mean to be honest if you're on at like 9pm 10pm and you're trying to build a Russian league or a portuguese league team there's really not going to be too many people on you know with that same idea of building that type of team at that hour and therefore you're going to be able to pick up all the players you want at whatever minimum price they're you know they're set on and so with that said you're going to see here in a second the results and through the magic of the internet here are the final results here on the players and as you can see Cahill I bought him for two thousand coins sold him for 3300 wilshire bottom for 6700 sold him for 9,000 milner picked them up for 4900 him for 50 300 coins uh Huddleston I spot him for 650 sold him for a thousand that's silvestre I picked up for 500 coins sold him for 800 I I doubled my money on a couple guys on Shawcross on a yachty doubled my money on them on Cassano I picked him up for 31 I sold him for 4,000 I doubled my money on Poli on ogbonna I picked him up for 2800 I ended up selling him for 4,000 picked up Nocerino at 25 2500 I sold him for 4,000 doubled my money on foster on Montolivo picked him up 1100 sold him for 2500 and finally here clogger Ella picked him up for 800 and I sold him for 1400 and I kind of did the math here a little bit on you know what I made in total and it turned out after e a tax to be right about eight thousand coins profit just on selling you know what is this 36 players that I sold here so you know it's a pretty good profit now here at the end of the video I'm just showing you the whole bid 300 coin method which is basically you know just bidding 300 coins on some guys and if you get them great and if you don't you know just just bid on somebody else and I ended up getting I believe a couple of these guys and you know I just it's an easy way to double your money so you know if you want to go through bid 300 coins and try to double your money on them and that is going to be the end of this first trading tips episode there will be you know more training tips episodes to come so if you guys could just like comment subscribe to this channel be greatly appreciated and this is your boy mcfly and i'll see you guys in the future thanks for watching do my ap capstone curriculum School of Humanities and Sciences.

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