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Do my www my capstone library com do my capstone title for it should cellphone use in cars be banned essay ´╗┐and and what's the data on that I mean does that does that does that broken windows policing does that actually work I mean do people know if it works the criminologist will tell you that they don't know actually that that that there are there was a profound drop in violent crime that took place all around the United States between starting in the early 90s but it took place in cities that use booked broken windows theories and cities that didn't use them so nobody knows and it's a really odd thing actually if you call criminologist and you ask them why is the crime rate dropping pretty much every single one will give you a different answer or it'll just say you know man I don't know I know the really odd I mean it's led yeah I subscribe to the to the leaded gasoline restrictions but well I mean I think I mean there's actually a lot of data that show that both nationally and internationally criminologist don't necessarily want to that's a much tougher thing for criminologist to accept because you don't you mean you don't want to be you know you don't want to you don't to be a film camera shooter and have video show up let's put it that way right but so so there's no data as to whether or not it it's successful but there's clearly data that it's focused on specific communities harassing certain specific communities and Bakey basically making certain communities feel like they're being targeted for you know crimes I've got that in quotes that they wouldn't be targeted if they were somewhere else I mean I also in New York City I mean this is a big confession day for me but back twenty years ago I was also stopped by a police officer for urinating in the city it was a construction site so it wasn't like a mystery what you really had to go I really had to go I was on my way to that frying pan I think it was like it was a it was a it was a ship on the side of like down I don't know if the Chelsea Piers before the Chelsea Piers was there and you know the cop like it was embarrassing and but then he was just like well I get going I mean the things if I was not a you know a fairly benign looking you know mid 20 25 30 year old guy would have you know could have easily been much a much uglier situation right right absolutely yeah I mean look I should say white really there I mean I hope that I said when I talk about myself at the height of this kind of loosening they were stopping about six and six hundred and fifty seven or thousand people a year in New York and that's actually at a rate that's that's significantly lower than what they were doing in places like LA and Chicago and about some consistently between 80 and 90 percent of people that stopped or black and Hispanic and this is in a city that's more than half white and in the lawsuits that came out against programs like stop and frisk you heard lots and lots of testimony some of it that came in the form of recorded remarks that that were serously taped but police officers were cops were basically told by their superiors you know I have no problem telling you that I want you to go out and stop male blacks from the age of 14 to 21 okay you know they it was really unequivocal what they were doing they there there's no question that there is a huge disparity but the argument about this isn't even about whether or not they were doing it the people who defend these programs will say well it works and that's where the crime is put it but if you look if you listen to the arguments they're not saying that they're not profiling people that what they're saying is the profiling works which is a very strange and bizarre thing well what makes it strange and bizarre just that they just don't think that the rights of these people are relevant in this conversation well it's it's it's also desire that that a lawyer would go into a courtroom accused of massive civil rights violations and specifically accused of stopping people on the basis of their skin color or or their demographic right with where they live and come back with an answer that we do this because it works right I mean that it's not even a legal defense it would be you know that it doesn't it doesn't fulfill the requirements of of counter-argument and that's one of the things that happened and in the case when when they finally went to trial about this they they didn't really have an answer for for what they were doing apart from their contention that that's where the crime is not I think that that contention is hugely flawed because if you if you were to start doing what they were doing what they do in I don't know East New York or a bed-stuy or you know in Park Hill and in in Staten Island like the really hardcore neighborhoods where they where they stop people a lot if you were to start doing that on Wall Street and start pulling up in briefcases and emptying pockets and you know doing god-knows-what I'm sure you'd rack up a huge number of drug charges and probably some other things too and you'd have plenty of resisting if you did that but the legend is that all the crime happens in these other neighborhoods and the reality of what these programs are designed to do is that they're designed really to be border enforcement and that's that's one of the things that makes it so interesting that this all this took place during the the context of Trump's run is because these broken windows programs are you know anecdotally anyway if you talk to people the the heaviest kind of enforcement takes place like sort of on the lines between neighborhoods right so if you have an upscale white neighborhood and and a black neighborhood it's it's in that were three block area between you know where the white where the black neighborhood turns into the white neighborhood that you have the highest likelihood of being stopped being frisked being asked where you're going right because what they're really trying to do is is satisfy their their this sort of wealthy white voter and donor base by making sure that the quote-unquote wrong people and wrong element doesn't end up in those neighborhoods and that's and that's what these programs end up you use being used to do it's it's it's they're kind of amorphous border at border enforcement right like some type of like they're a security force for the the metaphorically gated community I guess that exactly they don't want or they're I guess there is security force for a you know a a a gated community where where the people are not allowed to leave right right it's both things and and the interesting thing about it is it happens irrespective of who's who's the mayor what the mayor's mandate is supposed to be I mean Bill DeBlasio was elected one of the reasons he was elected is because he campaigned against all this stuff and said he wanted to change at all but the first thing he did was put the the sort of grandfather of these programs as his Commissioner Bill Bratton and it's very much like the wire if you've watched it you know what the first thing that you find out when you become mayor is that you have to satisfy a relatively small but regular revolving cast of important people in order to stay mayor and stay in power and the first thing that all these people ask for is they want to increase police protection and they want and they want it in certain places and that's what that's how somebody like Bill de Blasio goes from being a candidate against the police to being you know somebody who deployed the police in the same way that Mike Bloomberg did hi folks Sam cedar here we still need your help on our patreon page YouTube ABS have come back but not nearly as much as we had before so if you can help us out any little bit helps head over to our patreon page right at this URL and you'll help us keep helping you by making videos hands on internet of things get started with a raspberry pi order Nyack College, Nyack.

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