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Do my what is capstone logistics

Do my what is capstone logistics login to concordia blackboard for money dabangg movie review taran killam ´╗┐this video intended for educational purposes hey guys it's Adam aka swimming bird and welcome back for another Minecraft 1.8 snapshot this is 14 w 34 C with some big changes to bunnies a new look for the killer rabbit the removal of an old not feature and a window for 1.8 sim pending release date so the developers are pushing to get a pre release out anytime now meaning 1.8 will be here before the month is over and this will be one of the final snapshots for this update now the pre release will basically be 1.8 all ready to go but it will follow with a week of the community helping fix any crazy bugs that slip through the cracks then 1.8 will finally be out after 9 months of development exciting so even though the devs are mostly focusing on those bug fixes and optimizations this week we still have some major changes to talk about now item rendering has been sped up significantly by the mod minor so now if you look at your inventory especially if you're in creative or there's a lot of Enchanted items this won't result in the game slowing down so much he also completely removed an older feature the void fog if I teleport down here we are down near bedrock and you can see the void fog is now gone I didn't turn it off at all it's just gone from the game completely this has been something that's been in the game since beta 1.8 that's about three years ago that it was added with the old adventure update and that was back when not still worked on the game crazy and I don't think even back then anyone really liked the void fog that much I don't know I usually just turn it off but it was kind of cool if you used it right in adventure maps or kind of added to like spooky situations and stuff but what do you guys think if it helps the game run faster that's probably for the best ultimately but I'm sure some people will be sad that it's gone since it's been in the game for so long now bunny rabbits had a lot of changes this week for better for worse their AI is now changed you can see this guy even if I go into survival he won't run away from me he's just kind of sitting here they no longer used the Ocelot AI they actually used the AI that's more similar to pigs and other passive mobs so they won't run away from you you can see they're not hopping through the air and kind of floating like they used to they now do little tiny hops and we'll get to that guy in a second they do tiny little hops and I think it's a little cuter if you do punch them they will kind of jump off in a bunch of different directions randomly kind of like how pigs and different mobs like the sheep and cow and everything will run off to try to get away from you I think they're hopping looks a bit better like that now if you do pull out a carrot they will go crazy and they will hop after you and they're super fast it's adorable and a little scary and this is how you actually get them to breed like you would normally but you can no longer tame them which is a little sad previously we gained them kind of like ocelots but now if you just give them carrots and leave them alone they will make little baby still so they're a lot closer to most of the other farm animals they're not really like pets as much anymore which is a little sad but I think they work a little bit better now and having a ton of money pets I don't know what their use would really be other than killing them for you know like most farm animals to get their meat or whatever they drop like their hide so yeah having a bunny pet was kind of a cool little thing but again you're not going to be taking bunnies with you on adventures because there's not really a reason to unless you want some extra food or something that walks around with you and hops after you say yeah they they kind of idle and move around more like normal farm animals and jump around everywhere now you saw the killer rabbit over here the killer rabbit of caerbannog it has a completely new texture and I'm a little mixed on it so if you remember back when this guy was teased he had a texture that looked just like a normal white bunny but he had blood around his mouth now he's just like covered in it all over his paws and stuff and his eyes are a little weird if you look at a normal bunny their eyes go upwards you can see they have the little dot and that goes kind of up it reminds me of link in the original Legend of Zelda they have those vertical eyes but if you look at the killer bunny he has sideways eyes and they look a little weird that's the one change I'm cool with them being bloody and stuff they look more like the original inspiration in the Monty Python movie but I would like to see that little dot on the side go back to the top like on the other ones that's the only texture change i would make i thought originally that they removed the blood texture because they didn't want to have blood in this game but I guess they're okay with it because this is the new texture for him so yeah with that minor alteration I think I'm cool with the killer bunny looking like that and another change is that I didn't actually name it the killer bunny it's just now called that when you encounter it in the game and it won't attack you when you're in creative anymore which is kind of nice I can set my spawn point here and then we'll just watch it kill me it's just to finish up it still does crazy amounts of damage and flies all over at you it hops after you from a bit of a farther range it looks like now so it's a little bit more deadly and it's no longer called the killer rabbit of caerbannog or the killer bunny of caerbannog it's actually just called the killer bunny so yeah a little simpler there they kind of removed the reference to the Monty Python movie slightly but it still has that spirit a few bug fixes custom names on spiders Enderman and the ender dragon were not displayed correctly but you can see now it floats over the spider well and it looks good so now you can read it when you broke or placed blocks or change different block states it wouldn't update very quickly but now it's back to updating immediately which is nice and then enter mites they were spawning from ender pearl throws even if you turned mobs off but they won't do that anymore they will on normal settings that will occasionally spawn if you throw an ender pearl so look out for that so that is pretty much it for one of the final snapshots we will likely not get any more new features we're going to go into pre-release phase and see if there's any other major bugs and then we'll finally be able to play 1.8 in all its glory hopefully you guys are excited I am thank you guys for watching please leave a like if you enjoyed this this is your last chance if you want to go on reddit or different areas and suggest any changes to these features like I mentioned I kind of want that bunny's eyes to be fixed a little bit but any last-minute things this is the final time for Mojang to change them before we go into 1.9 if you want to follow me on Twitter it's at swimming bird 941 and you can see when the videos are posted immediately thank you guys for watching check out the other snapshot videos if you want more info on 1.8 and I'll see you guys next time for more minecraft snapshot news goodbye Oh write for me kkr capstone hierarchy Bible college (evangelical).

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