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Dotted graph paper notebook order

Dotted graph paper notebook order capstone control medtronic example of good one page resume [Music] we'll begin tonight with a very serious topic drug addiction and methadone treatment now if you're not familiar with methadone it's a treatment used for addicts of opiate drugs like heroin for example now the Institute of Medicine says methadone is widely employed throughout the world and is the most effective known treatment for heroin addiction it's also an effective hiv/aids prevention method because it reduces needle sharing this according to the Journal of the American medicine but there are some red flags being waved about methadone and many say that it's dangerous and people have died from it in fact these statistics bear that out in nineteen in 2004 by the way that shows that every day 10 people died from methadone that year those numbers have been growing correspondent kitty pilgrim guess is started tonight with a report on the dangers of methadone methadone has long been a treatment for heroin addiction traditionally patients and clinics received the drug in place of heroin now methadone is being called the largest growing drug problem in the country it is being used much more by both addicts and also medical patients under a doctor's orders deaths are rising about five years ago doctors started routinely prescribing it for chronic pain such as back pain while addicts were able to tolerate the drug many average patients couldn't handle it what we see is some people don't tolerate it well at all and even after just a few doses they died with increasing deaths the FDA had to put a black box warning on methadone experts warn the drug is too unpredictable and is being overprescribed by doctors the time at which it stays in one's body is part of the problem it's unpredictable so in my body may only stay for half a day and someone else's body it may be three days so depending on the dose and the frequency of use one could easily overdose on the drug another problem is addicts are likely to abuse it methadone is a cheap second choice when other illegal drugs aren't available but mixed with other drugs like Valley or xanax it can kill in Florida emergency rooms have seen a flood of admissions with this kind of toxic mix in 2005 methadone was second behind cocaine in drug-related deaths the scary stuff one woman who can vouch for the dangers of methadone is Melissa Sephardi she had lost her fiancee Renato Capasso about a year ago to methadone overdose but Ron wasn't a heroin addict you see he was being treated with methadone in a clinic after he became addicted to painkillers following knee surgery Melissa is joining me now from Stamford Connecticut to share her story Melissa first walk us through the background on this the doctors in the clinic recommended methadone and then administered it to Ron is that what happened that is what happened are actually they had he had checked into a detoxification facility because he tried stopping the percocet himself and started feeling withdrawals he went into the clinic this it was an inpatient detox and they had given him high very high doses of methadone actually higher than what they start most heroin addicts out with and mixed it with a valium in kelowna pen he died on his fourth day while inpatient facility for days on methadone and and Ron was gone and went in for chronic pain from knee surgery did the doctors give him any counseling at all about methadone to say look Ron we're gonna give you this methadone you should know that in some cases it has proven to be fatal was there any type of counseling at all to him well since what I have to go by is the medical records there's no indication of any counseling or risks associated with it Ron also had a history of high blood pressure which the FDA did put out the warning the cardiotoxic cardiotoxicity of methadone yeah and Melissa again and I know this was painful for you and your fiance and everything but four days can you kind of give me a scenario of what those four days were like for Ron as he began his decline well he started on the methadone on the first day he checked into this detox he had no illegal drugs in his system and no legal drugs so he hadn't been taking the percocet they started him on the methadone and he was in a lot of pain from his knee but was also experiencing withdrawal symptoms so they increased his methadone along with the Valium in the kelana pin he'd been complaining of migraine headaches vomiting and insomnia prior to dying and the obviously the autopsy confirmed that it was methadone and not a combination of the other things that he was taking no it was number one cause of death was methadone toxicity acute methadone toxicity acute methadone toxicity in the in the wake of his death what have they been telling you because I know that you've been you have been on top of this and you've been pressing for some answers to this question what are they saying to you now about why this happened they don't really have any reasons as to why one of the shocking things I did find out was that this facility is not license to dispense methadone for opiate addiction so I know that the DEA is investigating the facility yeah and and and again let me back up because you said in the four days he started to get become symptomatic as to what was happening and that he was still in pain from his knee which is why he was on this to begin with correct why he was on the percocet to begin with yes right and so as he was having this is this initial pain and these symptoms did he not go back to the to the doctors or to that clinic to say look I'm having some adverse effects here and I need to be checked out well art he was inpatient at the time of his death oh he was he died inside the facility he also wasn't monitored the last time they saw him awake was at 2:00 a.m. at that time he was complaining oh the whole night he was complaining of problems and they saw him awake at 2:00 a.m. and didn't check on him again until 1:00 p.m. so you less then that either he was misdiagnosed that it could have been the methadone that was causing his discomfort or or neglected and again these are these were the allegations because I know that this is a even a legal manner it is a legal matter and they are allegations according to the medical records he was supposed to be monitored every half an hour which if he began to overdose at that point hopefully they would have been able to reverse it and Melissa for you now what can you say what would you say for anyone who obviously may be on methadone may have been thinking about methadone or just your experience in the wake of all of this well I would tell them to definitely do their homework research it don't trust what the doctors are saying because a lot of them are uneducated about methadone I've heard of it given out and people dying for reasons from migraine headaches to depression and the doctors just don't seem to know enough about the dangers associated with it and are not doing proper assessment for their patients prior to putting them on methadone what next for you where do you stand with this and and can you just give us a final update on what's going on absolutely I am a founding member of an organization called harmed helping America reduce methadone deaths and we have been appealing to the government agencies and the public to put out awareness on what is going on with these deaths they are skyrocketing since 2001 when the FDA turned over control to methadone to Samsa substance abuse and mental health administration and center for substance abuse treatment since that time methadone deaths have just risen to epidemic proportions yeah well this is a story that we'd like to stay on top of Melissa keep us posted on your efforts and again our condolences for your loss thank you very much for having me on the show capstone homes jeromesville oh for money The Ailey School (Alvin Ailey American Dance Crew).

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