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Do my what is the capstone of a building

Do my what is the capstone of a building do my capstone treatment center cost how to ad positive credit on personal reports ´╗┐hello everybody how are we all doing today today I'm going to be showing you how to spawn and kill armed armed oak if I say put outs it may be may not for the sake of this video we're gonna just call it triple o it's a lot easier it's quite a strange name really so what you're gonna want to do first is come to worm water where you go to all the places really if you want to poke you prefer but I find this is the easiest all we're gonna be doing these before we do anything is switch in the four player mode on while we're in solo now if anyone doesn't have to do this or what it is about basically when you go outside of raid bosses arena I must EE your high pyrius rocky dis as soon as you get to the outside the arena even on single-player it automatically changes your game to fall play difficulty and it will stay on for play difficulty until you you quit out the game basically so we're gonna go to master keys arena getting to lead up to spawn him or anything like that you don't even have to place the Iridium to to enter the arena you've just literally gotta get to the outside of the arena once you've done that for play difficult it turns on which is the best way to someone like triple o just born basically up below is is basically in the rare spawn but I prefer us so we're in hates follow here gonna jump up to misaki's platform running on it until we see their geezer eating their beer at the top now for player mode is activated as you can see that crystally just basically took all my help off in one shot which you won't normally do so you got a room back all the way back to the fast travel station and we're going to go to cilia's Grove fast travel if you don't fast travel you just quit out the game try and speed things up that'll turn the form player difficult it off so you go run all the way back for the sake of the video I just caught it so you're gonna get in a farm boat anyway and we're going to head into this direction as you can see I'll show you on the map later exactly where it is take out these annoying BAM boats the area I'm going to now is pretty much the best end you can go to there is another another space but it involves spawning exe DUIs which is a pain in the neck really a lot of savages and that spawn over there so that's how we're going to do it basically all the trouble though is is like I said we've been me spawn you know it's the same kind of process really you're gonna go here you're gonna use the witch doctors to level up by the savages so what you're going to do when you get here is take out all the savages okay a badass low speed straight away there just look normally it can do but you got to take away take out all the savages of spawn leave all the witch doctors because they're the ones that will level it more so you just could have to bear with it and run posture the well attack you sometimes to stay away from you especially the electrified ones because they are a pain in the neck and the neutralizing ones are as well they slow you down so you just gonna take out all the trigger move all the savages well spawn up a bit but they're not too hard to kill but just remember you are on four player difficulty so like I just had them you're gonna go down pretty quickly if you're not careful and this was a bit of a hairy moment because I couldn't get this guy here he just kept running about eventually I think I take him down luckily I've got quite a long fight of your lifetime but I did think it was gonna be all over there because you see I'm just here keep an eye on the witch doctors just gonna basically keep them arm's length because they will attack and slow you down and do all sorts things to you so the best thing to do really is just to run around keep running until you see a non badder savage or witch doctor and they do throw a lot of stuff at you and you look like a neutral has him on there sloping down so it's a complete pain I'm just looking around taking my time letting my hood Zack cool down he was stuck yeah letting it cool down you can't attack these badasses by the way just don't make sure you though kilometres your chance is a lesson to sponsor below so I'm just waiting for anymore savages spawn off and there's triple o just es took me by at the surprise but now respond I can take out the witch doctors and should have really turned on him and killed tried to kill him them but I want it to work I would look at him before I did anything so far I just enjoy it take the time take the enemies out which is a bit risky really when you think about it because if Tupelo puts you down and you've got nothing to to kill to get back up you are pretty screwed I'm not sure if he D spawns if you die but there he is anyway big guys level 65 stop - I really take down but I did run out of ammo on my own kept our Road in this so it took me a bit longer to kill him then then I think it mattered unbought again for the sake of the video to let everyone have a look at him see what he does well I'm pretty pleased really that I got him to spawn so low to be fair I'll give the Borland's to forum some credit here the gearbox software for him because I had no idea about this for player keeprite quite a glitch it's not really from each sport I never knew about a little trick and till I write on there so I'm quite happy with this really it does drop a unique gone as well the blue rarity gone red text on it called the twister that's what I'm after here so yeah recent I've warned him some just play on the last of the enemies now anyway and then we're gonna get on with killing the big guy who's there but while you were activating the ball player method once you've done the air if you don't spawn him save and quit out and just repeat the process or do what a few people do and go back fast travel to the caustic caverns or tundra Express and do some very farming as well while you it I've said it it works until you literally quit out the game so as long as you keep fast traveling around things will stay on for player difficulty just watch out as well when he's doing his little twisting he's not as bad as some of the witch doctors when they do it they really do chase you quite a lot but you don't want to be it by him especially on four player difficult you know which doctor would take nearly audio elf off if it hits sure so just take your time with him really just grind down at him and take your enemy down he's not he's not as bad as I Fermi I don't think for pure badassery he's I won't like to get on the side of one of his close range melee attacks poor once he's doing his little spinny thing and that he's pretty easy really like said I was just on the console ammo I've got no ammo at all and I didn't really want to sit there running around regen and ammo see what the take place just to switch my weapon so luckily the the Sun door seems to do quite a bit of damage as well if you see in a minute I can take most of his off then luckily I've got money shop anyway he's nearly killed now one or two more shots he's dead there is so I'm looking for this twister and there it is let's get that equipped and just show you where white does but that's basically it anyway nice and easy to do took me I take took me five or six attempts backpacks for just empty it yeah I think I got it on sick for temp here so it's not too bad really it might take you less time you might get in first time you never know there we go some of them look at it and there you go quite a weird shot anyway this is it on the map as you can see this is the exact area or go to so give it a try everyone let me know what you think thanks for watching everyone have a good day capstone project ideas about communication order Ulster County Community College.

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