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Do my what is capstone research project

Do my what is capstone research project bsn nursing capstone project proposal example for money cidco naina presentation high school [Music] let's shrink an elephant to the size of a mouse and enlarge a mouse and make it the size of an elephant because this is our video and we want to see what happens first our now tiny elephant stumbles around and then drops dead tiny elephant buddy is very cold frozen to death in minutes our giant mouse looks very uncomfortable for a moment and then it explodes leaving hot Mouse insides everywhere why because of size we are optimized to function precisely for the size we are and would die horribly in any other environment but why exactly why does our Mouse explode and can we do this to our elephant too if we try hard life on this planet is based on cells cells do vary in size but they're pretty similar in their dimensions across all species a blue whale doesn't have bigger sounds than a hummingbird just a lot more often cells have to do a lot of stuff to stay alive and they need energy to be able to do so to get this energy animal cells convert food and oxygen into usable chemical energy this happens in our mitochondria the powerhouse of the cell they're like little coal engines that spit out tiny ATP batteries which the cell can use for almost everything it needs to do just like an engine mitochondria get really hot while working in human skin cells they reach a scorching 50 degrees Celsius and some of our cells have up to 2,000 mitochondria which are radiating their heat into the cell so being alive generates a lot of heat the more cells you have the more heat your body generates in total if our bodies didn't find ways of losing this heat we would be cooked from the inside and die but this is a problem for bigger animals because of the way bodies change is living being scale up animals have three properties here that are important their length their outsides or skin and their insides like organs bones and hopes and dreams the thing that's hard to wrap your head around is that when things grow insides grow faster than their outside imagine a fleshie cube if you double the length of its site its surface and volume do not double in fact the surface is now four times the original size and the volume of the cube eight times the original size which is called the square cube law and has been a nine nature for billions of years so why is this a problem for big animals because heat can only leave an object via its surface so if we make our mouse the size of an elephant or sixty times longer it has three thousand six hundred times more surface from which to lose heat but it has two hundred and sixteen thousand times more volume filled with trillions and trillions of new hot mitochondria that produce more heat a lot more insides not that much more skin our mouse is very dead very fast but big things like elephants exist so how do they deal with the heat for one they evolved ways to get rid of energy more easily like huge flat ears that have a lot of surface where heat can escape but that's not enough nature's solution is actually very elegant elephant cells are much much slower than my cells the bigger an animal is the less active its cells are if we classify animals by their metabolic rates and compare that to their overall mass it's clearly visible it's not 100% accurate but it is a good rule of thumb elephants are huge meat sacks filled with trillions and trillions of little coal ovens so they keep the ovens just active enough to keep the running and never at full power their whole metabolism is slow things move at a nice chill pace small animals need to go the exact opposite way if you're small you have a lot of surface area compared to not a lot of volume you don't have a lot of cell ovens and lose the heat they produce very fast so very tiny mammals came up with a very extreme solution the Etruscan shrew the smallest mammal on earth the mole life thing that's more closely related to hedgehogs than to mice with the body length of 4 centimeters it only weighs about 1 point 8 grams as much as a paperclip it's a tiny ridiculous being it would basically cool off immediately so it sells run on overdrive to stay warm it's tiny ovens are filled at maximum capacity its heart beats up to 1,200 times a minute and it raised up to 800 times a minute this creates an extreme need for energy so the shrew has to eat constantly after only four hours without food it starves to death and while an African elephant consumes around 4% of its body weight in food each day our shrew needs 200 percent of its body weight in food a day just to survive imagine having to eat 2,000 Big Macs a day more than 1 a minute fun for a while but then not so much so a cubic centimetre of shrew needs 40 times more food than a cubic centimetre of elephant if an elephant cells suddenly become as active as the cells of a shrew a crazy amount of heat would be generated all the liquids in the elephant would suddenly start boiling and then it would explode in an impressive explosion of steaming hot burning elephant parts in reality before an explosion occurred the proteins making up our cells would probably be denatured and stopped producing heat but a meat explosion is much more fun than melting an elephant into a massive hot goo regardless the scaling of the speed of metabolism happens everywhere even in places we don't expect like pregnant women a baby in the womb of its mother behaves as if it were a part of her it cells have about the same metabolic rate the same speed of life as its mother's organs it is truly a part of a bigger whole rather than an individual until it's not anymore the very moment a baby is born a switch is flipped and all its internal processes speed up rapidly 36 hours after birth the babies cells have the same activity rate as a mammal its size babies literally transition from being an organ to being an individual in mere hours but there's one thing we're big and small things are very similar heartbeats mammals tend to have a similar amount of heartbeats over their lifetime typically around 1 billion so while the Shrew and elephant are very different they share a similar number of heartbeats over the course of their lives their speed of life is the opposite and somehow still the same and for a video in which we made elephants explode for no good reason this is the most romantic ending we could come up with speaking of romance and love one of the questions we get asked most often is how we make animated videos the short answer is with Adobe After Effects and years of training but rather than just point you to our favorite online tutorial service we decided to make a skill shared tutorial explaining how we made a scene from one of our videos if you aren't already familiar with it skill share is an online learning community with more than 18,000 classes and things like writing animation and video editing their premium membership gives you unlimited access to high-quality classes from professionals working in their fields so you can improve your skills unlock new opportunities and do work that you'd really enjoy it's also extremely affordable the annual subscription is less than ten dollars a month but because we appreciate you we've arranged for the first 1,000 people to get their first two months absolutely free if you want to learn how we animate our stuff this is the way to go okay this concludes court schizont for twelve thousand and seventeen happy holidays everybody [Music] requirements for capstone project for money New York Career Institute.

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